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Forever Autumn



The Day We Met

Not having lived alone for basically my whole life, after my dear little Harmony died I found myself feeling quite lost without my furry companion. I started looking for a dog that I could rescue, which turned out to be a very frustrating experience. Every dog I enquired about had been rescued months beforehand with websites simply not being updated to reflect this!

Feeling despondent, I was beginning to think I would never have another little friend, even my real estate agent was looking on my behalf - she felt my pain! Then I saw a photo of puppies on a local facebook page. I hadn't wanted to go down that path, not really wanting to go through all the puppy training that one has to do, and I had really wanted to rescue an adult dog that needed my love and attention, but times had become desperate and no harm looking thought I.

The puppies I went to look at were Shitzu x Pekinese, and of course absolutely adorable. One stood out, my Autumn (so named by my granddaughter Lily). Autumn had become adept at climbing out of the crate and was quickly tumbling out to say hello, the other puppies were not even trying! There was another puppy to look at elsewhere but I ended up returning to buy Autumn without looking at the other pup. Autumn had won my heart.

Autumn Comes Home



Bringing Autumn home was glorious, she was an absolute bundle of joy (and still is of course!) I was a shift worker at the time and Autumn adapted beautifully, never seeming to miss her brothers and sisters as living in the lap of luxury suited her well. The Princess was home!

At times she could be hard to find as she would crawl in behind the lounge cushions and into pillow cases that were on the pillows! There was more than one time when there was panic stations when I couldn't find her!

Out in the garden was the same. I would call and call, walk round and round, not a sound, then all of a sudden I would spot her just sitting still as a statue watching me! I often wondered what she was thinking as she watched me searching for her!

Autumn would literally spend hours chasing lizards on the back veranda, never catching them thankfully, but enjoying herself. I would sometimes watch these events and I'm quite sure the lizards were leading her on! Mice were a different matter. Autumn could catch them easily - crunch - spit out - repeat! Who needs a cat??? Autumn was full on with energy for at least 6 months, then settled down to be the lap dog that I had been looking for. Life was good.

A great thing about having a dog is when things go bump in the night - or day - if the dog reacts then you know you're not crazy! We did have quite a few strange occurrences and I actually wondered if something had been attached to Autumn when I brought her home. Things would get moved, dark shadows moving past the doorway, childproof gate on the bedroom door even slammed shut one night! Autumn went berserk, I jumped up and searched the house convinced someone had broken in, but there was nothing and it never happened again.

Solar light settings would change or do things that there were no settings for them to do! One gazebo leg would get moved up on top of a raised garden bed. Autumn even went through a period of seemingly hiding in the bathtub until I arrived home from work. I would have to go right into the bathroom for her to see me before she would leap out to welcome me.

The strangest was probably when we both saw a dark shadow moving then Autumn was moving as though someone was smacking her on the bottom. I demanded that whatever or whoever was harassing my dog to stop it, and it did. But then only about an hour later when I was standing at the sink the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and I could feel 'it' right behind me! I was pretty cranky by this stage and gave whatever was there a right good talking to and ordered it out of my house, and to my delight there were no more negative occurrences.

Every Day Life

Playing the model part well

Playing the model part well

Even models have bad hair days!

Even models have bad hair days!

Home Life & The Rescue

Autumn was pretty much the model pet, and enjoyed being made a fuss of at dress up times! Autumn would sit perfectly still while I snapped away, somehow knowing she was being immortalised. I have quite a lot of outfits for Autumn now and she never complains, just does the pose and enjoys the attention!

The rescue term comes into play concerning me! Autumn saved my life, she rescued me. If you had told me that one day a little Shitzu would rescue me I would have thought you were crazy, but it happened. Although I'm not entirely sure what happened.

I was woken up by Autumn (who was around 8 months old at this stage) standing on my chest and licking at my nostrils and mouth, yes I know - ew! The scary part was that I couldn't move, speak, or breathe. It didn't last long, but I do wonder what might have happened if Autumn hadn't stepped in to give me mouth to mouth! Thankfully It has never happened since.

Another time I had been in the emergency department from my asthma, arriving home at some ridiculous time in the night. Autumn again sensed something was wrong. Autumn welcomed me, but it was a more subdued welcome. I sat on the lounge and moments later Autumn jumped up and crawled up towards my mouth, she was trying to feed me some of her dog food! Did that bring a tear to my eyes? it sure did!

Needless to say that I have never regretted my decision to bring my cuddly furry friend home. Autumn is my world - along with Sadie (who adopted me!) but that's a whole other story!

We are a cuddly pair!

We are a cuddly pair!

© 2022 Bernadette Anne

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