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Why Bunny Rabbits Make Great Pets...

Gabriel has chickens and loves fried eggs with homemade soda bread and grilled bacon.

Our pet bunny rabbit Skipper

Our pet bunny rabbit Skipper

Firstly, let me introduce you to our family pet, a bunny rabbit called Skipper. Skipper is friendly, lovable, funny, cute, clean and very caring towards smaller animals even though he's small himself weighing in at just two kilos. Skipper is very sociable and enjoys entertainment and adores company. I have had many pets over the years and a bunny rabbit would never have been a first choice pet for me, however having Skipper has shown me why bunny rabbits make great pets.

We've had skipper for more than five years and when we bought him he was already a young adult having been born the previous spring. He looked very docile in his little cage. We were buying some bird seed and this little fella just sat there, his little eyes followed our every move. It was almost Easter and we knew no one would buy him, they would opt for the cute little baby rabbits. As we left the shop we heard a bang, the bunny had swung his food tray at the bars of his cage. We went back to have a look and he pushed his nose up to the bars. We were smitten, we bought him and asked the store owner to keep him while we sorted his new home out. We decided to surprise our daughter (three going on four). We would make an occasion and pretend the Easter Bunny had brought him.

We had an old travel box belonging to a our dog who had sadly passed a few years previously reaching the grand old age of fourteen, he was a very big dog so the box could fit an adult. We made a second floor for sleeping and the lower flower to eat. The box was mesh along one side with a large door at one end. It was perfect.

Easter Saturday came and so did the Easter Bunny, he left choclate eggs and a cute bunny rabbit in a huge big box. Our daughter was delighted and the two became chums very quickly. We left the door open during the day and at night we closed it to keep him safe. It soon became apparant that Skipper was very clever and very sociable and very fond of our daughter. And years later nothing has changed, they play together all the time. Tea parties, football, hide and seek and even just cuddle. They are the best of buddies.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Skipper is part of the family and he enjoys being with us. If we go for a walk or over to feed the chickens he comes too. He has been a dad to baby ducks and baby chickens and has shown such love and tender care towards them. He is like a character out of a book! Skipper loves to be loved and he enjoys treats. It is obvious that he is more robust than normal and that's possibly becasue he is so used to been cuddled and handled that he doesn't wiggle to get away. Rabbits have weak back bones therefore it is important to hold them correctly. Skipper spends all is time doing what he wants. His big box now has a small opened door so he comes and goes as he likes plus we leave the kitchen window open and he pops in for a treat or a cuddle when he wants one. We have a pet parrot Harvey who also lives outside and they are good company for each other although our daughter is a very caring pet owner so both pets get plenty of attention and love. Pets need a lot of attention, care and love and what they get the give back. Rabbits like cats like to be clean and make good house guests. A litter tray is perfect for rabbits and unlike a cat a rabbit is far less smelly. Skipper usually does his business while playing in the garden or running around the land.

Why do Rabbits Make Great Pets...

Rabbits are fun and love to play, are very independent and curious, and very loving and loyal to their owners. Rabbits are low mainteance and don't cost very much to keep. Rabbits are clean and easy to litter train.

Having had Skipper for many years now and seeing first hand over a long period of time what a great pet he makes for our daughter I can only say that rabbits make great pets. There is a few buts though, bunny rabbits love attention and love to be part of the family, living locked up in a cage is no way to keep a pet rabbit. They need space to run around and freedom to play and they love to have a little dig about too. Giving your pet rabbit love and care and your time will give your pet confidence in you, which in time turns into love and then loyalty. We love our bunny Skipper and he loves us. He always makes us laugh and smile. It's true a few people have been stunned when they've called to our house and asked did we know there was a bunny in the window? He is a lovely little animal and I am so glad he caught our attention when he did all those years ago in the pet shop. We love you Skipper!

Playing housekeeper

Playing housekeeper

Invest in Your Pet!

If you decide to welcome a bunny rabbit into your home remember that what you give is what you get, so plenty of love and attention, no cages, good care and plenty of fresh air and you will have the best pet bunny in the world. Well, the second best, I have the best!

© 2020 Gabriel Wilson

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