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Updated on October 19, 2017
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Has been a wanderer of many walks of life, musical, medical, bartender, farm worker. She spent a few years in college, some moving around...

A Beginning Of An Idea

It was summer. I was on my stomach across my bed listening to music, procrastinating really, and there it came, the beginning of an idea. Somewhere between the open windows filled with a warm summer breeze, and the scent of the lilac tree outside my window in bloom, the refrain of a folk song I'd heard at least 73 times, caught my ear. This thing caught my ear in such an insidious manner, that it soon slipped into my brain. It begged to be let out, this rambunctious, itchy little idea wanted to be formed. "Have you ever been bent or pulled... If I could see you...I could make you..." round and round in my head. Twisted in this way, tickling along THAT neuron, tugging THIS heart-string and forced my hands to move.

Twitching Fingers And The Itch

I picked up my notebook and a pencil, and in a scrawl that has annoyed my mother for 20 years at that point, began to write. And, stopped. I put the song on again, eyes closed, I listened, and yes, there it was! The feeling was there, and stronger, the particular lines that were so inspiring, echoing in my surging synapses, " I could strum you.....make you sing." Coalescing in an evanescent wave, all the pent up wants, the daydreams of the perfect lover, the disappointments, the achy feeling in a person's chest that just needs holding, desires of the future, and a large dose of fantasy came this thing that would go on to be a fixture in me.

And Then....

The Epiphany Wanes

I read and reread those scrawled lines. I couldn't decide if what poured out of me in such an easy wash was complete garbage or if it was just, simple. A simple statement... Only 7 lines long, it felt like a gut punch and the first breath of fresh air in ages.

"I would pluck the strings of your body,

As you were a most cherished instrument.

Not only with fingers and hands,

But with eyes, breath, and mouth,

To compose, to etch on our souls,

The sonata of us,

As I pluck the strings of your body."

Innocuous as it seems, those lines forged the love I wanted with the love I had, music. It explained everything, that poem. All nice and neat, wrapped up with a bow. Four years later, I tattooed that poem on my right arm, in swirling lines I had Jeremy Ryan tattoo my heart on my sleeve. Now, 7 years later, I still want a lover who makes my soul light up , who makes me want to etch our story on my bones so that the world can dig them up and know that we, primitive humans, knew what love was. I'm not saying that those words define love, not even close, but it did put into words what my soul craved, the deep burning that can go unnoticed inside us all as we try to survive. I'm done with surviving, I am going to LIVE!!!

The song that so inspired me was "Anyday" By Ani Difranco. The entirety of the quote goes as follows, "...Have you ever been bent or pulled, have you ever been played like strings? If I could see you, I could strum you, I could break you, make you sing..."

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