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Travel Diary India Visit Mysore

Rdsparrowriter is a Sri Lankan Poetess written story books in poetry form. She's passionate and writes from heart covering subjects.


On the 17th of December 2018, a Monday, we left the house in the night. We got into a cab and on the way, my sister met one of her friends to have a side bag. He was really sweet. He had given my sister some snacks and a small gift to remember him by :) Then met my sister's Manager to have her phone. Straight to the airport and it was my first time flying experience too. The flight was at 1:10 a.m on the 18th of Tuesday. I didn't feel excited or nervous. Not even fear.

To board the plane we took an airbus from the building to the area of the airplane. I had a seat at the window :) Huge engines of the airplane... Then once the airplane was in the sky I ended up watching a movie with my sister called 'Crazy Rich Asians'. We were given a nice hot bun with apple juice. Around 2:30 a.m landed in Indian Bangalore Airport. Wow!!! So big. Greenery plants on the sides. So many checking. I was afraid to take an escalator so we went on the elevator. My first time in India is at Karnataka, Bengaluru (Bangalore).

My first time flying :)

Inside the Sri Lankan airport

Inside the Sri Lankan airport

Selfie in the airplane :)

Selfie in the airplane :)


We took 'Mega Cab' and met my Epal, Sanjai somewhere in the middle of our journey. Then he took us to our lodging in the 'Magaji Orchids Hotel'. Nice setting and we were on the first floor.

Then in the morning around 9:00 a.m, we left there and traveled about 4 hours on the road. We had idli an Indian food which was super tasty on the way.

We visited St.Philomena's Cathedral in Mysore. We were not able to watch inside as it was under renovations.

"The Village"

The place we had lunch :) Delicious food

The place we had lunch :) Delicious food

On the 18th, lunch was taken at 'The Village' an Indian beautiful place. Delicious food.

Then after that in the evening, we visited Brindavan Gardens, watched a Dam and a beautiful musical water dancing fountain. We had Chico Smoothie for the first time. It almost tasted like Kiwi.


So on the 19th of Wednesday, we passed the Dam, we went to a place where we could watch the whole Mysore important places with binoculars :) A horse race place, the hospital, and all the important landmarks.

We went to a temple called 'Bull Temple'. I was impressed by the talent of the two young men who carved images on stones on the spot. Wow! beautiful talent.

Mysore Visit 19/12/2019

My Indian Epal whom I visited first is

A young handsome man of business

He's methodical and very well organized

He's caring, thoughtful and concerned.

He lives in a joint family of 35 people

Very well dressed classy type of style

All live in one big building of four flats

One kitchen, meals together on mats.

He does export and import business

Sale of Ribbons and Sari borders

It's their family business owned 3 shops

With the storage of a warehouse.

He took us to RRR Restaurant

Then 'The Village' Restaurant

Some vegetables prepared like meat

We enjoyed the delicious food we eat.

We visited Mysore temples, Maharaja Palace

I wonder how it was like walking with all fancy dresses

Wonderful history, Magnificient huge palace

My mom and sis rode the camels of the Palace.

Visited a temple where the granite stones were dipped

Twenty years had taken to clean as they were dipped

Very clean with green grass carpeting

Thulsie leaves and some water given as blessing.

Watched animals in the Zoological gardens

Even the dancing waters at Brindavan Gardens

Also in Mysore visited creative Sand and Wax Museums

Enjoyed yummy food at 'The Magaji Orchids'.

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