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Genealogy: A Famous Canadian Dynasty

I started my genealogy search when I was in 8th grade. DNA testing led me to Saint Luke, Napoleon Bonaparte, & Marie Antoinette.

Norman French

Norman French

Canadian cousins

Canadian cousins

Paternal Mathurin Roy Line

Imagine in a conversation with your paternal Aunt that you find out that a pair of great grandparents X10 or 11 (Mathurin Roy and Marguerite Bire-Roy) brought their children, an older daughter, Madeleine, a son Etienne, and two daughters; Marguerite and Marie Catherine, from LaRochelle France to Canada in 1643. Imagine putting that great grandfather's name into Google: Mathurin Roy and finding this article.

Therefore, I and the Roy side of my family are related to Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, Avril Lavigne and if you look carefully, (website of the actual family tree is below) Celine Dion, appears to not be part of this article, but if you take a look at the picture that was put together, (and that I found already made online) Celine Dion is part of the same family tree as Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne. Funny thing, my father, was born in Canada and resides in the States as well. He's had a work visa in this country since he was 17 years old. He has not become a citizen, however, he married my mother in 1970, who was born in the United States. Therefore, she is an American citizen, as my brothers and I are. My mother's parents were also Canadian citizens, that became American citizens.

I also found another website that led me to a Roy Family Reunion that took place at the Acadian Festival in Madwaska, Maine in July 1994. According to the site, no one showed up to the reunion from Mathurin Roy's line because most of us knew nothing about it. I wish I had, because I would have gladly attended.

This image has a road named Louis XIV, which makes me believe that the actual connection to Royalty, on the Roy side of my family, is King Louis XIV.

This image has a road named Louis XIV, which makes me believe that the actual connection to Royalty, on the Roy side of my family, is King Louis XIV.

Interested in your family genealogy

So, after learning this much about my father's side of the family, I got interested in learning more about my mother's side. I went to and ordered the DNA test, which was $99 at that time. It came in the mail, I did the test, which required me to use first morning saliva to spit into the test tube up to the line. I sent it back in the postage paid box, and waited to get the results via email. (This DNA test, via, has now increased in price - $199.)

Either case, anyone that is interested in learning more about their ancestry. It is actually best that you are male as you carry BOTH the XY chromosome and they can read BOTH the maternal and paternal sides of your saliva specimen. (I didn't know this at the time I gave my specimen.) Being female, you carry the XX chromosome and only the mother's side can be read.

This journey made me realize a few things about myself. Before this journey took place, I already knew of the family connections with Celine Dion (father's line), Robert Goulet (mother's line) and Loretta Young (mother's line). It was just recently that I found out about the connection between Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling and Avril Lavigne. However, it led me to the understanding of why I spent so much time in high school choir (Concert Choir 10, 11, 12 and Show Choir 12), and in my senior year, joining Drama Club. It made me understand the fact that my mother cannot seem to miss an awards show, music (mainly Country music) or tv/movies. I also just recently learned that, "my father CAN SING!!!" WHO KNEW? (I was downstairs and my father was watching television, an old country song came on, and out came the song. Needless to say, I WAS SHOCKED!!!) My mother?? Oh my God....She cannot sing a lick. My brothers are also major music and movie buffs. However, they never spent time in high school singing. Although, my youngest brother is heavily into art and my youngest brother was also an extra in the movie "A Will of Their Own," which starred Lea Thompson, Faye Dunaway, Thomas Gibson and Charlotte Ross (who now stars as Felicity Smoak's mother on the show "Arrow"). My brother's scenes were done in the background of Charlotte Ross' scenes. Therefore, I think it is safe to say that you can see the family traits just trickling through the family tree. So many artists in one family tree, so much expression from family members.

They are also now saying that Family History is good for kids. "Kids who know more about their family history can turn out to be more emotionally resilient than children who don't." (Who knew? I started asking questions about my family tree when I purchased my "Roy Family Tree" book from Harriet Carter's catalog, when I was in the 8th grade, when I was about 12 or 13 years old.) It makes kids feel like they are a part of something larger. Especially with this French Canadian legacy that Mathurin Roy and Marguerite Bire left for their descendants. I find it amazing!!

The start of the royal families coat of arms.

The start of the royal families coat of arms.


Further information on my Paternal Line

"Roy" means "King," in French. (I have heard this from my Western Civilization Professor, as well as the Historian who did our tour of the La Charrette French and Indian Trading Post in Washington, Missouri.)

The year 1663 in Canada was noteworthy for three reasons. First, it was the year that saw a very important change in how the colony was governed. The colony had been administered mainly by the fur-trading companies such as the Compagnie des Cent-Associés and the Communauté des Habitants. In 1663 King Louis XIV of France, aka the Sun king, brought the colony directly under royal rule. A new form of administration was now adopted that gave power to the Governor, the Intendant and the Bishop.

Two letters were found in Scotland written to the same family: One was written by Robert Roy MacGregor (aka Rob Roy), the other was written by George Washington. It is interesting because my paternal DNA test has led me to George Washington, the first president of the United States. Rob Roy was said to be an outlaw/folk hero, as a type of Robin Hood of his time.

The earliest ancestor that has been found on my father's father's side was Undeweyn Maccus or MacCusthe de Norseman. (Yes, as in the Vikings. Which is quite interesting, because my ex-husband's earliest ancestry on his father's side is Erik the Red and Leif Erikkson, the actual first founder of North America. Guess it is just a double whammy for my kids to be grandchildren of the Vikings.)

My mom had two of her own sisters in her wedding, as well as my father's youngest sister. However, to keep her sisters from fighting, she had her best friend be her maid of honor. She didn't choose one sister over the other.

My mom had two of her own sisters in her wedding, as well as my father's youngest sister. However, to keep her sisters from fighting, she had her best friend be her maid of honor. She didn't choose one sister over the other.

My mom had a Cathedral length train, an orchid corsage in the middle of her bouquet and a wedding cake that was shaped like a Cathedral. She got married Labor Day weekend, so she had her attendants in forest green, purple, fuchsia, and copper.

My mom had a Cathedral length train, an orchid corsage in the middle of her bouquet and a wedding cake that was shaped like a Cathedral. She got married Labor Day weekend, so she had her attendants in forest green, purple, fuchsia, and copper.


My Maternal Line H1n

Through the DNA testing, I found out that my maternal line is H1n haplogroup, which is a subgroup of H, and makes me related to:

  • Luke the Evangelist (Saint Luke)
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Prince Philip
  • Susan Sarandon (I thought our eyes looked similar LOL)

Haplogroup H1 is widespread in Europe, especially the western part of the continent. It originated about 13,000 years ago, not long after the Ice Age ended.

I've learned so much about my family history after my divorce. My paternal Aunt tried to find out about her mother's (my paternal grandmother's) line, however, she said there was a block on that information. I am really not sure what that is about? (There is a theory that the person who brought my paternal grandmother's line to Canada was actually an orphan from France.) Maybe one day we will go further and find out about all the families.

Throughout my childhood, I was told that we were related to Robert Goulet and Lorretta Young (both entertainers) on my mother's side. (Lorretta Young had a daughter by actor Clark Gable.) However, I don't think these actors have any records with 23andme to prove otherwise? If they did have a record, then they would show up on my list of relatives on my 23andme site.

I was told by a couple of my mom's sisters that there was a Cherokee bloodline on my maternal grandmother's side, which I am sure, FINALLY, getting this information will make my son very happy.

Cherokee MtDNA (matrilineal) results are dominated by H. In fact, according to the early test results of the FamilyTreeDNA, Cherokee DNA Project only one Cherokee participant tested positive for the authentic, full blooded, Native American MtDNA (matrilineal) Haplogroup C, while the remaining results were all positive for a number of European haplogroups with the majority recorded as H.

All of the DNA results mentioned above support the fact that at one point the original Cherokee males of Haplogroups Q and C were exterminated and replaced by European males who are the carriers of Y-Chromosome (patrilineal) R1B. The male offspring of the European fathers (Y Chromosome R1B) and the original Cherokee mothers (X- Chromosome A, B, C,D, and X) would then bring European wives into the tribe thus accounting for the dominance of European MtDNA (matrilineal) Haplogroup H amongst the modern day Cherokee women. This process helped reduce the ratio or percentage of the original Cherokee women who were the carriers of the authentic Native- American MtDNA Haplogroups A, B, C, D and X and thus the genocidal policies of European genetic warfare not only targeted Cherokee males but Cherokee females as well. In the same manner that the freedmen are referred to as "Black Cherokees" the so-called modern day Cherokee should be referred to as "White Cherokees" for they are just as much European as the "Black Cherokees" are African.

The European genetic takeover of the Cherokee Nation began in 1673 as the English realized the value of developing a trading alliance with the Cherokee which would allow them to bypass some of the other Indian tribes who were serving as middlemen for most trade routes and transactions. In order to secure the trading alliance with the Cherokee many of these English traders began taking Cherokee wives. The number of these intermarriages were so great that it is historically acknowledged as the source of corrupting the native Cherokee matrilineal clan system as the European husbands demanded full patrilineal rights thereby refusing the Cherokee women's tribal right to claim property, children and inheritance.

H1 is also found in the Family Tree "Mothers of Acadia" DNA Project. Half of this population was exiled to Louisiana, and formed Cajuns. However, I believe that I come from the half that remained in Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

My Paternal Line

Well, it looks like what an acquaintance said was accurate, through my father I share a paternal line ancestor with Niall of the Nine Hostages, being Scottish/Irish. Which would explain why my paternal grandfather, father and brother all had blonde hair.

Famous people that are R-U152

  • House of Habsburg

"The Habsburg originated in a village in northern Switzerland. They first became Kings of the Romans in 1273, obtained the title of Duke of Austria. The Habsburgs provided all the Holy Roman Emperors but one from 1440 until the dissolution of the empire in 1806. The Habsburgs retained the title of Emperor of Austria, then Austro-Hungary until 1918. Their dynasty also ruled over Spain, Naples, Tuscany, Parma and Milan, among others."

  • George Washington - The first president of the United States. (I went to Washington MO recently and found that there is a street named A. Roy, who lived at the La Charrette French and Indian Trade Village when Lewis and Clark passed through the area.)
  • Abraham Lincoln - The 16th president of the United States, and who ended Slavery.
  • Grover Cleveland - The 22nd and 24th president of the United States.

R-M269 common ancestor

  • 10,000 years ago The Uí Néill Dynasty

The spread of haplogroup R-M269 in northern Ireland and Scotland was likely aided by men like Niall of the Nine Hostages. Perhaps more myth than man, Niall of the Nine Hostages is said to have been a King of Tara in northwestern Ireland in the late 4th century C.E. His name comes from a tale of nine hostages that he held from the regions he ruled over. Though the legendary stories of his life may have been invented hundreds of years after he died, genetic evidence suggests that the Uí Néill dynasty, whose name means "descendants of Niall," did in fact trace back to just one man who bore a branch of haplogroup R-M269.

The Uí Néill ruled to various degrees as kings of Ireland from the 7th to the 11th century C.E. In the highly patriarchal society of medieval Ireland, their status allowed them to have outsized numbers of children and spread their paternal lineage each generation. In fact, researchers have estimated that between 2 and 3 million men with roots in north-west Ireland are paternal-line descendants of Niall.

I am not surprised by this information. Someone I know had researched their heritage and came across my maiden name before. They asked if I was Irish/Scottish, not knowing that just because my family spoke French; and my Great Grandfather Mathurin Roy brought us from La Rochelle France to Canada did not necessarily make us French. It was just the language of the times passed down through my family.


Family of the father of my children

Further information, if interested: The father of my children's family. My ex husband's paternal grandfather actually changed the spelling of his last name from Hojer to Hoyer (it's Swedish), but I was told before I married into the family that they were related to Alexander the Great, and Erik Erikkson the Psychologist. Anyway, I recently read in a history book that Alexander the Great was Napoléon's hero. It kind of makes one wonder about reincarnation, and souls gravitating to souls they already know. I just found much of this to be quite interesting.

I had three children with this man. Want to take a gander on what I named my ONLY son?? Before I even realized that I was related to Saint Luke....(I, initially, chose Luke because of my paternal grandfather's name was Lucien.)

ALEXANDER the great saint LUKE


My oldest daughter looks quite a bit like the actress, Loretta Young, who was actually born Gretchen Young. However, Loretta came from a family of sisters. Many in which became actresses, but not as famous as Loretta Young. In fact, Loretta Young's youngest sister, Georgiana, was married to Ricardo Montalban, who played Mr. Roark on Fantasy Island.

Therefore, I encourage you to enjoy your journey into your own family history. It can be quite an amazing journey, which can lead to more and more surprises.

Other websites of Descendants

More notes on my quest to learn more about my ancestors from my father's side. As his line goes up to the King Louis' of France, and the Sun King.

  • Listing of the King's Daughters
  • Listing of the soldiers that married the King's Daughters

Note: Mathurin Roy and Marguerite Bire Roy are not on these lists, because they married in France, and brought 3 children with them from France.

However, this may explain my paternal Grandmother's family line's entrance into Canada. Francois Breton, is probably the orphan that brought my paternal Grandmother's line to Canada, and he is listed in the list of soldiers. To increase the population, in 1663, they brought some orphans to New France (Canada) to live. They were given free passage to Canada, some personal supplies, and accommodations upon arriving to Canada until they got married. After they got married the newlyweds were given a bull, a cow, and some other supplies.

I also enjoyed reading this website about some French Canadian History.

New Genealogy Journey

I am starting a new Genealogy journey, but it isn't my own. Due to the fact that I am already a member on 23andme, I bought a DNA test for my friend for their birthday. (I get a $50 discount for already being a member of This will be a different kind of journey, as my friend was adopted when they were 2 days old. They knew nothing about their biological family's health history, so I also bought the kit that will give them more information on their health. Which was necessary, as you will find further down in this article.

I have received my friend's DNA results. I have done some research on their biological parents haplogroups, and WOW.....the history is amazing. We will start with the Maternal Haplogroup, as there is some very interesting information.

Maternal Haplogroup I2, subgroup of I

Haplogroup I is a West Asia DNA haplogroup. It is believed to have originated about 21,000 years ago, during the Last Glacial Maximum period. The haplogroup is unusual in that it is widely spread geographically, but is common in only a few small areas of East Africa, West Asia and Europe. It is especially common among the people of Kenya, various regions of Iran, the Lemko people of Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine, the island of Kirk in Croatia. It is relatively rare and one of the oldest maternal haplogroups in Europe. Research indicates that in ancient times Haplogroup I occurred in higher than usual levels of Viking and Dane populations. The average rate of 13% of the Iron Age and Medieval times.

The oldest descendant of this haplogroup was found in a Mummy's tomb in Egypt, believing the Mummy to be Siptah, who ruled the 19th Dynasty. He was only a child of 10 or 11 when he took the throne. (Throne name being: Akhenre-Setepenre: Beautiful for Ra, chosen for Ra) The examination of his mummy showed that Siptah died at 16 years of age, likely suffered from polio and had a deformed, crippled left foot.

***Please note: The person that took this DNA test was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 2.

The article below shows the connection to Cerebral Palsy and the mummy Siptah. (Back in Egyptian days they had brothers/half brothers marrying sisters/half sisters. Which probably caused genetic issues. It really isn't the same as cousins marrying their 9th cousin, as that can be lost in about 200 years.) The person that took this DNA had been put up for adoption. The biological grandmother had asked the adopting mother if this child was alright? There was obviously a family history that the biological grandmother did not bring up at the adoption hearing. This person that did this DNA test showed their first signs of Cerebral Palsy at the age of 2. They had surgery to correct their left foot. (Yes, the same foot as Siptah.) However, they still have issues with their left hand. There is an article below of a connection between Siptah and Cerebral Palsy. You can be the judge.

When I shared my research with my friend's adoptive parents they were amazed. The adoptive mother, specifically, remembered the conversation that she had with the biological grandmother at the adoption hearing, suspecting that something may be wrong with the male infant later in his life. It showed up in their DNA.

The only famous person listed, as this is one of the oldest maternal haplogroups is:

Queen Noor of Jordan, born in 1951. She was the fourth wife of King Hussein of Jordan. Board of Commissioner of the International Commission on Missing Persons. President of the United World Colleges movement since 1995, and advocate of the anti-nuclear weapons proliferation campaign Global Zero.

Mummy Siptah's crippled left foot


New Genealogy Journey Part 2

Paternal Haplogroup R-M222, subgroup R-M269 or R1b1a2a1a1b4b

Haplogroup R-M222 is Irish-Scottish. Which actually connects this person's adoptive mother to her adopted son, (she has not taken a DNA test, so we have that information by ancestors word of mouth) and the kings of medieval Ireland, and specifically descendants of the semi-legendary 5th Century king, Niall of the Nine Hostages (ancient Ireland).

Famous relatives:

House of Stuart, who ruled Scotland from 1371, then also England and Ireland from 1603 to 1707 belongs to this haplogroup.

James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States.

William Ewart Gladstone, a British Liberal politician who served as Prime Minister under Queen Victoria four times.

Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saint movement.

DNA test to medical issues to more history

While the first medical issues that I found on my DNA test by uploading my raw data to a website, I found that my history of seizures was created in my genetic make up. Ring Chromosome 20. Epilepsy Syndrome.

Later, I found the connection of Cerebral Palsy to a friend of mine, who is fortunate to have had surgery to correct his foot, but still lives with a curve in his left hand.

Now, I find the DNA connection to my father's sight and hearing loss. No one can tell me not to believe these DNA tests. They have been accurate in many ways. I believe that if people would have one of these tests, and upload their raw data to, they will find that no one is perfect. I have read that these tests can pick up on Autism, ADHD and cancer. Through this, I found that mothers pass color blindness to their sons, and not to their daughters. Just many things to learn.

I enjoyed my DNA/Ancestral journey. I am very happy to where it has led me in understanding myself and the ancestors that have come before me. It led me to Washington, MO. Where I found out that two Roy brothers lived with their families and worked the French and Indian Trading Post, La Charette. (Which I have written a hub about, and I also read the book. Where there are eight more Roys' listed in the book that visited the St Louis area. One being my grandfather's grandfather. (Lewis and Clark spent the night in La Charette on their way to the west on their expedition, and they stopped again on their way back because while the people living there were poor, the Frenchmen were friendly.) La Charette was located at the current City of Marthasville. The historian that runs the Museum in Washington, Missouri actually participated in the dig near the actual site. My brothers, nephew, two of my three nieces, my parents and I, learned much about our French Canadian family making it to St. Louis. I am happier to know that my grandfather's line was not far from where I am living now.

UPDATEs in other family lines

I have found other connections to celebrities through other family lines (not Mathurin and Marguerite Bire Roy), such as Jim Carrey, Shemar Moore, Julianne Hough, and Derek Hough.

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