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Memories of Being Young


Born in the 60’s makes me realize how fortunate I am to be able to experience the time where we watched television outside the windows of our neighbor. That was fun and exciting . Mothers would call the names of their kids to come home. Then the kid would be so upset because the movie is almost over. Watching television in my own living room is a luxury. I appreciate that now I sit on my recliner and enjoy the show. It would be nice to hear the voice of mom again and calling me. “It is dinner time!”

I loved the simplicity of life back then. You know your neighbors and they know you too. Just sad today because in apartments or subdivisions, you don’t even know who lives next door. I think it is a busy life. Parents are busy working and the kids are taken to nursery or daycare. I understand that we cannot really live in the past and have to move forward.



Not too High

Climbing trees is so much fun even though I am afraid of heights . I try to climb anyway but not too high just enough for my brothers and cousins to be able to hand me some mango fruit. Then eat the fruit while sitting on the tree. How simple you can get. Fight for the ripe fruit and the biggest. Then, make fun of who will fall.

Miss all the trees that bear so much fruit. Our neighbors will just come and ask if they can have some. My grandmother would let them get as much as they wanted. It was so abundant that I don’t remember buying fruits in the market

puto (steamed rice cake)

puto (steamed rice cake)


Market time is a blast. Can you imagine how happy I am to go with my mother? After buying all the things we need. She would ask me what I wanted to eat. That is the best part. I can have bread, palabok ( rice noodle) or rice cake. So many choices and always put a smile on my face. My brothers and sisters are also waiting for us to be home and excited about what kakanin we bought. I love cassava cake and we can’t go home without it. Love to eat it with my family. Makes food tastier when you fight for it. I can still hear my mom say. “Think of others!”

Nap time

We love to play but afternoon nap time is a must. You have to sleep for an hour or two then you can go and play. My grandmother made sure that we took that nap. It is a belief that you will not grow if you will not have a siesta. We don’t really like to do it because we just want to play all day. I think it is true because I am one of the tallest kids in our class in my elementary years. Well, maybe the genes too. Now I very much appreciate an afternoon rest.




Dance around while it is raining. I grew up drinking rain water and I love the taste of sweet rain water. Now I am even scared to be wet with rain. I think getting old gets you apprehensive. My mother would not let us play when it was raining because we might get colds. We have to make sure to dry our hair. We were told not to sleep with our hair wet or else we will go blind when we wake up. I made sure my hair is dry and I realized we don't go blind when we sleep with wet hair. Why we have to do it I don’t know. It was not really explained scientifically. I just figure old folks make up some stories and little kids believe in it too. I think they heard it from their old people. Then when you get older you realize it was just to make you follow rules.


I cherish all the moments that I’ve experienced. The memories of having fun in the rain. Running away from my mom because we don’t want to be punished. Praying together before we eat. Waiting anxiously for my dad to come home and ecstatically opening the bag of bread for us. Playing with my cousins and neighbors and sometimes fighting with them.

Sharing childhood memories makes you feel happy and confident that you’ve experienced so many things in life.