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Prank Master Champion

Self taught SFX artist, love the morbid and gore in horror and making it beautiful. This hobby led me to one of the best days of my life!!


*** Storytime!! ***

So I bought this prosthetic finger from an Etsy shop and never expected it to be as amazing as it turned out to be...It literally looks and feels sooooo real that even I was a little creeped out when I got it, which is why I knew that THIS was going to be the ONE single item that would change my life forever when I put it to use.

First, a little background info for you...From childhood to adulthood, my father has always been known as the "prank master champion" in our family. From creating hidden candy scavenger hunts for us kids that led us nowhere and with no candy, to packing our school lunches that included dog biscuits and huge embarrassment at the lunch table, to letting me borrow the car and him parking it down the street, in the winter, with all the windows down, Spanish radio blaring, sunroof open, AC blasted, window wipers on high speed, and all the seats reclined... He was always the prankster and us always the victim, especially me.

As we've all grown and matured, we've still all have kept the spirit of pranking alive and well in our family, but never in my own personal benefit, as I always seem to be the designated target (with exception to that one midget blowup doll, and to Matt's 40th bday surprise).However, this tradition has since been passed down, making the bounty over my head even more great. BOTH of my children have inherited the love, appreciation, as well as the patience and the capability, to successfully pull off a good prank. They both never fail to surprise the rest of with their pure genius and creativity. (John's experience and skill in containing smoke bombs indoors and Jori's highschool graduation party and photos are perfect examples)

Unfortunately, after all of these years, we have all only been capable of successfully pranking my dad ONE time... OVER 20 YEARS AGO (Matt and I gifted him a fake lottery ticket for Christmas and he fell for it and told us we all fucked up while expressing a pure and genuine excitement at the thought of being 100k richer, which immediately turned to anger and frustration once he read he had to redeem his ticket at the North Pole. (Also pretty sure i got grounded)

Now, back to the amazing prosthetic finger, and how I used it to successfully prank the now *former* "prank master champion", giving ME the new title, thus changing my life forever...My dad was expecting my arrival at Grandma and Grandpa's, so when he heard me walk in the door, he stopped what he was doing and came to greet me. Unbeknownst to him, I had just then somehow "slammed my hand in my car door" and he came up the stairs to find me hysterical, crying, holding my hand up, and blood everywhere.

Despite the amount of blood that was evident, he immediately went into "crisis dad mode" and grabbed a bag of ice while trying to calm me down. I told him to look at it so he could tell me how bad my injury was, but I made sure that when I did show him, that his hand was under mine. I removed my "uninjured" hand from supporting my other, but while doing so, I allowed the fake and bloody finger to simply drop into his hand, revealing itself in all it's greatness.

Once he realized the new extent and seriousness of my emergency and that he was actually holding my detached finger, even he couldn't stay calm and began freaking out (thankfully so because he didn't notice me desperately trying to hold in my laughter).While still holding my bloody missing finger, he started yelling for my Grandma and repeating over and over very loudly, "CALL 911, call 911, call 911, SOMEONE CALL 911!!! He had absolute horror plastered all over his face and I'd never seen him so freaked out with a sense of no control during a crisis, in my entire life. I was DELIGHTED!

Because Grandma was in on it, she wouldn't actually call for help, and to physically stop him from actually having an ambulance come, it was truth time. I revealed to him that somehow, miraculously, i was suddenly healed and cured and I magically had all of my fingers back! Once he saw for himself that I did indeed have all of my ten fingers and his brain processed, he then immediately thought of the finger he still had in his grip, he must have been disgusted because he dropped the poor thing on the floor (to which Mr. Brown, the family dog, investigated).

As the frustration became evident on his face, he left the room, saying not one word. Completely silent. Defeated. He had successfully been pranked, by me, and there was no denying the fact that I got him, and i got him good! Grandma and i laughed and laughed, and when Grandpa finally came up the stairs a minute or two later asking, "What's this about 911", it made us laugh even harder (I could have bled to death before he came up and realized I was even there at the house let alone hurt in need of emergency service lol)

As grateful as I am to have pulled off that prank, I was just as grateful to have Grandma in on it, because my dad wasn't laughing, and at the time didn't think it was funny, but i intended to enjoy every second of that victory, and sharing that victory made it even more sweet! And I did enjoy it! It took my dad *quite* awhile to calm down enough to appreciate my accomplishment and actually admit to my success, to which i milked that for the rest of the day, calling everyone and telling anyone that would listen.

I also learned later that he was calling for an ambulance instead of driving me to a hospital so that I wouldn't get blood in the car...


The end

© 2022 Jessica Murphy-Doyle

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