Memoirs of My Dear Friend

Updated on April 7, 2019
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Shie shares her precious memories of having and losing her dearest friend in the accountancy department, way back in college.

You never search for someone who is within your reach where you can see her, touch her or talk to her. Definitely, you'll search for someone who's not there where you are now because she's lost from your sight, she's gone and you can only talk to her through your dreams.

It's this feeling when suddenly I've lost a friend without realizing at once that I cannot find her anymore even if I go searching.

The Accountancy Department

I entered the Accountancy Department of a famous university with no past friendships with my coursemates. I am a graduate of a not-so-famous secondary high school. I myself is a not-so-friendly person.

Our Social Science Class

I will never forget that particular moment that made her known to me.

During our first meeting in our social science class when we were sophomores, I felt like I was on a solitary mode as I sat on the chair on the second row near the aisle, my preferred seat. When our professor came, he noticed that our seating arrangement was so dispersed and so he ordered to fill up the seats in front before opting to sit on the chairs at the back portion of our room. I looked inquisitively at my blockmates who were forced to vacate their seats at the back to transfer to the vacant seats infront. I was interested to know who will be going to sit on the empty chair beside my seat. I sighted one of them who seemed hesitant by the look on her face, to sit next to me, but still, she decided to take that seat. After everyone was settled, we were asked to sign the attendance sheet.

Her Unique Name

I signed my name and passed it to my seatmate. I looked at the stroke of the pen as she signed her name. Then I told myself,. "Ah, that's her name. What a unique name."

I looked at her and she looked at me. It's as if we understand one another by looking at each other. Then I asked something and she replied in a whispering tone which I actually didn't understand. But she smiled, matched by her cute dimples and captivating eyes. So, I smile back at her. I guess,that instance opened the portals for our friendship.

I found myself in her company most of the time. In our other classes, we were seatmates too for either of the two reasons. One because we prefer sitting beside each other, the other one because our professor preferred an alphabetically arranged type of seating arrangement. Both worked at our advantage.

Our Similarities

We visited library instead of going home during vacant hours. We talked about different things new friends usually share. Most of them we found interesting because we were identical. Just like, we both graduated as high school salutatorian and we both live in the second district of our town. Another thing is that my bestfriend's name I met in high school is the same as her mother's name.

Some of our conversations we found interesting because there seemed to be a person that links us altogether and made us talk about it further. Just like she knows a person who knows me but whom I don't know personally. It sounded like enigmatic for me. It happened too by chance that he became a classmate in college of my high school friend. And his high school friend turned out to be my classmate and close friend too. Indeed, it was a small world after all.

Our Sole Difference

But the last type of all our conversations I found interesting because we were no longer the same. I grew up with both my parents and sisters and brother while she grew up with her grandparents. Her mother had her new family and talk about her father, she never had a chance to know him. That was disheartening for me as it uncovered one of her hidden life story only few people knew according to her. My thoughts wandered to a particular day when we went to a photocopy center to have our birth certificates photocopied. I noticed numerous papers attached to her birth certificate when in fact I knew I only have one piece of paper to be photocopied. I insisted on asking her why but she didn't want to answer nor allow me to look over it. It was that confidential. But from the time she told me about her family, I think I finally knew the answer.

A Trustworthy Friend

We were classmates for only two alternate semesters due to reblocking in our course. Yet for that span of time, it felt like I've known her for a very long time. I cherished the moments I had with her as much as I valued our friendship.

She was a trustworthy friend whom I was able to share my greatest secrets. I had no doubts of telling her my story.

One time when I searched the internet for her name, not a definition of her name appeared as opposed to what resulted when I typed my own name. I know she doesn't wanted to be remembered like that. That's why I'd rather not tell you about what happened to her but instead tell you that she had been a very good friend to me.

A Peaceful Ending

At those times when I searched for her but I couldn't find her;

times when I liked to touch her but couldn't feel her;

times when I wanted to talk to her but she only existed in my dreams;

it was then that I realized she only needs peace and wants peace.

It's because she reached heaven already and that makes her life peaceful in the end.

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