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My First Kiss as a Teenager

Mark is from Utah. He is married and has 3 children. He is a graduate of the University of Utah.


Keeping in Touch

I suppose that I was a late bloomer. I had glasses and girls didn’t seem to like me. I was pretty introverted. I went on a few dates before I had my first kiss, but I wasn’t very picky about who I went out with. All of the girls that I liked, didn’t like me. And all of the girls that did like me, I didn’t like and they would go psycho and get all obsessed with me.

But then, I met a girl named Jen at a church dance. She had blue eyes and blonde hair. She was a little quiet. I don’t remember how many dates I went on with her. On our first date, I had gotten a ticket for running a red light. I suppose that I was too focused on talking to her instead of watching the road.

We went to a school dance around Christmas time. We had gotten dance pictures together. It was probably after that date that I walked her to the door. I was nervous. I really liked this girl. I closed my eyes…and…kissed her nose. It was on accident of course. I meant to kiss her on the lips. It was embarrassing. But we kissed after that.

A lot of things changed for me at that time. I had started to wear contacts. Girls started to like me. I gained confidence. I started to care less about what others thought. I started joking around a lot more. It seemed that the birds were singing. The sun seemed to be brighter.

But, months later, Jen had moved from Salt Lake City to St. George, Utah. I didn’t see her for several months. She came up to meet me once. We met up at a fast food restaurant. She didn’t have much time. As she was leaving, she kissed me passionately.

Later on, I left Salt Lake City and went to the South doing some church service for two years. Her cousin happened to be out there as well. I believe her cousin had said that she had a boyfriend or something.

When I returned from my church service, I wanted to visit her. I had a friend living down in St George. So I went to visit him and thought I would try to visit her as well. I tried calling her. I talked to her little brother. Come to find out, she had gotten married. For me, there was no closure. We had only dated. We weren’t exclusive or anything, but I have no idea why she didn’t let me know about why she didn’t stay in touch or was getting serious with someone.

I was heartbroken. But I moved on. I went on to date a lot. I eventually met my future wife at a singles dance. We dated for a year and a half before marrying.

And she wouldn’t kiss me until we had been dating for about a month.

But all’s well that ends well, right?

© 2019 Mark Richardson

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