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My First Ever Experience of Boarding a Plane

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My dream to fly

In the late 1990s, when I was a kid, air transport was something that was very rare, atleast in India! We used to wave at the airplanes that "occasionally" fly across the Big Blue Sky. Ever since then, I’ve always dreamt about flying and exploring the world. The very sight of an aeroplane used to fill me with awe and get me so excited that I would just run around the streets of my village attempting to follow it until it disappeared from my sight.

It was a bright, sunny day in the month of April. And I was reading a book as I always used to as a high school girl. And the rustling of trees reminded me of an old melody which I was humming inside me. That was when my brother suddenly rushed into the room, his face glowing with excitement. The news he brought filled my heart with joy too. “Papa is going on a business trip to London next week! And guess what? We're going along with him too”, he said. And my heart popped out when he said the following words,’ The airplane tickets have already been booked.’

The take off

It was an early morning flight and the calmness of the airport welcomed us. We had actually arrived three hours earlier than the scheduled time. We had packed our luggage with enough of sweaters and woollen clothes that would provide us warmth along our four days stay in London.

After collecting the boarding pass. We were confused to find our gate number. Then after successfully finding the gate, we were asked to take a bus to reach the plane. While we were on the bus, I looked around and caught sight of a large airbus that was about to take off. There were nearly twenty large aeroplanes standing side by side, all of them looking stunning and beautiful at the same time. The mighty airbus first travelled with a normal speed and then accelerated to an unimaginable velocity before it took off and disappeared into the clouds.


The amazing view

The airlines that we had booked was a well reputed one. They made sure that each of the passengers was comfortable and satisfied. We were allowed to take with us a small hand luggage weighing less than eight kgs, which constituted of our basic essentials, but no liquid stuff was permitted.

I was finally given a window seat, which I was awarded after a quarrel with my brother. I've always wanted to admire the beauty of the oceans, plateaus and cities that the plane would pass by. Nothing less to my imagination, it went past beautiful places that were a treat to my eyes. Majority of the time we flew past Mighty Oceans and it reminded me of the enormity of god's creation. Several large cruises on sea, gigantic towers and huge isolated skyscrapers which I thought touched the sky were some of our acquaintances. The aeroplane literally flew above the clouds. The clouds resembled large piles of snow that was floating in the air. We didn't miss to see Mr Eagle, who with an Emperor's pride and his mighty wings surfed across the sky competing with our speed.


We were indeed having a delightfully experience mid-air as the crew members treated us with exotic and flavourful dishes. I then enjoyed watching a movie, following which I soon fell asleep. Minutes before we reached the ‘London City Airport’ , my mother woke me up from my slumber.

The END of an exciting journey

Before leaving the plane, I made sure that I captured a lot of pictures, and said a big goodbye to the plane and left. Our aunt was waiting in the arrival and picked us up from the airport. As we were leaving the premises, all the events of the past two days flashed across my mind as I recalled the days when I was a kid to whom flying was just a dream.

Here comes the end of my exciting first ever flying experience. In short, this day turned out to be one of the most memorable days in my life which I would cherish forever.