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My Experience With Our First Pet

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Some people have pets in their families from the last generation itself and they observe and interact with them since their childhood. At the same time many do not have pets since beginning in the family and adopt them later in their lives. Everyone must have a story and experience with one's first pet and that is something of a joy that can not be described in words. The involvement in the care of a pet and the immense happiness achieved is really of super value. Pets are, as everyone might be aware, great stress busters. They are live medicines for anxiety and depression and are great companions. Some trained pets even help the elderly and physically disabled persons. This is the story of my first pet.


The background

After 3 years of teaching Physics in a college in Northern part of India, I got a good job in our national petroleum company and was asked to join their offices in a town known as Nazira in the state of Assam in India. This narration pertains to the year 1976 (about 44 years ago) and I was unmarried at that time and on that appointment, with my little belongings I moved to that town Nazira and settled in a company provided small house. After 2 years, I got married and took my wife to Nazira. That part of our country, being a place of greenery, is very picturesque place and Nazira was no exception. There were few tea gardens here and there in that area. That time Nazira was a small town and we had to go to the nearest place Sivasagar, which was a big town, for shopping etc. In Sivasagar, the main attraction was a lake and a famous Lord Shiva temple on one side of it. The petroleum company had offices at both the places - Nazira as well as Sivasagar.

My in-laws had always kept pets

My wife was from a family where pets were kept and she did have memories of dogs, cats and even one cow which of course they kept for fresh milk. In this remote place far from our homes, she felt a craving for pets. As she found that I was not at all interested in pets, she did not insist much for it. Some stray animals were there which used to wander in the housing complex we lived in and she used to give them buscuits and cookies sometimes.

A trip to Sivasagar

One of our relatives working in the same company in a senior position was living in Sivasagar. One day, he invited us to Sivasagar for lunch in their house. It was a Sunday and we went there in the morning after taking our breakfast. Sivasagar is hardly 18 km from Nazira and it took about a good half an hour to reach there as the road was narrow at that time. As we had time in hand we went to the lake first and had a short visit to Lord Shiva temple where many people were present that day being a holiday. The lake had a road around its periphery where people used to walk in morning or evening time.

By the time we reached our relatives house, it was 11 AM and the children rushed to us and as per the tradition touched our feet and bowed to us. We blessed them and they disappeared in a room. Being holiday they were playing and suddenly two kittens and one cat appeared out of their room and started to move around the drawing room. My wife was thrilled to see two little cuties and tried to call them. It seemed to me as if she already knew them and one of them came near to her and started snuggling around her legs. She took her in her lap and started caressing. The mother cat who, on seeing the new people, looked a bit cautious, now seemed to relax seeing the kitten in safe hands and started towards the other side of drawing room aimlessly.

That was a very happy day for my wife and we enjoyed the company of kittens and had lunch and then afternoon tea and around 5 PM we told the host that we would be leaving. The house lady was talking to my wife and came to know her interest in pets like cats or dogs and was happy talking to a like minded person. Just when we stood up to leave the house lady told my wife that she could take one of the kittens with her if she was sure that she could take care of it. My wife was overjoyed on this generous offer but looked towards me as if asking the permission to accept it as she knew I was not much interested in them. I just gestured to her to take it and she was really very happy getting that signal and the house lady went inside and in a nylon bag kept the kitten and just handed it to my wife. We sat in the vehicle that we hired for the day and asked the driver to take us back to Nazira.

My wife thought to caress the kitten so that it does not get frightened but by that time the kitten was in a bad shape and was almost in a shock as it could not understand why it was locked in a bag. As soon as my wife tried to insert her hand inside the bag to caress it, the kitten started to put it's soft nails on her hand as if stopping her to come near to it. Kitten was terribly frightened and my wife was not able to console the baby.

When we reached home my wife with her whatever experiences kept the kitten inside a tunnel made by folding a blanket and the kitten went inside it and tried to hide itself there. In the night we called it and tried to feed but as soon as we went near, it made itself to inner part of the tunnel. So we gave up and went to bed.

Kitten's first day in our house

Next day morning also it did not come out and remained in its place fearing us if it comes in open. Finally my wife made some egg scramble and offered it but it did not come out. She kept the egg in a plate on the floor and then was busy in the household jobs. As she told me in the evening the kitten came out and then as the back side door of the house was open it went out like a bullet and then moved to the neighbor's house and settled near the base of a small tree. She told me that if you go near it might move further to another backyard connected to the present one. I thought let me try this to catch him though I was totally a novice in this field. She told me that I have to hold him lightly in my hsnds and caress on his forehead and make some soft loving sound to console him. She demonstrated some samples to me by making sound and I got some idea as what I had to do. The fencing between the two houses in the backyard was of barbed wire of 3 feet height and I slowly crossed it and moved towards the kitten. It was frietened to see me coming and was thinking to move but meanwhile I got hold of him and tried my best to console it but the kitten was not happy and was feeling uncomfortable. Anyway, I caressed him and made some funny sounds but nothing made him calm. My wife was standing at the fencing and took it in her hands and about an hour or so it started to drink milk that she supplied to it in a small bowl. After feeding it went inside the room and sat on the floor under the cot. My wife was happy to see that the kitten looked in slightly better shape but looked sad probably searching it's brother and mother. My wife told that it can again go out and try to escape aimlessly so we have to close the back door. Meanwhile my wife prepared a tray filled with loose soil and kept it near the back door in case the kitten had some urge to get itself relieved.

This all happened in 1978 (about 42 years back and neither I had a camera nor there was a fancy for it). Sadly, I do not have any photograph of the kitten to share with the readers and only thing I could search from my old photo collection was a back and white photo of the house where we lived with the kitten.

House at Nazira


The second day

Next day morning, we saw the kitten sitting on a foot mat and seemed to be quite composed. My wife took some milk in the small bowl and made a sound with the bowl by striking it with floor. The kitten ran towards it and started drinking. My wife told me that it has accepted us now. For me it was strange and amusing, probably I was learning about the pets. In the evening when I came from office, I saw it playing with my wife. I was a bit surprised. The kitten took hardly 1-2 days in adjusting to new place. It was remarkable as per my understanding.

"Have you given it a name", I asked my wife.

"Yes, she told me. He is already having a name. He is Taby", She smiled back.

Taby grew up

So, Taby became a part of our family and we did not know when we started to treat him just like another member in the family whom we have to take care of.

For me, it was a new experience and when I observed its behaviour closely, I was surprised and also amused. If you call his name he used to come near us. My wife did not take eggs but prepared it for me and whenever she prepared some omelette, Taby came to me knowing that I am the fellow who consumes it and he will get his share if he remains in my vicinity. My wife used to visit the neighbours occasionally and Taby also followed her and if not together, later sneaked in the house and just sat below the chair where my wife was sitting. Neighbours were surprised by his behaviour and gave him sometimes some cookies also.

Taby was a male cat and now he was growing and his absence from the house was becoming longer and longer. One day it did not come back for quite some time and I was just searching for it just opposite my house where there was a big cement wall fencing and I had seen him going across it through a place which was open on upper half of the wall with a small iron ladder to cross it. It was late evening time and I just crossed the wall and searched for it. There were thick bushes at both the sides of lane going to the company guest house located nearby. I just took a few steps that I heard a slight crying sound which appeared to be of some cat only. I made some whistling sounds and called Taby ... Taby ... but nothing happened. A few seconds later, I again heard that crying sound. It could be Taby. Let me find out. I rushed back to house and brought a torch with me. I directed the light inside the bushes and saw that Taby was having some problem and was making small sounds. I tried to call him and persuaded him to come out but he was sitting deep inside crying in that fashion. I went back and told my wife about it. She came and called Taby in a soft tone and soon Taby moved out of bushes and came near. My wife could find out that it was having some problem as it was continuously itching itself.

"He has got some small thorn tips like things in his skin, probably he got entangled in some thick thorny bush", my wife exclaimed.

"What to do now", I was getting worried.

"No problem, we have to brush his skin and put some anti-rashes body powder. He would be alright."

We took it to the house and after cleaning the skin and wiping it , he seemed to be relieved and soon went to sleep.

Adventures of Taby

Taby had many adventures to his credit. I remember only one or two of them. Once he was away from the house and did not return in the night. That was nothing new as earlier also many times he did not turn up in night. In the morning I heard him calling outside giving us a signal to open the main door. When I opened the door I saw one kitten dead lying on the front of the main door. Seeing me Taby lifted him with his mouth and started to walk and wanted to enter the house. I felt angry. How Taby can kill a kitten and now bringing the body here. My wife came out and saw the dead kitten and told me that Taby is becoming aggressive and should be given a lesson so that he does not repeat it. She took Taby from the neck and slapped him 3-4 times and every time made him to smell the body by taking Taby's nose near the dead kitten. I did not know such methods and doubted whether it would work but after that Taby never brought such a thing to house. We disposed the body of the dead kitten and then allowed Taby to enter inside. I am not sure but I felt from Taby's gestures as if he felt sorry on that incident.

There are many such memories of Taby's adventure. One day I saw him on the roof top of the house trying to catch a bird. He did not succeed.

Taby fell ill and the sad end

My wife told me that Taby was not eating properly for last few days and was not feeling well and occasionally vomited also. I got some cat medicines from a pharmacy where one pharmacist gave me some cat medicines to deal with in such situations. But the condition of Taby deteriorated fast and though we gave the medicine to him its condition deteriorated further and in the night it took its last breath and left us. My wife was completely shattered and first time in my life I felt the pain of departing with a pet. It was unbearable. Next morning we dug in our kitchen garden in the backyard and placed his body to rest in peace.

We remained disturbed for quite some time as we were missing him from our routine life day and night. Later, in connection with my job we moved on transfer to different places in the country and had pets there but the memories of my first pet are still fresh in my mind.

© 2020 Umesh Chandra Bhatt


Sp Greaney from Ireland on October 05, 2020:

I think the first pet is always the one you remember the most. I think if possible each home should have a cat or a dog as they add joy to your day.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt (author) from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on October 05, 2020:

Lorna, thanks for your elaborate comment.

Lorna Lamon on October 05, 2020:

This was such an enjoyable story which brought back fond memories of the many pet's I have had over the years. The unconditional love of a pet can enhance our lives in so many ways. They relieve stress which can cause depression, and are wonderful companions who will never judge you, or let you down. I feel this world would be a much sadder place without them. Thank you for sharing such a heart-warming story Umesh.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt (author) from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on October 04, 2020:

Ankita, thanks and happy to know that you also like pets.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt (author) from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on October 04, 2020:

Kalpana, thanks for visiting and appreciate the sentiments shared by you.

Ankita B on October 04, 2020:

I liked reading your experience with your first pet very much. I also had a male cat as my first pet and since then pets have become an integral part of my life. Thank you for sharing.

Kalpana Iyer from India on October 04, 2020:

Thank you for sharing your pet story with us. I can totally related because I love pets too. Pets bring in you a different type of emotion and it is unbearable that they have such short lives. They teach us the value of life, and early lessons about death, grief and loss, because their life itself is so short.

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