Having Fun with Children

Updated on August 20, 2019
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I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


Do you have a child of your own? In any case, you can still love the children around you, play with them and have the thrill of life. Enjoy the bliss of the moments before it is time for getting back into the mundane life, but take all the lovely memories with you, remembering those children and smiling every time you think about them.

Find Friends in Children as a Child

When I was a child, I had a year younger sister as my playmate. We requested our parents to visit families where there were children about our age so that we could play and enjoy some time with them. Our parents always complied with our requests.

Get Close to Russian Children as a Teen

When we were about to leave abroad for settling in our country, my Dad's job got transferred, and we got the opportunity to stay in a Russian colony by the sea. Our Dad resigned from the job, and we got to stay in the new place for six months only.

In that time duration, we observed many Russian children around and gave them candies and lollipops for the sake of making friendships with them and spending some exciting moments with them.

By and by, we became friends. We played ring-a-ring-a-roses and laughed a lot. We sat in a mat in front of our prefabricated home with toys and clay and played with them. We also drew pictures with them and colored them together. We learned to swim in the sea with them. We participated in cultural programs and danced our cultural dances, which the Russian families simply loved.

We were invited to the children’s birthday parties and in return, we invited them to our birthday parties.

Our life was full– happy and joyous. But in the meantime, six months crawled away, and we were leaving the colony for our home country for good.

It was nice bonding with them. They were little children while we were in our teens, and yet, a lovely friendship grew between us.

They were unforgettable memories. They must be grown up and married with their children by now. But those memories still come to my mind, making me smile and making me feel lively all over.

Russian Children, My Sisters and Myself at My Little Sister's Birthday Party
Russian Children, My Sisters and Myself at My Little Sister's Birthday Party | Source

Bring up My Baby Brother

After we left abroad and settled in our home country, five years went by when we had a baby brother. We gave all our love to him. Dad was especially happy to have him as the only son of the family.

I saw him grow right in front of my eyes. So I know what it is like to raise a child with all the sweetness and bitterness of life. But all the same, he didn’t stay little for long. He grew up to a man, and now he goes to his job. We are hoping he will marry someday and have a family of his own.

A Connection with German Children

I left for Germany for higher studies with the help of friends there quite a few years back. While getting accustomed to the way of life there, I started to look around and observed many young children and babies carried along in strollers by their young mothers while getting in and off from trains called U-Bahns that traveled within the city.

As I noticed and watched these young children, I began to understand that they too were observing me and finding me interesting. So the feeling was mutual, and I knew I had a connection with them.

After I was conferred upon my degree, I came back home with the sweet memories of those lovely children along with other memories. But the fact that I had a connection with those children was purely magical and incredible.

Play with My Sister’s Children

When I went to the US for further higher studies, I was usually busy, but I also found the time to visit my sister's place and play with her children and had the time of my life, joking and making fun and enjoying the mojo of life in full bloom.

Years have passed since those times, and they have grown. My nephew and niece are in middle and high schools now respectively.

I wonder if they remember their big Aunt any longer, but I know I will always treasure those fascinating moments I had with them all those years back.


Children can teach us about life in more ways than we can ever teach them. I say this because as I have illustrated in this article, I have been in touch with children all my life, and there is always something to learn when you spend time with them and have the time of your life.

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      • surovi99 profile imageAUTHOR

        Rosina S Khan 

        6 months ago

        Thanks for the compliment. Yes, children can bring out your inner child. Sometimes, this can be problematic but making peace with her and resolving childhood issues make everything else fall into line.

      • Lorna Lamon profile image

        Lorna Lamon 

        6 months ago

        Such a lovely article spoken from the heart. I agree, we learn so much from children and even though my children are grown up now I still treasure those memories. I also find they bring out your inner child which can't be a bad thing.


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