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In Memory of Jerimin Dilao (1998-2017)

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Jerimin Dilao (aka Jerimin19) was born on August 19, 1998 in the Philippines. She loves to draw and make animations of her favorite cartoon characters. She had over 17k subscribers on YouTube and was a popular artist on Deviantart. She inspired her fans to draw Powerpuff characters and other cartoon characters. She would also make her own characters, which inspired others to draw their own versions of them. Jerimin's favorite shows are The Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony, which are the shows that she draws the most. She is close friends with VincentLumpas, kaitokid15, JasmineM18, Norphy, sugarpinkcloud, AyingChan, and Sweatshirtmaster according to her Deviantart profile. She was known to inspire all of us to become a better artist.

Jerimin was also the developer on a game called, "Last Prom", which is an RPG horror game on Game Jolt. Her game had over 24k views on Game Jolt. She said she was gonna make another game called, "Moto Sisters", but was never made.

Her artwork and YouTube channel

Jerimin joined Deviantart on October 12, 2012. Jerimin makes fictional characters in Powerpuff Girls form such as Violet (as seen above). Violet is a character with black hair, purple clothes, black shoes and a purple headband. Her fans were inspired to make their own version of Violet. Jerimin had thousands of Deviantart followers and more than 400 artworks posted. Her art includes Powerpuff Girls, Powerpuff Girls Z, and My Little Pony.

Jerimin started her YouTube channel on January 29, 2011. She makes speed-paint videos of Powerpuff Girls and other characters. Her last video on her YouTube channel was a speed-paint video of Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory in Powerpuff Girls form.

Not only she made speed-paint videos on her YouTube channel, but she made animation videos, vlogs and gameplay videos featuring her in real life. She was inspired to make Powerpuff Girl characters sliding in a box by a user named alfa995, who made My Little Pony Characters sliding in a box. She made the video to celebrate her 7k subs special and it had over 2 million views on Youtube. Many people loved her speed-paint videos and animations which made her channel very popular.

Her gaming video don't have much views as her speed-paints. In her gameplay she mostly plays horror games such as IB, Mermaid Swamp, Paratronic, One Night, The Crooked Man, The Sand Man, Pizza Delivery, etc. Her last gameplay video is "Let's Play: The Sand Man (Part 10) The Search of the Pink Jewel." Ever since that video, she moved on to speed-paint videos.



On October 4, 2017, Jerimin was seen crying in front of a Wedding Jewelry store at the SM Mega Mall, a popular mall in the Philippines. She jumped from the 5th floor of the balcony and took her own life. She suffered fatal head and body injuries. Jerimin was rushed to the nearest hospital, but was pronounced dead on the arrival. Before she jumped, she posted a suicide note on Facebook. The first part of her note said, "Is it better if I'm alone? Is it okay if I'm gone? Life would be a waste if I suddenly disappear." The note also explained about problems that she went through in life. Jerimin said that it was her fault that problems were causing. She also said that she had a mind of a 5 year old because she thinks she's immature about all the problems that were caused. The last words in her note read, "Looks like I failed the test that was given to me. There's so much I want to do for them but their view and my view aren't the same at all. I just can't reach that destination, I'm sorry." It was revealed that a user on Deviantart name Stage-Burner drove Jerimin to suicide by sending her threats over the fact she hates K-Pop. She made an anti-stamp of Jerimin and saying offensive things about Jerimin19 (The post was deleted) and a journal that said Jerimin deserved to die and telling her to kill herself just because Jerimin hates K-Pop. Luckily the user deactivated her account after being called out.

A news article on the internet was posted about the incident in the SM Mega Mall. It was revealed that the woman who jumped from the 5th floor was identified as Jerimin. Jerimin's sister identified her by bringing an old school ID of Jerimin. Fans of Jerimin found out about Jerimin's suicide and expressed sadness on what happened to her. On Deviantart, some popular artists like, talking2mazelf, JasmineM18, Norphy, and other friends of Jerimin, made Deviantart journals about Jerimin's death. Everyone in the PPG community made fanart of Jerimin to pay respects for her. Some of the fanarts have her character, Violet, in the picture with her. For the love of Jerimin, we will already remember her from our hearts. R.I.P. Jerimin, we love you. </3

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