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Mumzy Bumzy

Dear Mumzy Bumzy

Your sincere faith and grace

Your love and gentle caring touch

Your kind smiling face

Is what I miss so much.

Sometimes I make you so mad

Say so many awful sayings

I know it makes you very sad

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.

You are a great blessing in my life

I don't know what I'd do without you

It's amazing how you face all your strife

All I can say is may God's grace be upon you!!!

Me and Mom

Easter Sunday 2014

Easter Sunday 2014

Now where do I start!! What shall I say??

All through out her life she did so many sacrifices

And all I do is repay her with disobedience

Saying hurtful things in anger

Though I try to be better and listen to her.

All she wants is for me and my siblings

To do God's will and do well in our lives :)

I find so difficult to describe and appreciate

What she has done for all of us without getting late.

I find her annoying sometimes as I'm not willing to do

What she says as I want to do what I desire to do

By giving her a deaf ear to her advices and warnings,

You can call that as 'A mother's instincts' .

In spite of all my silly doings and mistakes

I wonder how she forgives us and still provides for us

with our needs when we don't even deserve

It's a blessing to have a mom who is over protective.

Selfie with mom :)

Selfie with mom :)

I just want to say a very Happy Birthday Mumzy! Thank you for always understanding us and giving a listening ear... May God bless you and keep you safe :)

Love and prayers,


© 2019 Rochelle Ann De Zoysa

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