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Life is Calling



I guess this is the place where I tell you a little about myself and where life is leading or in some cases misleading myself and others in this place we call life.

Do I have any great revelation or new found wisdom that will make the world a better place?

Certainly not but what I have is an observation of the way we have deteriorated as a society yet many people would argue the point, Have we really or do we just simply accept where we are and coast along as if all is ok?

So please pull up a chair and lets see where these two fingers lead us today.




As a child our family was graced on a regular basis by our family priest. Father Eugene Elken was his name, more like a family member than the priest at our local church.

Yes he would preach each Sunday, actually he did 3 services each week. It was a race each week for him to travel the 10 miles to the next perish. I was honoured to be one of the alter boys, one of the privileges we had was taking turns to drive his little Corvier. You see Father Elken was a man who enjoyed the finer things in life, the love of laughter. I do think his life as a priest he was a man who could draw so close to God, yet his accommodations were very simple.

After meeting his obligations he would come to our home. There was this sense of peace that would fall upon us with his easy, soft quiet spirit. He was a man filled with love and a man who loved life. No matter who you were or what you had done he would welcome you with open arms.

This picture personified the kind of man he truly was. Even the smallest of the kingdom could meet the man and you and be blessed.

Eternal and Respect


His Way

After the usual Sunday meal we would all look forward to his companionship. He was a man you just wanted to sit and listen. The one thing I recall was his belief we were all created equal, no matter of who you were, you felt valued.

Yes this was the same man who sat in the confessional each Sunday and would listen to the sin in my life. He would hear my concerns and he would gently guide and direct me.

I suppose I could say that I like many of the youth of my age were at a turning point in the history of family and moral values. It was time when God was the head of everything and yet the parents were still the ones who directed the family.

It was a time of some unrest with the way the youth was beginning to turn away from those same morals and values were taught. Yes I suppose I attempted to be one of them later in life but there was still all of which that formed those basic truths in life.

Could I have gone the other way... I smile at that question because the answer would have to be yes. Actually in the movie in my mind I see each and everything I had done contrary to the way I was raised.


Enlightenment opposes Entitlement

It was also a time when we were told as a people, we were not to read the Bible as it was meant for the scholarly who had studied it for many years. It was also a time when people were hungry for the real truths of the teachings. Our family Bible stood on a stand, the only time my parents were allowed to open it was in the event of a marriage, birth or death to be recorded.

In the early 1800's a young man named Martin Luther dedicated his life to serving as a monk in a monastery so he too could study the scriptures. It was here being a scholar he started reading the old writings in the Latin text, it was when he felt led to change the way society and the church had been following for years.

His writings and teaching led to what is called today as being the Reformation. It was a radical move on his part to question the Roman Catholic Church. It's teaching and the belief system that with the right amount of penance you could be saved through good works. Or the alternative for those who could afford it, a small amount of cash given granted you favour in God's eyes. Luther began to expose the truth to people and he was painted with the brush of the Heretic.

In essence he was questioning the claim of the church that with the right amount of payment you could save your loved ones. The teachings of the previous days it was a place called Purgatory. This place was where loved ones were being held being for eternity or in this case until you had paid the penance, your concerns would be prayed for by the scholarly would pray on your behave for them to be realest of those you loved. When you stop and think about it for a minute basically it became in modern day language, "a cash cow" and it had little or absolutely no value what so ever.

My parents were God fearing people, they worked hard to run and business, raise children and follow their faith. I had been away from the teachings of the faith for several years. This was an old well established church with a huge following. I had led both my parents to the Lord that summer but they chose to stay in their church because of so many friends.

Mom called one night to ask a question. Apparently the church had contacted her and said they would be willing to do a 500 dollar communion mass for Dad. I suggested a simple prayer of gratitude to God personally would be more fitting. Mom gave the 500 dollars to the Salvation Army my Dad loved.

As we have learned through the ages this was false and or slightly skewed teaching and it went contrary to what we read in the Bible today.



Can I sit and say I do not agree with change, not in the least. Not until I watch it change to what appears the complete opposite. By opposite I mean the day of any kind of authority means little or nothing to many today.

I do believe each and every time we see such a paradigm shift. Just take a moment and think about the last events of recent time. I am not opposed to staying informed but this recent election seemed to allow each and every group plunge forward in their efforts to have their concerns heard.

What followed was nothing short of anarchy. Just sitting watching can we as a society of people, not be concerned. Yes I know and realize fake news plays a huge rule on how we see things. But really, smashing things, lotting, beating of each other, the list goes on.

Back step us to Luther's time, his radical teaching etc made him the target being worthy of anyone to kill him at anytime without cause. Even though church attempted to silence him this was the result, banned from life of any kind. Or so was thought...


Lucky Man

Luther was a lucky man to have been taken in and assigned a place for further his studies and revelations he would have through scripture. In 14 short months the man rewrote the entire Bible and rewriting it in German, the common language of his day, certainly an impressive task.

So in this case of where we find ourselves. Whom do we have we can turn too in this world of corruption for power and glory. Hopefully not too the two super powers of the world today. Both powers who have decided to play with a nuclear weapon threats like two young schoolboys. Each having the full authority to push a button that will end life as any of us know. Thus we have our faith... We turned to the one, the founder and maker of all things good. Luther was a radical, yes he caused a stir, but look at the way he revolutionized the church today.

But what is interesting is that as Luther slowly changed Christianity today. It has given everyone a chance to read the Bible with new meaning. We now have the text of Christ at our fingertips.

May the thoughts I have placed here today cause us all to reflect how we are being called to serve. Many blessings to all whom have followed me over the years. You are all a true blessing...

Hugs and Love from Alberta Canada

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