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My Brother’s Journey Through Life Part-2

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My brother left his old job for a more promising job for career benefits. Previously he was staying at our old residence because it was easier for him to commute to his former job from there.

His new work area was nearer our new home, and so he shifted finally. He did home projects on his laptop extensively to catch up with new work. Gradually he was allowed to work from home. His new job was at a Japanese IT company in Dhaka.

His team members were not experts like him but much better than those of his old workplace. His level of work varied from various complexities. He had to work mainly at the front end and build smartphone apps.

His workplace had arranged a picnic too for its employees in a spot on the outskirts of Dhaka. The picnic spot had a zoo, playing space, and food arrangements. Tamed ostriches and peacocks were on the loose, and my brother and his girlfriend walked beside them and took photos. I bet they had a grand and memorable time.

Pic: A Tamed Ostrich at the Zoo on the Picnic Spot

Pic: A Tamed Ostrich at the Zoo on the Picnic Spot

Pic: The Ostrich Communicating with a Peacock at the Zoo

Pic: The Ostrich Communicating with a Peacock at the Zoo

After working for several months in the new job and earning a reasonable salary, he decided to marry his girlfriend, who was also working (at a bank).

His marriage took place among limited guests and bountiful scrumptious menu items. It was a buffet, and everyone enjoyed the food. He took lots of pictures with his newly married wife and also video-clipped the ceremony.

He got cash and various household items as gifts. It was great to see my brother get married to his sweetheart finally.

Pic: My Brother’s Wedding Ceremony

Pic: My Brother’s Wedding Ceremony

They now stay on the floor above us in our building complex. Both my brother and his wife enjoy visiting shops, markets, and restaurants, on weekends while all through the week, they stay busy.

My brother now says he has mastered Computer Science and Engineering so well over the span of years that people are out there looking for him. Any interview he partakes in is bound to go well. He has reached a point where programming in Computer Science is just a piece of cake for him.

Over the years, he has read countless books on Computer Science and Engineering and carried out several home projects on his home computer. He has made himself efficient this way. Currently, he is home studying Advanced Algorithms and Dynamic Programming.

The only thing I am worried about him is that he is putting on weight and hardly exercises. His wife makes him walk all around the block from time to time, but he doesn't do it regularly. As I explained in a previous article, "Lifestyle of My Brother Part-1", he badly needs to lose weight and be fit. After all, he is only thirty at the moment.

He has been in shock lately. One of his close friends, who was younger than him, passed away owing to a stroke. He was too young to leave this world, and my brother couldn’t accept it. Another sad news was that another close friend’s Mom had been suffering from a terminal illness, and she passed away. My brother has been grieving a lot for all these issues and could hardly concentrate on work. I hope he will get over it and move forward, no matter how tough it might seem. He has been sharing a lot with me about his issues, and I lent him a good ear and was sympathetic towards him.

It was my birthday last month. But my brother has a hard time remembering dates. So, after we had lunch together, I texted him a fun message. “Today is 5th Sep. Does it ring a bell? I will bring you tea soon." He was soon out of his room and wished me Happy Birthday. He spent a few minutes chatting with me. I told him that I had thought that the two editions of Reader's Digest and the notebook he had handed me over the other day were my birthday gifts.

He honestly said that they were gifts from him, but he hadn't remembered my birthday. We burst out laughing and had a jolly good time for some time before he went back to his office work from home. I may mention here that my brother does his office work from his room at our home, but when his wife returns from work, his office work also finishes, and they go to the top floor to their residence. Gradually, my brother is shifting his workspace to his home on the top floor.

I love and admire my brother very much. He has worked very hard to reach this current position and gets a good salary. Recently, he got a performance evaluation of his work now that almost a year had gone at his job. The Bosses were all happy, gave him a good evaluation, and handed him a handsome raise. Was my brother happy! Was I happy for him! I am proud and lucky to have a brother like him.

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