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“The Last Time I Saw My Mom Whole” Part 1

Part I) My Mothers trip far from home. This is all true facts, from the beginning.

My Mom

My beautiful mother the last day I saw her whole

I want to go Washington?

My Mom comes to me and says I want to go to Washington! What make you want to go so far, I said to my Mom.I have a friend there I want to visit, I've been praying with. I immediately got a nasty taste in my mouth, and my gut feeling was in over drive. Not a good idea Mom. That's entirely to far, what if something happen? How am I going to get to you? Mom think about this every decision you make affects me, because you know I'm going to be worried. I really don't want you to go.I see something bad happening, Mom please don't go, I said to her. I already have a plane ticket. I was so upset and I tried once again to convenience her not to go. Mom I have a bad feeling about this please don't go! Well I have a vehicle I'm going to pick up and my friend and I will drive it back. Mom do you know how far and long the drive is from Washington to Alabama? This is not a smart idea! Well, my Mom said you and your husband drove to Washington and back. Mom my husband was a truck driver not to long ago, and I traveled with work. Look at the age difference 39 and 44 vs 60 and 70, do you think its smart to let a stranger drive you cross states, just because you pray with a person. Doesn't mean you trust them, to drive you around. Mom please don't go wait until my husband and I have vacation next month and we help you drive your Expedition back. I already got a plane ticket Treace! No win with you Mom.This is a bad idea....

"Mom Lets go get Chloe hair done"

I woke up the day before my Moms trip, my husband and children said why are you letting Mom go so far away. I said Moms grown I've told her how I feel and how afraid I am for her to go. But she has friends and other people in her ear talking to her. So I have no say. My husband, Treace do you want me to talk to her. Yes,but shes not listening. She's never been no farther then Birmingham, Montgomery, and she wants to enjoy her life. Shes been a wife, daughter, and mother. Shes never flown, and wants to go. My husband then went into the kitchen near her room and said Mother in Law, I don't want you to go! I haven't been able to rest worried about this trip.My eldest son then said Mom what are you going to do. I said I'm going to try to wear her out so she oversleep, and miss the plane. I'm going to pile up everything in one day. We are going to go riding all day. I'm going to get her to help me drop off invoices, and pick up payments, check on clients. Then we are going to get Chloe's hair done, that wears me out. Then we take Chloe to the park and mom and I get our walk on. After that then we get our toes done. We get home late, and I'm going to see if she want to help cook. That's sure to make her sleep late. I pray Lord watch over my Mom, I feel so afraid, like I'm allowing her to go to her death. Is it just me being over protective? What is this feeling? Why am I having these horrible thoughts and fears? Please watch over her, I pray. Protect her and bring her home safe to me, Father I pray.

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