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Meeting Bobby Sherman: A Life Changing Experience, Part 1

Karen Hellier is a freelance writer and eBay entrepreneur. She lives happily in the mountains of North Georgia with her husband and her dog.

Here's a photo of Bobby on the cover of his autobiography, "Still Remembering You."

Here's a photo of Bobby on the cover of his autobiography, "Still Remembering You."

The Teen Idols Tour Helped me Meet Bobby Sherman

The Early Years

Bobby Sherman, the teen idol from the late 1960s, has been my heart throb from the time I was nine years old. I had every album he made. I had a bulletin board near my bed with his pictures plastered all over it.

In 5th grade, when I was ten, a very sweet young boy who I think now must have had a crush on me, made me a special booklet filled with his own rainbow artwork, and Bobby Sherman pictures pasted on each page. I loved the gift but didn't get the intent behind it. He knew I had a crush on Bobby Sherman because a few weeks earlier, Bobby's picture plastered the front page of our Weekly Reader, a kids magazine ordered by schools back then. I have no idea now why he was featured; I just remember a classmate calling out to me that Bobby Sherman's picture was on the front of the Weekly Reader and when I saw it, I screamed with delight. How embarrassing...now, but it wasn't then.

I used to listen to his songs on my 33 record albums, alone in my room with the door shut. I bought every Tiger Beat magazine that had Bobby Sherman on the cover. I was in my own private world, with Bobby Sherman, my love, my protector, the one man who would never hurt me, because I knew in my heart I would never be able to meet him. Or so I thought then!

Growing Up and Moving On

In 1972, Bobby Sherman, his new wife, Patti Carnel, and their baby boy Tyler were on the front page of Parade magazine. He had moved up the ranks in reading material over the years! Very few had known Bobby Sherman was married. The thought by managers of the time was to keep teen idols out in front of teen girls as eligible bachelors, to keep up the fan base.

When I read the article, I was a bit sad but mostly happy that Bobby Sherman had someone in his life that loved him, and since it couldn't be me since I knew I would never meet him, at least it was someone else who could make him happy.

I matured out of the crush about that time, as Bobby faded from the limelight, and went on to be a family man. He still did show up in periodic episodes of sitcoms, and each time I saw him, I was still glued to the television set, and my hear skipped a few beats. I loved it when I found old reruns of shows on TV such as Here Comes The Brides, in which he played Jeremy, the younger brother in a trio of wood cutters in Seattle. And I stayed home from dates on Saturday nights when he was scheduled to guest star on The Love Boat, with Maureen McCormick, and Fantasy Island. Bobby Sherman has always had a special place in my heart.

Flash Forward

In 1998, we got our first computer. I was huge into coupons and saving money for my family, which included a husband, three children, and a dog. After researching everything I could on those subjects, I wondered what to look up next. Then I remembered my old crush, Bobby Sherman and decided to enter his name into the search bar.

You can imagine my surprise when I started reading about something called, "The Teen Idol Tour" starring Bobby Sherman, Davy Jones of The Monkeys, and Peter No one, of Herman's Hermits. And lo and behold, they were coming on tour to my very own state of Connecticut in three weeks!!! I immediately called my mom and dad and asked if they had gotten me a birthday present yet, as my birthday was one day before the concert. They had not, and I practically begged them for a ticket to the concert. They said yes, and I was ecstatic for the next three weeks!

The Teen Idols Concert

The night of the concert arrived. I left early for the 90-minute drive because I just wanted to make sure everything went smoothly, and if I got lost, I would still have plenty of time to make it there. I arrived without a hitch, then proceeded inside to turn in my ticket and find a seat. I found a seat on the side of the stage, but fairly close. I wanted to make sure I could see him without binoculars which I had neglected to bring. The waiting time seemed to take forever. I looked around me and was not surprised to see mostly women, my age or older. A few had brought their husbands or boyfriends, but for the most part, we were an audience of middle-aged women. But eventually the lights dimmed, and a voice announced the Teen Idols Tour, and the first entertainer was to be Bobby Sherman.

People started screaming, and the tension in the concert hall mounted as we waited, and waited, and waited for Bobby Sherman to walk on stage. Suddenly, spotlights showed on the audience, and a whisper went up from the crowd. There he was, walking in and shaking hands with as many fans as he could reach as he walked by them, up the center aisle, and onto the stage. Women were screaming, and calling his name, and I was standing there alone, with the screams and clapping going on all around me, and I started to cry. Tears streamed down my face in an uncontrolled fashion. I was so surprised and actually had absolutely no idea why I was crying. I hadn't brought tissues and was trying to inconspicuously mop the tears from my face. I was glad the room was dark so people wouldn't notice the big crybaby I had become!

The concert started with Bobby singing all of his old favorites, including, "Easy Come, Easy Go" and "Julie Do You Love Me." I was mesmerized by his performance for the rest of the time he was on stage. One of the things that impressed me most was the fact that fans approached him during the concert and he accepted flowers and gifts from them while he was on stage, singing all the while. I was amazed by that. The other two performers, Davy Jones, and Peter No one did not do that. It just showed me what a wonderful person Bobby Sherman is.

After Bobby's part of the concert was over, I was tempted to leave and just start the ninety-minute ride home. But then I realized that I had a ticket for the whole night, so I might as well stay. I knew Davy Jones from the Monkees days, and even had an album that I used to sing along with, so I enjoyed the songs he sang, but of course in my heart, my loyalty was to Bobby Sherman. Then, the last performer came onstage. I had never heard of Peter Noone before this concert. I didn't know what to expect, and I was happily surprised by his performance. He sang fun songs from Herman's Hermits, and he had the whole audience laughing and singing along with songs like, "King Henry the Eighth I Am" and "Mrs. Brown You Have a Lovely Daughter." For years since this concert, every time I hear these songs, in a grocery store, in an elevator, or in the doctor's office waiting room, I smile inside and remember that wonderful performance of Peter No one and the joy he brought to me and the audience.

A Plan was Hatched for Part 2

But again, my heart was with Bobby, and all the way home I was so happy and grateful to finally have met my childhood heart throb, the man that gave me so many wonderful moments, alone in my bedroom, listening to and singing along with him. I was thinking about all the women that had given him gifts. I didn't quite understand why they would give him flowers. That didn't seem like a very practical gift for someone who had to get on a plane back to California within a 24 hour period. My mind started racing with thoughts of how I could repay him for all the joy he had brought me as a child. What could I get him that would actually convey my thanks? I decided when I got home that I would have to go back on the internet and see if the Teen Idols Tour would be coming anywhere close to me in the New England area shortly, and if I could see him again, what could I get him that would be the perfect gift?

Stay tuned for Part 2....

Teen Idol Poll

Read on for Part 2, and my experience of actually meeting Bobby Sherman!

Hear Bobby Sherman singing 'Hey Little Woman" from 1970 by clicking below...

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TeriLeaKron on November 14, 2019:

Ahh... Bobby Sherman. I was a true fan at the age of seven when "Julie Do You Love Me" became my anthem (although I was sure that he had the wrong girl's name in the song title, as it should have been "Teri"...) My fantasy life at the time included filling the pages of a notebook with doodles of my name as it would be written as the Mrs. Bobby Sherman. David Cassidy, Davey Jones, and the young Michael Jackson became competition, though, rivaling Bobby's number one position of my affection and loyalty.

But Bobby waited too long to "show up" (as did the others) so I moved on with my life and ended up marrying a nobody. He wasn't a famous heartthrob, but he filled my stomach with butterflies and my days with joy! We married in 1981 and had two daughters together. These little girls grew up with their own idols and we got to watch them as they hoped and dreamed.

Thank you for this series and for the memories it stirred within me.

Bob Blank on December 31, 2017:

Where is he?

I am his best friend...

No one can reach him.

We met in around 4th grade. Did Birmingham school days.

Worked together, played, lived, sang, music, etc.

Continuous contact till just few months ago... All his contact avenues have dried up!

I am very concerned..

Email me


Donna on April 23, 2016:

For God's sake, it's Peter Noone, not Peter No one -- this seems very derogatory to a great artist (as you point out). Is it that hard to fact check a simple thing like the correct spelling of their name. Imagine if someone had wrote an article calling your fav Bobby Sher man or something. I mean how could you not at least recogize that Peter Noone's last name was one word at least? First time I wrote it off as a typo but you continued to repeat it throughout the article. It's Noone (pronounced noon) not no one.

Karen Hellier (author) from Georgia on September 22, 2012:

Yes, wonderful memories MomsTreasureChest. We just went to a fair this past weekend and my sweet husband bought me a DVD set of season 1 of Here Comes The Brides starring, you guessed it...Bobby Sherman. It's for Christmas but I am so excited to have it, I can't wait to watch the first season. Maybe next year he can buy me the second set!!! Thanks for the comment.

MomsTreasureChest on September 17, 2012:

Great hub! I just loved David Cassidy and the Partridge Family, knew the words to all their songs...lol, happy memories!

Karen Hellier (author) from Georgia on August 26, 2012:

Thank you kashmir56. It was a special time in my life as a young girl, and reliving the memories and meeting Bobby Sherman in person brought those memories back, and made the dream of meeting him face to face come true! Thanks for the vote!

Thomas Silvia from Massachusetts on August 26, 2012:

Awesome and interesting hub and so well written, it is so nice to enjoys those memories of times gone by . Well done !

Vote up and more !!!

Karen Hellier (author) from Georgia on August 01, 2012:


Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It seems a lot of hub reader's sisters liked Bobby Sherman. I wonder where all his fans are hiding. I may have to share this hub with the Bobby Sherman fan club. Yes, there is one believe it or not!!!

Dianna Mendez on July 31, 2012:

My sister loved Bobby! I can remember hearing all about him at home - constantly. Great trip down memory lane.

Shining Irish Eyes from Upstate, New York on July 30, 2012:

I am not laughing at you I am chuckling because youa re a true fan....even the way you wrote that question so earnestly! No she did not get to go to the Teen Idols Tour which ran from 1998 - 2000. But I am sure she would have given her right are. Even better, I bet the two of you would have enjoyed going together!

Regards and I can't wait to read what comes next my friend.

Thanks for the smiles.

Karen Hellier (author) from Georgia on July 30, 2012:


That's so funny about your sister. Did she get a chance to go to the Teen Idols Tour which ran from 1998 - 2000? It was so much fun. Part 2 is coming soon! Thanks for commenting.

Karen Hellier (author) from Georgia on July 30, 2012:


That's so funny about your sister. Did she get a chance to go to the Teen Idols Tour which ran from 1998 - 2000? It was so much fun. Part 2 of the Bobby Sherman experience is coming soon! Thanks for commenting.

Shining Irish Eyes from Upstate, New York on July 30, 2012:

I voted Bobby Sherman as my favorite idol. Not because he was mine but because reading this was like reading my older sisters diary. You two would be book ends if you both had the opportunity to compare notes. It brought a smile to my face as I remember her bedroom floor covered in Tiger Beat and the walls, and the closet door and any other open space.

I enjoyed this immendsly and will be waiting for part 2.

Karen Hellier (author) from Georgia on July 29, 2012:

Oh my gosh Arline, Mac Davis came to the Rose Arts Festival in Norwich in 1973 so I saw him in concert, and I LOVED Harry Chapin, and you are right, very meaningful entertainer. I probably went to 5 or 6 of his concerts. I was devastated when he was killed.

Karen Hellier (author) from Georgia on July 29, 2012:

Sorry Josh, you'll have to wait and see!

Arline on July 29, 2012:

So fun to hear things like Weekly Reader mentioned! My older sisters had their walls plastered with The Monkees and I was into The Osmonds big time. Esp. Donny of course! But I do recall a lot of time spent with The Partridge Family as well. The only performers I got to meet and greet were Mac Davis ( also a cutie!) and Harry Chapin ( not so cute, but way more meaningful at the time).

Joshua Zerbini from Pennsylvania on July 29, 2012:


Very interesting and awesome story as well! What is going to happen in part two, tell me now please! :)

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