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Eight New Genealogy Findings

Paul has been doing genealogy research since 2016. He has known ancestors from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

My Parents' Wedding Picture

My Parents' Wedding Picture

My Parents' Wedding Picture

New Genealogy Findings

I have discovered eight genealogy findings since recently resuming my family research. They include interesting information about my parents, uncles, brother-in-law, grandmother, distant cousins, and ancestors. has given me interesting findings about my parents, uncle, great-uncles, aunt's husband, grandmother, and brother-in-law. It also has enabled me to trace my maternal family tree back to 1500.

Family has revealed the names of distant cousins, some of whom are in Brazil.

Each of these genealogy findings is detailed in this article.

1. Mom and Dad Got Married in Iowa

I have always thought that mom and dad got married in Milwaukee where they met.

While mom was working in a defense plant in Milwaukee during the Second World War, she met dad. Based on mom's story, mom caught dad's eye on a Milwaukee bus in September 1943. Although they got off at different stops, dad went past his scheduled stop and followed mom to her destination in Cudahy. At that time, my mother was living with her aunt.

After a short courtship of six weeks, my parents decided to get married. Up until just recently, I have always thought that they wed in Milwaukee.

With great surprise, however, according to an Iowa state marriage record, mom and dad tied the knot in Iowa City on November 8, 1943. With the assistance of, I found this record.

2. My Favorite Uncle Was a State Prison Inmate

August Kuehn is my favorite uncle. As my father's elder brother, Uncle Augie visited us on the farm often when I was a boy. My uncle and I had a passion for baseball that resulted in Augie taking me to some Milwaukee Braves games in the mid-1950s. After I returned from Taiwan in 1978, Uncle Augie even took me to a Milwaukee Brewers game.

Knowing my uncle as a kind man, it was a big surprise when I learned that he was a Wisconsin State Prison inmate. While researching Uncle Augie on, I found a 1940 census record indicating that he was an inmate at the state prison in Waupun.

I have yet to find out why Uncle Augie was confined as an inmate. He was born in 1914 in Door County, Wisconsin. After Augie passed away in 1987, I remember mom telling me that he rode freight trains as a hobo in the 1930s. Perhaps he got into trouble with the law doing this.

My Uncle Augie

Uncle Augie with my three sisters.  Picture taken about 1966

Uncle Augie with my three sisters. Picture taken about 1966

3. One of My Uncles Was Wounded in World War II

Charles (Chuck) Hyland was the husband of my late Aunt Marie nee Kuehn.

Chuck was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, in 1915, and moved to West Allis, Wisconsin, in about 1935. He then worked as a mechanic.

On July 31, 1941, Uncle Chuck enlisted in the Army during World War II. In April 1945, he was admitted into an Army hospital after having been wounded in battle. According to a U.S. WW II hospital admission card file, Uncle Chuck suffered a lacerated leg from an artillery shell fragment. He was discharged from the hospital in July 1945. helped me find this information.

Uncle Chuck married Aunt Marie in probably 1950. They had one daughter, cousin Susie who was born in 1951. Uncle Chuck died of a tragic heart attack in 1957. Aunt Marie lived, however, as a widow until she died in 2003.

Uncle Chuck and Aunt Marie

From left to right:  Uncle Chuck Hyland, Aunt Marie, and Uncle Dick.  Picture taken about 1952

From left to right: Uncle Chuck Hyland, Aunt Marie, and Uncle Dick. Picture taken about 1952

4. Two Great–Uncles Were Married to the Same Woman

One of my maternal great-grandfathers, Henry Schmidt, had two sons: Edward Michael and Henry John.

Edward Michael Schmidt was born in 1896 just outside of Marshfield, Wisconsin. In August 1922, he married Rose Margaret Huth born in 1901 at Saint Michael's Church in Hewitt, also just outside of Marshfield. Edward and Rose had five or six children before my great-uncle died of a heart attack in 1947.

Henry John Schmidt was born in 1891 in Marshfield. He was a bachelor for most of his life until he also married Rose In June 1954. Great uncle Henry died of a heart attack while driving a car in 1962.

As a young boy, I remember seeing great uncle Henry whenever mom and dad visited grandma and grandpa in Marshfield. Uncle, as Henry was called by mom and grandma, was bald and much bigger than grandpa Schmidt. We ate together a lot because my great-uncle lived with grandma and grandpa before marrying Rose.

Great–Uncle Henry and Rose

Taken at aunt Sissy's wedding in 1945.  From left to right:  aunt Sissy, great-uncle Henry, uncle Leo, Rose, grandma holding aunt Mary, aunt Donna standing in front of grandma, and grandpa

Taken at aunt Sissy's wedding in 1945. From left to right: aunt Sissy, great-uncle Henry, uncle Leo, Rose, grandma holding aunt Mary, aunt Donna standing in front of grandma, and grandpa

5. One of My Brothers-in-Law's Ancestors Was in the Revolutionary War

John Ackley is my youngest sister's husband. While researching his family tree on, I discovered that one of his distant paternal great-grandfathers was in the Revolutionary War.

Ancestry records revealed that John Ackley lived from 1726 to 1807. As a private, he served in the Revolutionary Army in Massachusetts in October 1978. He was a member of Poor's Regiment of Militia.

Another ancestry record showed that John Ackley attended a Quaker meeting in Philadelphia on January 29, 1778.

6. Grandma Kuehn's Eldest Stepbrother Lived in My Hometown

My grandma Kuehn never talked about her siblings while I knew her as a boy. Perhaps this is because she only had three stepbrothers and two stepsisters.

From my research, I learned that grandma's eldest stepbrother, Gottlieb Angerer lived in my hometown. A 1930 census record revealed that Gottlieb was living in Burlington, Wisconsin, and renting a house at 491 McHenry Street.

He was a carpenter for 10 years until he moved back to Door County in Wisconsin. This information was obtained from an obituary that I found on

7. Some of My Distant Cousins Live in Brazil

Rootstech by has identified 44 of my distant cousins. All of them are distant maternal cousins. Most of these cousins live in the United States but a surprising few live in Brazil.

8. Some Ancestors Have Been Traced Back to 1500

Since being on, I have created a family tree that traces some maternal ancestors back to 1500. These ancestors were from Baden-Wurttemberg in southwest Germany. Unfortunately, I have only been able to trace my paternal great-grandfather back to Chemnitz, Germany, in 1850.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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