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Remembering the Life of Walker "Baby" Carter

Claudette was the wife of the beloved Walker "Baby" Carter. Their love and marriage was an example of esteemed faithfulness until his death.

Illuminate Chester: Remembering the life of Walker "Baby" Carter

Chester Made: Arts and Culture Presented Mini-Documentary on One of the Cities' Most Beloved Individuals the late Walker "Baby" Carter

The City of Chester, Pennsylvania's Chester Arts and Culture presented a mini-docdrama on the late Walker 'Baby' Carter, born and raised in this historical location of manufacturing and arts. Featured boldly on Chester City's website are the proud words, "If you ask Chester residents what they envision for a proposed Arts and Culture District in their downtown, they'll be the first to tell you that it's got to be 'Chester made, through and through.'" Walker evolved as a source of pride from Chester. His origin and life story is the epitome of what a person can accomplish as a beloved human being. Walker was a spiritual man "...who have come to know the mind of Jehovah, so that he may instruct him? But we do have the mind of Christ." 1 Corinthians 2:16 (New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures) I would like to feature this article again in memory of my husband Walker "Baby" Carter, who will be deceased two years on June 21st, 2019. He will never be forgotten and will always be loved by his family and friends. The organization Chester Made featured a red carpet event on the same date in memory of individuals like Walker who have accomplished great things throughout the City of Chester as well as the focus on Chester's new business district. Go to their website for additional information.

Laurie Zierer, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Humanities Council, explained the purpose of sharing life experiences on such individuals as Walker Carter by stating, "stories are the beginning and the end of this project called #Chester Made. What we've been doing in February, we collected hundreds of stories" Within the article on the website explanations were given such as: "The stories gathered in Chester helped to create a CULTURAL ASSET MAP, marking places of significance across the city...The RESULTS of the story gathering furthers the understanding of the power and value of the arts and culture in the lives of the people of Chester and gives voice to their aspirations for the future."

The commemoration of Walker "Baby" Carter's life story who did not see himself as a black man with limitations because of his race or that he was a Chester city resident. This tribute and ceremony of his life story acknowledged "Walker Carter was a beloved member of the Chester community having graduated from Chester High in1974, attending #Widener University where he made history in football and track & field, both as a player and later a coach, and working as a dedicated PECO lineman for many years." His secular accomplishments were just a portion of who this man was. Walker was loved and admired as an Elder in the Christian congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. A brother within the Ardmore congregation where he served stated, "There will never be another brother like Walker. He was not only humble, but I could talk to him about anything, and he never looked down on me." Walker was also a faithful husband to his wife Claudette for more than 31 years. He was and still will be remembered as the best father to his daughters Wanisha Bey and Jaleesa Carter. During this tribute, family members and friends gave awe-inspiring comments about their relationship with Walker over the years.

The demise of this appealing man was explained within the tribute which became an invitation to see the above video produced by Ulysees Slaughter: His story went on to acknowledge "In 2017, Walker died tragically due to an accident while restoring power to a local area. Now, with the support of #PECO, Chester Made would like to illuminate Walker's story as one of inspiration and acknowledge the light he brought to the city he loved. Come view his mini-documentary in the Illuminate Chester Series, hear from others whose lives he touched, and share in the celebration of Walker 'Baby' Carter."

Negative thoughts have been the focus of news stories on the city of Chester for the past years. The plights of violence, poverty, lack of industry and bad politics became its identity. Positive changes are on the horizon with the creation of new businesses and positive thinking individuals and corporations. "Illuminate Chester is presented by Chester Made and made possible with generous support from PECO. Additional funding provided by Pennsylvania Humanities Council. Original support for the Chester Made Exploration Zone was provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage."

Devon Walls designed the logo for Chester Made. He went on to explain his involvement with artistic events within the city "It is all needed but just the name Chester Made, it rings a bell to the people in the community. It is a sort of wake-up call that if you are branded here in Chester just get up, get out and do it." Students at Widener University have joined in on the positive action by creating a documentary entitled, A Love Letter to Chester. Dr. Sharon Meagher, Dean of Arts and Sciences at Widener University was elated as she described "...Everyone isn't just telling their stories but listening to other stories. There is a tremendous level of excitement about what is going on in the City of Chester. Part of what is really great about bringing back this slogan Chester Made is that on the one hand, it echoes the pride and the manufacturing history of Chester, and at the same time it helps us remember the pride we had in the arts and help us see there is a lot of real cool art stuff going on right now that was invisible to a lot of people, and now Chester Made and the slogan is making it visible." Through the joint efforts of positive thinking individuals excellent and inspirational things are coming out of the City of Chester.

The story of Walker 'Baby' Carter is one of those positive experiences that give Chester's residents hope for what can be accomplished now and in the future. He was taught to walk in the footsteps of his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our Heavenly Father Jehovah God taught his precious son, #Jesus, to set the example which is proudly displayed in his word the Bible. 2 Timothy explains how Walker became that human being that was beloved by so many. "All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, so that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work." Walker loved and obeyed his Grand Creator. Although imperfect, he tried to apply and obey what God's word taught him to do. That is the only reason Walker was successful in his personal and public life. Yes. All the glory and honor must be given back to his creator.

Friends and family reminsced about the life of the beloved Walker "Baby" Carter at the mini-documentary presented by Chester Made.

Widener University's Athletics Hall of Fame for Exemplary Former-Student Athletes

Walker "Baby" Carter graduated in 1978 from Widener University, located in Chester, Pa. He was inducted into the hall of fame "for his 70-yard touchdown reception with 4:38 to go in the National Championship game-his second score of the title contest-that sealed the 1977 Division III national championship for the Pioneers. Carter led that team in receptions with 38 for 673 yards and scored 10 touchdowns. For his efforts during the season, Carter was named to the AP Little All-America squad. Following the National Championship, he signed with the Buffalo Bills as a free agent." Walker later returned to Widener and became the first African American coach in football along with track and field.

Ron Hodge graduated in 1978 from Widener. He was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame the same time as Walker. Ron was a very talented athlete as well. Both "...were members of the NCAA All-America teams in the 4x100 relay in outdoor track in both 1976 and 1977 and the school record team in 1975. A teammate who was beloved by all and who could light a room with his smile, Carter passed away suddenly in June 2017. In his honor, PECO created the Walker Carter Scholarship Fund in November 2017." Other former-student athletes were also inducted during this ceremony. Kate L'Armand graduated in 2000 and was a five-time Academic All-American. Lauren Lucci a graduate of the university in 2008 was "one of the top throwers in Widener women's track & field history." Pete Morrison a graduate in 1977 "helped lead Widener to a No. 1 ranking in baseball during the 1976 season." From the old school of PMC William "Reds" Pollock was also inducted as " of the PMC's finest football players in the 1930's according to then head coach, Judd Timm." It was a memorable evening for all of the former student inductees.

The event was attended by hundreds of family and friends of the inductees. My sister Doris, her daughter Lineta and Marilyn, came up to enjoy the award ceremony from Baltimore Maryland. They spent the weekend and also attended Widner's homecoming game where Walker was remembered at halftime. The entire weekend was upbuilding and encouraging for the family and friends of Walker "Baby" Carter.

Corporate members of Walker's previous employer PECO Energy an Exelon company also attended the Athletics Hall of Fame which was held at the Springfield Country Club in Springfield, Pa. Carter's previous supervisor Bob Fowler, Jen who serves as a director over the lineman along with Romona another member of the Exelon Corporation. Michael Innocenzo, President & CEO at PECO, shared a previous experience with Walker Carter's family. Michael spoke about Walker who worked as a lineman at PECO. He recalled how when he started at the company other employees would talk about this Walker Carter. Because Michael had attended and graduated from Widener as well, he had also heard of Walker and wondered if this was the same guy others spoke so highly of. Once Innocenzo met Carter, he discovered that this was the same Walker Carter but his humble attitude was quite obvious to Michael. Walker's family loved hearing this intriguing experience in memory of their loved one. Corporate members of PECO have been more like family since Walker's death. Their love for him has been constant which is demonstrated by the way the Carter family has been treated. This is a rare trait in corporations today. Walker is remembered by many as a loving, selfless, humble individual who had a vision of what the world should be like where people of all races should love and respect each other regardless of who or what role they may play within our society. What a wonderful example for each of us to remember and apply.

"When He Dances With Me," Is a poem that I wrote about the love we felt when my husband Walker and I danced together before his death.

When He Dances With Me

Time ticks then cease,

when he dances with me.

As the #angels play their harps,

our love holds us captive, for everyone to see;

when my, my baby dances with me.

#True love is never a game,

when our hearts pulsate into a flame.

Come take my hand,

as we magnify each other.

Behold, as our love multiplies like grains of sand.

Apart from you, I am weak,

cause your love makes me humble and then meek.

Play that slow tune,

as we dance in the midst of the moon.

Please, Mr. DJ, play that slow tune.

Emptiness surrounds us,

when he dances with me.

Although hundreds of people are around.

My love for him abounds,

when he dances with me.

Your love screens me off,

from the problems of the world.

You give me a dip and then a swirl,

please let me be your girl.

His touch penetrates my soul.

He pulls me closer.

Our hearts beat faster,

as he directs my steps;

taught to him by the Master.

The Originator of true love,

permeates from above.

When #my baby dances with me,

nothing in the world matters but thee and me,

when my, my baby, dances with me!

Robin Carter the sister-in-law of Walker Carter reminsced about wonderful family memories.