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My Memories per Brenda’s Prompt

I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.


Childhood Memories

Immediately my brain had numerous thoughts of memories, especially of my family. Growing up I was the older sister, and my mother worked outside the home full time. My job was taking care of her and my little brother in the summers and when my parents weren’t home. We had a good life in many ways despite the fact we did not have much money. We still ate well and had fun.

My parents took us on picnics every summer. We swam and played games. My mother made the best potato salad, and my dad cooked on the grill. We also played board games as a family, especially in the long, cold Ohio winters.

I remember my father working a second job one autumn, so we could have a good Christmas. My father was a patient man, but if he raised his voice we listened. He rarely got mad about anything. He was strong but he liked to laugh and have fun.

My mother taught me to sew, and I made many of my clothes. I even took a tailoring course when I was a teen. I made a coat and a suit. My mother also taught me to cook

Elvis Presley - Little Sister

My Sister

My sister and I laughed together

Every moment we tried to have fun

Mom was often assigning chores

Oh, how we hurried so we could run

Rain or shine we wanted to play

It was almost like we were one

Each day we played and danced

Sweet memories playing in the sun


I remember spending time with my grandparents, which was always wonderful. My Gramma was a terrific cook, and they liked to go fishing. I remember going with them and they said to me: “Pam, you have to be quiet or the fish won’t bite.” I was probably a little chatterbox I guess.

I also spent time with my other grandparents. One morning when I was young I woke up and my grandfather was mowing the grass. Then, he came into the house and fixed some scrambled eggs that probably had a little bit of chives or some green herb. I had never eater scrambled eggs with something green in them before.

Anyway, since I had seen him mowing I thought he put grass in my eggs. I didn’t want him to be mad at me, so I ate them anyway. I told my parents that he put grass in my eggs when I got home. They thought it was so funny. This grandfather bought me the only bike I ever had as a child, and I had to share with my sister. I loved them all.


I remember hurrying home everyday to watch “American Bandstand”. As a teen I went to many dances, as they were very popular.

When I was in grade school I was on the safety patrol, so in the spring they took us to a Cleveland Indians baseball game. It was so much fun.

Our parents would buy us a pass for the swimming pools each summer. There were two pools within walking distance. I would often meet my girlfriend or take my sister, as we all loved to swim.

It was a fad in my school to have an autograph book. We would write nice things in each other’s books. One boy wrote this to me:

Roses are red

Violets are black

You’d look good with a knife in your back

I was very mad at him, then he asked me to go to a Boy Scout party with him. He was cute, so I went with him, and we played ‘spin the bottle’. I guess that was my first kiss.


One summer day when I was babysitting my sister and brother I heard my sister crying, but some kids were laughing. We lived on the second floor at that time. I went flying down the stairs and I saw about four kids had my sister pinned against the wall hitting her. I got so mad! I ran over and grabbed one by the arm knocking him down. I hit a couple of the girls and pushed them. Now some of those kids cried, but they never picked on my sister again. I think that was the only fight I ever had, and I didn’t act up in school either.

I started babysitting when I was quite young, and as soon as I turned sixteen I got a job at the department store so I could buy myself shoes, clothing, material, etc. I always believed in working for what you want.

The boys I went to school with in Lakewood, Ohio, didn’t have much of a chance when they went to Vietnam. This is a heartbreak as two of them that I really cared about didn’t make it back. My husband grew up with a father who spent time with him in the woods, teaching him survival skills, so maybe that is why he survived. That horrible war is the heartbreak of my generation.

The Rascals - A Beautiful Morning

Final Thoughts

If I start writing my memories about my three sons, this article would be very, very long. Was my life perfect? No, I have had systemic lupus with complications since I was young. However, I have had a good life. I have so many precious memories, and at this time in my life they may be the most special thing I own.

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby

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