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Friends in Need Are Friends Indeed

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


My friends from another town accompanied me by train to the new city. They read the train charts and found the best route to make way for my dorm. On reaching the dorm, I showed my dorm contract to the House Master, given to me by the university where I had dropped by initially to get some important and legal documents.

Old Friends in My Dorm Room

I was shown the keys to my dorm room and mailbox and was given toiletries among other stuff. My three surrounding friends chitchat with me for some time in my new dorm room. Little did I know I was never going to meet them again but they had helped me big in moving to another city.

My New Friend

I made my myself Maggi Noodles and ate them. Then a Chinese girl came up to me asking where I was from in broken English. Soon I found out that my new friend was my would-me classmate at City University. Her name was Sunny.

Sunny, My Special Friend Among All Others

Sunny, My Special Friend Among All Others

How Sunny Helped Me to Settle Down

Sunny initially told me to get a free one-year ticket for commuting by train within the city offered by the university. She told me the name of the station I could get it from, and I was on my way. I read the train chart and located the station which was two stops away. When I got down at the intended station, a man showed me the shop. In the next half an hour, I got my true one-year train ticket.

Apart from this, Sunny showed me the place where to buy groceries. She also showed me the post office and the bank, along with her husband. Coming to know all these locations, I found my way in the city. And I credited Sunny completely.

Chitchat and Dinner with a Male Friend

The next day was an official holiday. A male friend who couldn’t contact me earlier came directly to my place to take me to his place for chitchat and dinner. After thoroughly enjoying both, I was back to my place.

My Journey in Higher Education

Sunny was a constant friend in my journey through higher education. We studied together and helped each other. We went on excursions and study tours together. We had the time of our lives sharing our experiences.

Sunny and I Cooked Together

Sunny helped me to learn how to make minced beef chops. Once I got a hold over it, I could make them on my own and relish while eating them. She also taught me how to fry chicken in the oven of the kitchen we shared.

Sunny and I Sang Together

One day Sunny caught me singing in my room at the top of my voice. She was amazed and asked me how I could sing so well. So I started to coach her how to sing along with the CD player on her computer. We had loads of fun and shared rounds of laughter in doing so.

A Friend Helped Me Get My Renewed Passport

I took a lot of advice from friends about renewing my passport. And finally, I posted the required documents to the appropriate embassy from the local post office. After about a month later, I received a letter in the mail to collect my renewed passport from the post office of the city center. I was unsure of the exact location. A male friend helped me get the passport from there.

Sunny Helped Me Buy an Old Model Computer

While I was working on my thesis, I desperately needed a computer. It was Sunny who helped me out again. Together with another male dorm mate, Sunny, and her husband, we went to the bus stand and wasted a little time figuring out which would be the best route to take the bus to the computer shop.

Finally, we got it and got on to the relevant bus after it showed up. When we reached the shop, the owner showed me several old models, all of which were in good working condition. Finally, I chose one. I said I needed more memory and so he inserted inside extra RAM chips. I paid for it, which was rather cheap.

Next, it was the turn for the guys to carry the CPU and monitor. They had a hard time carrying them to the bus stand and then again when we got off the bus. To this day, I am thankful to them that they did such a laborious thing to help me out.

Sunny and I Prepared for Our Presentations

Sunny was not fluent in English. So I helped her rehearsing her part of an all-female presentation while I rehearsed my part. Many presentations came and went, and Sunny did better each time. Then there was one last presentation for us to give- the thesis presentation. Sunny could prepare for it herself although I still coached her on how she could still improve.

A Friend Helped Me Sell My Computer

I put advertisements for selling my computer in my dorm and at the university. I gave the hardcopy ads to one of my Deshi friends as well, and it was he who contacted me to tell me that he had good news that he had a customer for my computer. I sold off the computer after my thesis presentation was over. I was sad to part with it but on the other hand, the money I got from selling it was good.

Sunny Left Behind

Sunny was going to stay back while I returned to my country to rejoin my job. We had contacts with each other until she was expecting her first-born. After she birthed her child, she said she would quit her job and look after her baby daughter and wouldn’t be able to chat with me for many years. I know by now her daughter is grown but still, we are out of touch. Maybe we will come across each other again because who knows life is full of mysteries.


I don’t usually mix with people freely for fear of being betrayed and lied to. But those friends I made abroad were loyal and true and helped me with all their might in every way they could. So I am indebted to them. Their encounters with me, and the times I spent with them still keep ringing in my memory.

© 2020 Rosina S Khan

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