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The Mysterious Parcel

Hi,welcome to my Hubpages profile. I am Arun Kanti Chatterjee and live in Kolkata. My mission is to share experiences etched on my memory.

What is inside the wrapped box?


The Mysterious parcel

Before his untimely demise my father could arrange only one notable celebration in our house in Jalpaiguri town. That was the sacred thread wearing ceremony of my elder brother, which is a Hindu ritual primarily for boys marking their rebirth into the world of the Vedas and their readiness to learn the tradition.
We were in exuberant spirits and my father left no stone unturned to make it a big and memorable event.
Being head of the local college he had to maintain good public relations and was connected with almost all the influential and important figures of the town besides his host of colleagues and students. We had, however, not many relations in the district. They were largely settled in Kolkata and other distant cities. So they could not mostly attend the ceremony but they sent gifts galore attaching sweet messages of good wishes and blessings. Neighbours, friends attended with earnest interest bringing various presents for him as well.

Arrangement was obviously very elaborate with sumptuous meals and we began to taste the delicacies without fail but from time to time we would hang around the places where huge number of gifts, small and large, were being stocked. One of our cousin brothers was in charge of them and he would meticulously examine noting the names of the senders before consigning them to an almirah.
After much frolicking and having a fun time much to our fill when the ceremony had come to a close and the invitees had left we had our meals. Our minds were, however, riveted on the gifts received on the occasion. Without further ado we darted to the room where the precious things had been kept. We found the presents utterly engrossing, constantly discussing how to distribute them among ourselves. While looking for varied gifts our attention was suddenly fixed on a big box that had arrived by a neatly packed parcel.
What could be the item inside that occupied our child minds. I grabbed the packet and began to unpack in urgent haste. My brothers and sisters sat hawk eyed pondering over the nature of the mysterious gift while I was rummaging through the box to trace the item. No sooner I had removed one wrapper than I got another in row. I moved on and on to no end. The eyes were all glued to a new discovery with a steadfast gaze. At long last my hands laid on a beautiful best wishes card with a crisp message
" Wish you all the best on the auspicious occasion. Uncle". We inferred after much lamentation that my father's youngest brother, an engineer of repute, was content with showering my elder brother with only his blessings. My parents remonstrated advising us that such warm wishes counted much more than earthly gifts.

Like other items received from sundry invitees we preserved the message as well in the almirah noting further 'alas no gift' and threw away the box and wrappers in the dustbin before hitting the bed in despair. The next day my mother while handing over them to the sweeper could find a tiny box inside with a silk strip detached. To our surprise opening the box we found out a diamond ring with another message saying
" Be like a Diamond precious and rare
NOT an ordinary stone found everywhere."

Mystery figured out