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The Prominent People in My Life, Believing in Me

Everyone has mentors and influencers, guiding them in their life paths and encouraging them. I am no different. I, too, have people who believed in me and paved the way for me in my life journey thus far. Here, in this article, I would like to talk about them.

Pic: My Dad

Pic: My Dad

My Dad

The reason I excelled academically in all my grades up to the university level was solely because of Dad's efforts. He taught me to think in diverse ways to solve problems in academic lessons. When he passed away in 1998, I felt his absence in our family the most. I have followed his footprints, daring to be like him but have met many challenges, some of which remain unsolved today. I have been abroad and earned a Masters in Software Technology. And I have attempted a Ph.D. too, which didn’t work out eventually.

Ms. Shekher

One of the best teachers at school was Ms. Shekher. I enjoyed her classes as she taught Math. I would always work out problems from the exercises at the end of each chapter in advance. She would always encourage me for that and appreciate my enthusiasm.

I had never met a teacher like her who lucidly imparted her lectures to us, her loyal students. In fact, she was the best Math teacher I ever had.

I had the golden opportunity to have her as my teacher for two years before I moved out to another school when Dad’s job transferred.

Mr. Huq

A good Chemistry teacher at heart, Mr. Huq aroused my interest in Chemistry. I loved learning about atoms and their constituents: protons, electrons and neutrons. They mystified me, and I loved drawing elements of the periodic table in terms of the nucleus with protons and electronic shells. It was something that fascinated me, and I loved my teacher lecturing those to me.

But he passed on about 15 years ago, which I came to know much later through High School friends. And it tugged a string in my heart.

Mr. Thomas

Out of so many applications I sent to companies near the city I stayed in Germany, nobody responded. But this man did. He asked for an interview. He asked for information about my full name, how the work was going to benefit me, my future goals, and whether I was happy with the work he was assigning me. This work was also going to serve as a Master's thesis in affiliation with the university in my city.

The man guided me so superbly that I knew how to continue my work until the end. I had to show him the progress in my work from time to time. And he would be satisfied, suggesting more features once in a while. This man believed in my skills. Although the programming language and platform I was using namely, PHP and Microsoft SQL Server were unfamiliar to me, through online help, I got to learn them. My manager, Mr. Thomas was happy with the completed software I built for the company regarding IT-Maintenance.

I earned a Master's degree at the end, and I was so happy on my graduation day at the university.

Ms. Sherley

An Editorial Assistant in a reputable American journal emailed me once upon a time if I would like to review a manuscript in the field of Computer Science. I was still working then. I agreed and reviewed a manuscript, and she, in turn, gave me a review certificate.

When I was not working any longer, she still emailed me about whether I would like to review further manuscripts. I agreed. And at the end, she sent me a review certificate as usual. It went on for years when I posted all the manuscript titles I reviewed and the review certificates on my website.

One or two from work envied me, and probably, they got emails from Ms. Sherley as well. They let her know I wasn’t working at the university any longer. But she responded positively to them that my expertise was enough.

I am so grateful to her today. It strengthened me, and I started to believe in myself more. I knew I was worthy.

Pic: Mr. Steve Carr

Pic: Mr. Steve Carr

Mr. Steve Carr

Mr. Steve Carr was one of the best influencers in my writing world by readily accepting my short stories in his anthologies, each bearing a particular theme. No one knows how much confidence I got and how good I felt about what I wrote. It was truly gratifying.

His recent demise had me in complete shock. Anyways, now I feel that I have come to accept it and that nothing in this world should be taken for granted. May he rest in peace.

Summing up, these were some of the prominent people in my life, giving me courage, hope, and inspiration. Above all, they believed in me, allowing me to do what I desired and yearned for and excel truly.

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