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I Traveled Through 8 States in 6 Days With my Sister

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We Left Later Than We planned

A few years ago my sister and I headed north from Jacksonville, FL to Richmond, VA. We planned to visit our good friend, Carol. We had been planning this trip over a few months and we were excited.

I won $100 on a scratch-off lottery ticket, so I thought that was a sign I should go.

We didn’t leave until after 10 AM as my sister’s husband had to work on the car as it wouldn’t start that morning. That was not a good sign! It was a little concerning since neither my sister or I had much mechanical knowledge. Her husband assured us we would be fine.

It was warm when we left Jacksonville that October morning, but cold when we reached Richmond. We headed straight to the mall where we bought hats, gloves and scarves before finding a motel room.

Next Stop - Catskill Mountains

We were energized the next morning as we headed for the beauty of autumn in the Catskill Mountains. We could have stayed there forever as it was that gorgeous.

We had reserved a room, so we were free to explore. We decided to go horseback riding. Being on the horse as we toured the woods was wonderful. I felt like I was exploring a magical land, as it was so gorgeous. The autumn leaves were at their peak color. Groups of birds were flying south.

However, the next day I was incredibly sore!


Our Friend, Carol in Hartford Connecticut (CT)

The next afternoon we headed for our Carol’s house in Hartford, CT. We drove through miles of forests with those gorgeous autumn leaves.

We had so much fun with Carol and her husband, George. We headed up to a restaurant in MA the first night for dinner.

The next morning Carol, my sister and I headed for Salem, MA. We went to the Salem Witch Museum, the Salem Witch Village and the Witch House.

We laughed all day, and I now know more about witches than I ever hoped to.

We ate dinner out again and just spent time in Hartford the next day. We toured The Mark Twain House & Museum. The weather was beautiful each day.

Take Me Home, Country Roads - Music Travel Love (John Denver Cover)

Frightening Travel Day to Chesapeake Bay Bay-Tunnel

The next morning we left early in the wind and rain. We were traveling down through Delaware to Virginia.

My sister drove for a while, then it was my turn to drive. The weather just got worse. It was so windy and the radio announced that no semi trucks or campers would be allowed to go over the Chesapeake Bay Bay-Tunnel that would take us to Virginia Beach.

I didn’t want to drive over that bridge in this weather, so my sister said, “No problem. Pull over when we get to the bridge, and I’ll drive.”

We arrived close to the bridge and there was nowhere to pull over.

I said, “Oh Shit! We have to drive into the ocean.”

That is exactly how it looked.This bridge is 17.6 miles long and when the waves are high you cannot see the tunnel, just the ocean.

My sister started teasing me trying to get me to smile as I drove terrified on that bridge. I was in the slow lane, and really scared. I sure didn’t smile.

I could finally see the tunnel, which was a relief. As I drove into the tunnel a worker was standing on the side waving his arm to speed me up. I wasn’t speeding up. I did not give a shit at this point.

We finally saw the Virginia land ahead. It looked like the Holy Land to me. Even the bad weather had let up.


Back in the Sun in Virginia Beach

I got out of the car as soon as I had a place to pull over. We spent another day touring Virginia Beach in good weather. We shopped and enjoyed our day.

The next morning we headed back to Jacksonville, and had an uneventful trip home.

My sister and I laughed and had a great time overall on this trip. We packed a lot into just one week. This is a trip we will always remember.

Thomas Rhett - Vacation

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