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My Journey of Pursuing a Masters Degree in the UK

India-Oman-United Kingdom Postgraduate Student at Uni of Surrey


I am currently a student at univeristy of Surrey beginning my studies in February. To the students who are looking into moving abroad for their further studies, I wanted to share my experience, which I believe isn't much, but anyway.

So, my journey started in 2020 after I graduated from Oman Tourism College with a BSc. Tourism and Hospitality Management degree. I did not immediately think about what I wanted to do next; to be honest, I didn't know. I thought I'd take the usual route of employment and started looking at jobs but nothing matched my interests or captured my attention. It was after sitting idle for at least a whole month that my mom suggested that I look into further studies away from Oman.

So after a little research and through agencies (Santa Monica) in India and IDP (Oman), I decided on University of Waikato for Masters in Tourism Management. Within a few weeks of applying I received my offer for the same. But then, the pandemic happened and the world went into chaos.

Initially I refrained from the plans as a safety measure, like everyone else. But as long as I waited the academic gap got longer and I had neither a job or certification to cover it. I'd blame it on my lazy self but neither did the surrounding situation help. New Zealand had shut its borders to international travellers and there was no progress happening in that regard.

After about a year of waiting for something to change, I gave up on the idea of studying in New Zealand and looked at other options like Australia, UK and Ireland. After a little consideration and counseling from IDP, we finally decided on MSc. International Tourism Management at the University of Surrey.

That moment on, everything seemed to move quickly. I did all my procedures with the help of IDP in Oman (Thanks Anna). Once the visa was processed, there was little to be done. The one year worth of shopping was finally seeing an end.

On the 20th of January I traveled to Heathrow and am currently residing in the university accommodation. So that was how I got to choose where and how I wanted to study.

If I had to give suggestions based on my experience it would be to not give too much thought into the process, rather find a final destination and let things take its course. If you need to consult before making a decision, get in touch with agencies that are valid. Check the graduate employability of the university, global rankings, placement or internship opportunities, scope of the your chosen career in the selected country. Last but not the least, your preferences should always come first; your preference of climate, your ability to adapt to the environment, a place you have always wanted to study in, your financial status etc.

That was it as far as my journey is considered. I'd like to add that the pandemic has been a difficult time for all of us; especially students who were on the verge of pursuing theri studies abroad and who had to put those away due to travel restrictions or lockdowns. This might not be of much help and might sound cliche but I wanted to let people know that at every point you might think things are ending and there's no hope, but in the end we all reach somewhere somehow. Please don't shame away from asking for help to people close to you or simply tell yourself to wait until you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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