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My Family: Aunt Rosie, the End

Sometimes there is only you.

Sometimes there is only you.

Rose, The End of Her Story.

Following my previous hub I felt I should make a further effort to find out the story of aunt Rose. I would also like to thank all the hubbers who have contacted me with words of comfort and support.I have searched through cemetery records, county councils, public libraries, newspaper obituary columns, Internet searches, electoral rolls and local church records throughout Lancashire. I am pleased to say that I have found her but circumstances deny pleasure.

Blackpool Enquiries.

Blackpool is a well known holiday town on the north west coast of England. It was here that I found notice of Rose's death. I obtained her death certificate from the local council offices and read the cause of death. She died from '' Toxaemia due to pyelo nephritis & Bronco Pneumonia due to pregnancy '' This is an extremely unpleasant death, it occurs before child birth is due and in such a case, both mother and baby are lost. Rose died on 3rd July 1950 she was aged 31. Her death was registered two days later on the 5th July by her husband Ron.

I knew the address.

Somehow the address at which Rose died was familiar to me. It was from long ago but I knew it somehow. I knew that in 1949 two years before Rose's death, her sister Lily with her husband George, had moved to Blackpool and bought a small guest house. I checked the electoral roll for the year 1950 and found what I was hoping for. Yes, Lily and George were registered as residents of that address. This was the only feeling of happiness throughout my search. Rose was with her sister at the end. Unfortunately I have been unable to find Rose's resting place anywhere.

A Further Search.

I was able to contact my cousin David, I have not been in touch with him for more than twenty years. We have still not met but we have spoken on the telephone since my original call to him. He told me that he remembered that Ron came from either Derby or Stoke, both of these being large towns in England. Via the town halls of both towns I was able to find the electoral rolls through the 1950s. Sad to say but I could not find any trace of Ron.

Time To Let Go.

For me the search is over, I am pleased to have found out what happened to Rose but unhappy to have found out the circumstances. I have to say that I feel better, by knowing at last what happened. My thanks to everyone who has been on this search with me, I have received many messages of support. They have all been greatly appreciated.

My Family: Aunt Rosie, A Secret A Tragedy (1).

© 2012 Graham Lee

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