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Remembering My Papa

My Fun Dad

My father grew up in a simple life. They got land for farming that today's value would be worth millions. Back then land was just for farming and nothing else. Their family lived a very simple life. He told us about his mom. Our grandmother would prepare nilupak which is mashed boiled bananas. The children would be in line to take their portion. He seems happy telling the story.

My Papa

My Papa

He likes to show off.

In the restaurant.

My Papa loves to take us out to eat. If he gets good pay or got something from his business. He buys and sells things.

Back to the restaurant. We were all seated in the restaurant which is a known cake and ice cream place in Davao City, Philippines at that time. The name of the restaurant is Merco. Makes you feel so special and rich if you eat there. My Papa usually talks with the waiters before we eat. Here we are, six of his kids and my mom waiting. Then he claps his hands and a waiter will come out and take our orders. After we are done eating. He claps his hands again and the waiters come out with our vanilla ice cream served with fancy spoons. It is not really fancy when I think about it but as I said back then it feels really sophisticated. My Papa always makes so many things fun. My younger brother even said after we finished eating our ice cream, “It is nice that we will live here! Papa will just clap hands and food will come.” That makes everybody laugh.


Pick up truck

Sometimes my Papa will just tell us to go for a ride. I can still remember our maroon pick up truck. We would ride at the back of it and just hold on because only two can ride in the front seat. Our first stop is San Pedro Street, Davao City. It is named San Pedro ( St. Peter) Cathedral because it is in that location. It will be easier for people to say we will go to the church and the drivers know the location. There are so many vendors in front of the church because it is also near Rizal park, City hall and Osmena park. People gather in that area. Different vendors, popcorn, cotton candy, banana cue, boiled corn and more. We would go there and sit around and enjoy our boiled corn. Before iPhones, there were so many photographers that you would just pay them to take pictures and then wait for them to process it. How neat is that? I remember we got a picture, eating boiled corn cob near our pick up truck. Pictures remind us of good memories.

Battered and Barbecue

My Papa loves to go to the Casino. He would tell us that he is doing it for business because he can talk with big time people in the casino. He would do slot machines. I can smell the barbecue and battered chicken when he gets home at night. He would wake us up and tell us that he won. There are nights he will not bring anything and for sure my mom is not happy. He eventually stopped going there. I sometimes miss the smell of the battered chicken and barbecue.

The mango tree

There are so many mango trees in our area and there is an area near us that is called Mangahan which means a lot of mangoes. If I need money because my pay is still two weeks away. I would borrow money from my Papa. Then he would say, "Well I have to ask my rich friend if he has extra." He would ride in his motorcycle and then a few minutes later he was back. He then gives me the money. Then we will make fun of that, it is his money and just go around the mango tree and come back. My Papa will just smile and say, "That is 20% interest and payable when able."


I miss my Papa!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!