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The Vacation

The Sky holds Surprises


Beautiful Beginning

We disembarked the plane and headed to the hotel that we had seen, in the brochures.

The hot humid air blew in our faces reminding us that we were in a tropical zone and far away from the cold winter storms that we left behind, way north.

Monica, my school friend from years back decided months back to save up for a real getaway tropical island break.

We saved enough cash to cover the plane ticket and hotel stay for a whole ten days.

Tropical Paradise


Things begin to change

We were welcomed on to the balcony that overlooked a sandy beach that seemed to stretch forever into the aqua ocean.

Staff with friendly smiles brought us welcome drinks while we relaxed and took in the amazing view.

We were tired after our long flight and sat back and let the cares back home, roll into the ocean breakers with, sea gulls faint cry far overhead.

We began to feel uneasy


A Cold feeling crept along my spine

We enjoyed a shower in our Caribbean style room and then made our way to the outside dining area under the stars.

Suddenly there was a sharp sound of gunfire that split the cool evening air and which brought us back to reality,in a single moment.

Hotel sirens started ringing out with orders to get back to our hotel rooms immediately.

This was like something out of the movies and not reality, for a holiday in the sun.

People ran hurriedly into the hotel and disappeared to their luxurious rooms.

More gun shots rang out and police sirens and lights beamed across the lawns near the swimming pool.

We switched off the lights in our room and peered out through a small crack in the curtain.

Four men lay face down with police dogs and detectives surrounding them.

Fancy flying all this way to be part of a round up of villains who were drug lords or escaped prisoners.

Our imaginations ran riot.

Lure of Tropical Destinations


Holidays can be full of surprises

With our hearts pumping in our ears we craned our necks to see the drama unfold , just like two school kids again.

Suddenly lights went on in the foyer and loud laughing and congratulations rang out.

This was a film set and the gardens and hotel grounds were used as a venue for their shoot.

What a relief.

We went down to the dinner table, set under a myriad of stars and commenced our vacation, where we had left off.

So thankful that we could enjoy the remainder of our holiday at our tropical island hotel on the sandy shores of the Caribbean Sea.