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My Min Pin Eats Everything


Dogs are man's best friend. Mary has been around dogs all her life and loves every breed she's met. You can never go wrong with a dog.

Know he is waiting for you to drop something, anything!

Know he is waiting for you to drop something, anything!

He'll get the pieces on the floor too.

He'll get the pieces on the floor too.

Saying my Min Pin eats everything must seem like quite a blanket statement, but, as you read on you'll find it's true for such a small dog he has a big appetite. Let's start with outdoors. This summer my Min Pin, Buzz, caught a ten inch rat. We heard the squealing of the rat and went running to see what it was. There stood Buzz, proud as could be, tormenting the rat. We were able to get it away from him before he actually killed the rat so we're not sure if he would have eaten it. In Buzz's defense, Min Pins are bread to be ratters. He was just fulfilling his natural instinct. Then however, we move on to the toads. I was able to save the lives of at least five toads this summer. Again, Buzz wanted to play with them first so I managed to get him to leave them and I moved them out of harms way. So, no eating you say? Don't despair, it's coming.

I found Buzz with a bird's wing in his mouth, the rest of the bird was nowhere to be found so I was left to assume Buzz ate the bird. Perhaps his bird eating habits led to his worm eating habits. Whenever the rain stops Buzz can't wait to get out in the backyard. If you watch you will see him sniff the ground and within minutes he's pulling a worm out of the ground just like a robin would do. It's actually comical to watch. No offense, but I will not pull a worm out of his mouth. I have lost count of the number of worms he's eaten and the vet has given him special medication to kill any bacteria he happens to ingest along with his worms, and beetles. Oh, I didn't mention the beetles? Yes, he eats them too. He does enjoy playing with them for a while before he eats them though, you know entertainment then a meal.

He chases squirrels, butterflies and bees as well. He did get stung on the nose once but it didn't stop him. He's out to eat the insect world. Geese flying overhead drive him crazy. He hears them then looks up and sees them. Once he gets an eyeball on them he starts running and jumping actually trying to catch them. Lucky for the geese Buzz can only jump about three feet high.

Of course he eats the marrow bones we give him and I mention them here because I make them stay outdoors to avoid any mess they may make. You can purchase small marrow bones from any butcher.

Moving to indoors is where things get really interesting. Buzz does not chew shoes, can you imagine! However, rugs have taken the place of shoes. He has chewed holes in wall to wall carpeting and found a loose thread that helped him completely unravel a runner near my front door. We know now to make sure there are no loose threads on any rugs in our house.

Tissues, ah tissues. Buzz loves tissues and napkins. Should either start to fall to the floor he will devour it before it reaches its destination. Paper towels, register receipts, any type of paper at all is fair game. Christmas and birthdays are a never ending event of "no Buzz", "drop it Buzz" and grabbing and running after him.

Any type of plastic is fun to chew. Buzz will chew it and throw it and retrieve it and start all over, however, before he's done he eats the entire thing. No scraps left lying about. He loves plastic water bottles and they do offer a short amount of playtime. The reason the time is short, once he starts chewing into the top of the bottle we have to take it away so he doesn't eat the plastic.

Lest you think Buzz only eats what he's not supposed to, do not despair. Buzz eats every meal like he's never eaten before. Buzz loves carrots and string beans, foods that are actually good for him. He will eat any morsel that drops to the floor from potato chips to a grain of rice. He eats bully sticks and Himalayan dog chews. I try to buy the bully sticks that have no smell, the others are hard to put up with. The Himalayan dog chews are the best because they keep him busy for a long time!

Buzz has dry skin so he gets a fish oil pill every night. I tell him to sit and make him wait patiently for his pill. He does because he loves it. Giving him medication of any kind is never a problem because he eats everything!

He also sits patiently and waits to eat his dinner until he is told. I thought this discipline would help with some of the other objects he eats but alas, I was wrong. When he's eating, he's eating. If I catch him early and yell "leave it" I have a chance at retrieval.

He loves to snuggle - the flash disturbed him.

He loves to snuggle - the flash disturbed him.

He really is a good looking little boy.

He really is a good looking little boy.

Buzz has just turned two and is the love of our lives. He's a nice looking little guy and though he's a rip he's also very affectionate. Unlike most Min Pins he's very good with children and shows genuine affection for my two year old grandson who loves him right back. That relationship was made in heaven, two little balls of fire playing with each other.

So, we've lost a few rugs and a few pieces from objects we needed but in the scheme of things it's all worth it...

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    Miniature Pinschers a/k/a Min Pins are not for the weak at heart, training is a must but the rewards are great. Very affectionate and really good dogs when trained; faithful, affectionate and intelligent!

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