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My Discoveries Researching My Family History

Alex is German, Gaelic, British, Scandinavian, Polish, Ashkenazic, Czechoslovakian, Neanderthal, and Iberian.


I'm Less Irish And More German Than I Thought

I used to think I was about 30% Irish, and maybe something like 10% or 20% German. That is not the case! My last DNA test tells me that I am only 8% Irish, and my document research has shown that I am genetically German on both sides of my family! I also discovered that I am part Hebrew (genetically Jewish), although I am rather pessimistic about finding paper records of this as well. These are things I may never have known if I hadn't applied hours of time and effort to devote to my histories!

Through a DNA test that I took with, I have learned that I am related to individuals of Nigerian ethnicity. We share Irish genes, so I have no Nigerian blood in me per my current understanding. But, how neat is that!? I found that I am closely related to people of the Nigerian race! One of my fellow leaders at the ward of my church is from the country, and picture his surprise when he found out that I not only can speak some Arabic - but, that I also may be related to him by blood! I am still hoping to find, through documentation, where our ancestors meet in the family tree. However, I am concerned that my Irish ancestors may have been survivors of the potato famine. That is to state; many of my Irish ancestors may have lived without much documentation. Considering the histories of African countries, the same may be said of my Nigerian relatives. But, who knows? As I am still uncertain, and hopeful, I continue my search. Such findings are the reason why I believe further DNA tests and research into similar biological fields is so important!


One of the more wondrous items to contemplate when doing family history studies is the possibilities of the famous people we may learn we are closely related to. That has already happened to me once! Through's website I found that the famous classical music composer Antonin Leopold Dvorak is my fourth great-uncle on Mom's side. This is very exciting for me! The man still has various statues and busts in his honor! Who know what you will find when you do family history research!

The Person My Mom Said Was My Father Is My Father

Combining the evidences that I have obtained via written records and DNA analysis, I have confirmed, without any reason for a doubt, that the man who Mom said was my father is my biological parent. No matter how much we trust someone, having so much valid proof of such claims can be very valuable. I recommend that my readers start their family studies, if you haven't already!


Family On Both Sides

I am related to people who served in the Union and in the Confederacy. This is a bit sad, but the Last Great American Civil War was quite a sorrowful group of events. I suppose it goes without saying, but I have family members in the north and in the south!


Two of my many, many siblings are Mexican. They are Mexican through my step-mom's side.The funny things is that my Spanish is probably way better than theirs is at the moment! What frustrates me right now is that, until I get them their first DNA test, I will not be sure if they are at all Spanish by heritage. Said siblings have darker skin tones, which indicates to me that they are more likely to have at least some Native American in their backgrounds. I am very curious to know more, but since my step-mom was adopted, I may have to wait until another DNA examination is conducted.


Part British?

Before I took my DNA test, I wasn't sure if I was significantly British. It turns out that I am nearly 20% British. I've done a lot of extra research since then, and it would seem that this comes from my father's side. Doing family histories can be arduous and frustrating at times, but the terribly interesting payoffs are amazing!

Metaphorical Tons Of Information

So far in my quest, I can trace my family beyond my tenth grandparents! There are more than 1,000 names in my tree thus far, and I continue to add more! I encourage my readers to engage in family research; it can be exciting and rewarding for all participants!


From what I gather, Thomas Chafe was a politician and a lawyer. What's even more fascinating to me about the man, is that he was born one year before the original King James Version of the Bible was published. That was a long time ago! He is my eleventh great-grandfather on my father's side.

The Chaffees

I am descended from members of the Chaffee family on my biological father's side. We have a coat of arms and even the motto; "Fide et Fiducia" (which is Latin for; "Fidelity and Confidence)! The Chaffee family crest once displayed a lion, but in the 1800s this was changed to a griffin.

I recently discovered one of my DNA matches to be partly Asian by racial heritage. This is really cool to me; I now know that I am closely related to Europeans, Africans, and Asians! That's a great expanse of space when one thinks about it! My fiancé is also Asian by background, so I am suspecting that she may be interested to know this about myself!

I Am Descended From African Royalty

According to the available histories, and aided with modern DNA analysis, we Irish are descended from Goídal Glas. His name is where the term for the native Irish folk, the Gaels, comes from. Goídal Glas had a grandson named Niul. Niul married an Egyptian pharaohess named Scota. Her name is where we get the English word for Scotland and one of the Latin names for Ireland. We Gaelic Celts are the descendants of Niul and Scota´s love.


I Am An Ashkenazi Hebrew

I am of the direct bloodline of all of those who descend from the prophet Abraham. Some of the Arabs are also said to be of this same bloodline. This doesn't surprise me as Heavenly Father renamed Abram to Abraham on the basis that he would be "a father of many nations" (Genesis/Beraishith 17:5). Furthermore, prophet Solomon the king was also a descendant of the prophet Abraham. Through prophet Solomon the king, according to the histories such as the Kebra Nagast, the Ethiopian lineage of kings was born. This occurred through a male child made by the love of prophet Solomon the king and the Queen of Sheba (which can account for the Ethiopian kings' very dark brown skin tones). Lastly, even prophet Muhammad was a descendant of Abraham through Abraham's son Ishmael. It turns out that my family tree includes a lot of African royalty as well as righteous men and women!

Moon Crater?

As I have already mentioned, I am a descendant of the Chaffees and a part of the Chaffee family. That being said, I am related to Roger Bruce Chaffee, the NASA astronaut. A number of things, including a crater on the moon titled Chaffee Crater, were named after him!

Part Neanderthal

One of the many interesting discoveries that I have made thus far in my familial research is that I am indeed part Neanderthal. With the help of National Geographic, I now know that I am actually 1.5% Neanderthal! Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, sometimes referred to as homo neanderthalensis, were a species whose members are known to have bred with Denisovans (homo sapiens subspecies denisova) and our homo sapiens ancestors who more recently migrated out of Africa. That "Neanderthal" and "Denisovan" are not generally considered races yet doesn't surprise me, but I do believe that such a definition would be much more accurate!

It's Important!

Please remember to, at the very least, verbally support historical research and the study and comparison of various haplogroups. If we want to know where we are going, I feel it essential to learn where we came from too.

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