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The Aunt I Liked to Visit

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


My favorite Aunt is the youngest of all children in my maternal grandmother's family. Therefore, she is the most spoilt and the most adored one among her original family still in her adult years. She is beautiful with shoulder-length hair. She wears both sarees and salwar kamese. She looks gorgeous in them, and uncle still admires her looks.

Pic: My Aunt in Her Youthful Years

Pic: My Aunt in Her Youthful Years

Her Family

With Uncle, she has had three lovely daughters, all of whom stay abroad. They are bright girls, excelling in their studies and jobs. Their mother (my Aunt) gave them the right guidance all along so that before reaching mid-twenties, the first two girls got married one year after another.

The eldest daughter has a cute daughter now who just turned one. The second daughter of my Aunt, although she is married, is carrying on higher education. The youngest child of my Aunt is close to finishing undergraduate studies.

The girls all take care of each other, and when their parents visit them abroad, they take extra care of them.

More About My Aunt

My aunt suffers from backache after long journeys abroad. So she has to take complete rest for the first few days. This is because when she was at home one day in recent times, she had climbed the ladder to reach a ceiling store where she was searching for something important and had a terrible fall, dislocating her backbone.

Doctors fixed her but she will never be 100% okay for the rest of her life. She gets those backaches from standing or sitting too long. But if she is at home doing light work, she is fully active, with high energy and vigor.

About several years back, she had heart ailments and had to be hospitalized. She recovered soon then. Yet, now she has to be under regular check-up to keep her body fit and well as is the case with the women of her age.

My Trust in Her

Why do I like her so much? She is very much caring, down to earth and simple. She is a great listener too.

Nowadays I find everyone talking about themselves and showing their pride. Yet, in my aunt, I find solace, and I feel that I can share my daily life problems with her more than anybody else. So, although she lives quite a distance away, I feel that visiting and talking to her and discharging off my worries, sharing with her, help me a lot.

We Exchange Little Gifts

Whenever I visit her, she would cordially treat me dessert and tea, which I love. More than that, she will gift me something that will be of use to me. So far, she has generously gifted me with a white dress with orange flower prints, which is good to wear in summer, a big dark blue bag for shopping groceries, and lots of candies. And I have been going to her place frequently since 2017.

The gifts helped me because I felt my Aunt cared for me and wanted to lessen my pain. I also gifted her with earrings, bangles, and bracelets.


Now that the eldest daughter has a little daughter of her own, Uncle and Aunt regularly visit their children abroad for a long duration. They feel they should give their children all the support while they still can. Therefore, nowadays I find them staying mostly abroad and I miss my Aunt’s company.

I know I have to find a replacement with whom I can share my joys and sorrows. As a first step, I have started writing about all the people around me whom I know well in the form of fiction, short stories, articles, and blog posts. I also write about technology, humor, women’s interests, and personal development.

But the last two years were great as I became close to my Aunt and talked on and on, sharing and giving. They will be good memories to remember and to focus on when I feel remorse and am in low spirits. She has been a true blessing in recent times, and therefore, I like to treasure those moments close to my heart until now and beyond.

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