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The Goat Farm - Camping and Traveling Reviews

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Camping With The Animals

Camping is not limited to a quiet spot in the woods, or near a babbling brook, which is very relaxing, but sometimes you may want to camp at an unusual place like camping with the goats.

I would like to say that this review was done shortly after the Farm suffered severe storm damage, and the owner assured us that things were not always disruptive as they were when we visited.

I thought it would be fun to go camping at an unusual place, so after much searching, Hipcamp offered Camping at the Goat House Farm, located in a rural area of Tallahassee on Lake Talquin.

Looking through their website, it looked like something that would be a fun thing to do with my grandson. Some of the activities featured on there website were Milking lessons, Goat Yoga, a session to learn all about bees, breakfast with goat milk and biscuits. At the time we went we were still tent camping and this certainly sounded like fun.


Animals everywhere

After a long drive down a muddy road filled with puddles and holes, we finally arrived at The Goat House Farm. My first impression was not good, it looked dirty and run down, my daughter wanted to turn around and leave, but the grandson was super exited and wanted to jump out of the car and go pet the goats, so we stayed.

The farm is spread on 5 acres and touts Kayaking, a beach and trails, none of which we found available. The farm was filled with a variety of animals, goats, roosters and pot belly pigs, and we were able to touch and pet all the animals, well, except the roosters who were not having any of it. The owner was gracious and gave us a little history about the personalities of goats, she even let us hold some of the newborn baby goats.

The goats followed us around, butting us with their heads, and trying to get our attention. I was not aware that goats were so funny, and each had its own personality. The white one took a liking to me and kept following me around.


Jellybeans and Easter Eggs

The one three campsite was hidden back in the woods, and we had to take our belongings down a path in with a wagon. We set up our tent and went back to visit the animals.

We set up our tent and because it was Easter weekend, we planted jellybeans all around our campsite, which grew out to be lollipops overnight, as far as my grandson knows it’s a secret how this happens. Also, we were so happy that the Easter Bunny found us and left Easter eggs all around our site, another secret.

During the night, we heard a nearby party featuring Banjos, the party lasted until 4am.

Breakfast was served in a garage, it was good, but the other amenities left something to be desired. As you can see, the so-called beach was a tiny little muddy patch, and the trail was washed out.


Where's the Beach?

The second day we were there, we found a tic on my grandson because he kept hugging and petting the pot belly pigs. Of course, we all freaked out and after an hour of trying to convince him that he will be fine, we decided to check out and find a real beach.

We drove a few miles to a hotel right on the Gulf of Mexico and spent two days lounging in the sun, walking on the beach and reminiscing of our stay at the Goat Farm.


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