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Insight from Australian Model Madi Fogg

Who is Madi Fogg?


26-year-old Australian model Madi Fogg has worked with a number of well-known brands, including Chanel, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, and her favorite, The Row. Her most recent engagement was in Los Angeles, where she worked on a project for a brand she has high hopes for. She was discovered at the age of 18 and has been a serious working model ever since.

Madi loves what she does, but it has been very vocal about it not always been an easy road. And that there are some negative aspects of the modeling industry. In this exclusive interview, she explains how she has had a hard time living a healthy lifestyle and the advice she would give aspiring models. Always enjoy yourself and not take yourself too seriously.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I grew up in a small beach town close to Sydney, Australia and was scouted on the beach in Byron Bay just after I finished high school. Within the next week, I was walking in New York Fashion Week shows and that's how my modelling career began. I then lived travelling between New York, Paris and London for the next 5 years working across Europe and America before settling and being based in New York.

What initially drew you to modeling?

The main reason I said yes to New York fashion week was that my newly found agent had offered me a free ticket to NYC. I knew I wanted to travel around the world but I did not have much interest in modelling or knowledge in fashion before I started.

Among the brands you have worked with are Chanel, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, and many more. Do you have a favourite?

My favourite brand that I have worked for is The Row in NYC, but my favourite show was the Chanel Haute Couture show. The show was held in a huge palace in the middle of Paris and every piece of clothing was awe-inspiring. During my fitting, I had three French ladies helping me into my dress and one of them began crying as she finally saw her masterpiece and thousands of hours of beading come to life.

Are there any negative aspects of modeling?

Yes, there are of course difficulties in modelling from having to always be a certain size and I think many models go the wrong way about achieving this. Although there are many brands advertising these unhealthy standards, I have seen a huge change in the past 8 years and there is definitely a shift in the fashion industry to focus on models who look healthy and happy.

I never had any issues with my body weight in my modelling career, but instead used my job as motivation to eat healthily and include many different workouts in my daily life which have been a huge blessing!

How do you envision your future as a model? What would you like your career to look like five years from now?

As I have gotten older throughout my career, I have done less travelling between cities and living out of my suitcase to more regular jobs with a smaller collection of clients who consistently book me. I am really enjoying this shift as it allows me to be more settled in one place - I finally signed my first lease for my own apartment now at 26 years old! And also I can build better relationships with the teams I work with as I see them more often. Five years from now I hope to be shooting for many brands that I love to spend the day shooting with and who book me because they love my energy as well as my image.

Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

I would tell any girls beginning to model to have as much fun as they can! To not take it so seriously and to say yes to as many opportunities as they can! Some of my favourite memories from modelling have been the most unexpected jobs taking me to places I would have never dreamed of going!

Can you share with us any exciting upcoming projects?

I have just recently shot a campaign for an LA-based brand that I am really excited about! We spent the day in the Malibu mountains shooting their new Summer collection and I just can't wait to see the final images!

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