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Twins Have Sons Days Apart

James is a father of three girls and just had a new son introduced to his growing family.

When Were the Babies Bron?

I remember the day that my wife told me she was pregnant. I was scared of having a fourth child, but I was excited to tell my twin brother, Jason, the news. I drove to his house ready to share the surprising news, however I was the one that was in for a surprise. I told Jason that we were expecting, and he responding by saying, "Me too!" My brother and I love to play tricks on each other, but we are quick to say that we are just kidding. So, after some time passed, we both knew that we were serious. My son was due September 25, 2019, and Jason's newest edition was due to be born on September 22, 2019. We immediately began thinking about the possibility of both boys being born on the same exact day. That didn't happen, but it sure was close!

Jayden with his mother the day he was born.

Jayden with his mother the day he was born.

He was dead for four minutes.

— Jason M. Shannon

September 21st. The Birth of Jaysean

The day before my brother, Jason, witnessed his fourth son come to the world we had a feeling that he was coming. His girlfriend had been experiencing Braxton Hicks and had visited the hospital for what turned out to be a false alarm. Once I felt my phone vibrating my pocket while I was at work, I knew it was Jason telling me that the time had come. As soon as I went on my 15-minute break I made a call to Jason. However, I was not prepared to hear what I heard next.

"Hello," Jason answered the phone with a low tone. I was surprised that he was not excited, so I asked him should I be congratulating him. I remember my brother saying, "He died for four minutes." I could only listen in shock as Jason described in great detail how is son laid lifeless on a table while nurses worked on reviving him. He had thought he was going to lose his girlfriend and his son in a matter of minutes. As he continued his story, I was relieved when he began telling me how grateful he was for each of the medical personnel that helped his family. After the emergency cesarean section and near-death experience, his son was placed in the NICU for 12 hours. When we was released I was allowed to visit my nephew. Today, he is healthy and he is hungry. He is Jaysean Shannon.

September 23rd. The Birth of Jayden

The the morning of September 23, 2019 I went to work thinking that my first son wouldn't be born. I received a text from my wife four hours into my shift, she was having contractions. Neither of us thought he was coming, and she told me to stay at work.Two hours later she told me that she was 4 centimeters dilated, then I told my supervisor that I was going home. My brother and Jaysean were leaving the hospital as I was arriving, but we missed each other by a few minutes. When I got to my wife's room, everything looked familiar. I had seen this before, a baby was about to be born.

I arrive to the hospital around 6:00pm. At 11:21pm, I had my first son. I sent a group text to my three daughters to let them know that the brother that they wanted was here. They didn't respond because they were sleep, or they knew I'd question them about not being asleep. After the experience that my brother had just a couple of days prior, I was thankful that my son was born without any complications. He was healthy, and he was hungry. His name is Jayden Shannon.

Names and births of the baby boys.



7 lbs, 4 oz.


7 lbs, 13 oz.

James and Jason Shannon

James and Jason Shannon

Twins Gave Birth on the Same Day

Even if my brother and I would have welcomed our sons into the world on the same September day, we would not have been the first. About a year and a half ago, identical twin sisters, Jalynne Crawford and Janelle Leopoldo, gave birth to their sons on June 18, 2018. Jace and Bryce were delivered by the same doctor just a couple of hours apart from each other.on their schedule C-section date. After giving birth to their healthy boys, the sisters beds were wheeled next to each other so that they could be together with their babies. However, their recover rooms were separate, but they managed to spend time in each other's rooms as soon as they were able to get back on their feet (Miller, 2018).

The twin sisters now have a total of 6 children, and just like Jason and I, they do not plan on growing their family any larger. I have not had the opportunity to ever meet Jalynne and Janelle, but their story was so amazing when I read it that I had to share it. I am sure Jace and Bryce will be very close, as well as Jaysean and Jayden. Now that he is here, I am excited to share the life of Jayden with the world


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