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Easter 1977 The Saga of Yakety Jack

Yakety Jack is a very fond personal memory from Easter long past.

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Yakety Jack

This is a fond memory of my past that I happened to recall. it means so much more to me now that my husband has passed away. On Good Friday, 1977 the man I would later marry gave me a chocolate rabbit for Easter. His name, Yakety Jack, was on the box he came in and the packaging looked like a telephone booth. The chocolate bunny had a telephone to his ear and I thought this was fantastic. I tried very hard to find an image of Yakety Jack on the internet because the World Wide Web is filled with all things retro. Sadly I was unsuccessful so I am using the image of a traditional chocolate Easter bunny.

Back to the story, I was 19 years old at the time but excited like a young girl that my sweetie had chosen this gift for me. I found that because the Easter Bunny came in such a nice package and had a name, I did not want to open the box and eat the chocolate. At that time I was in college and staying with my great aunt and uncle during the week. When I went home for the weekend I placed Yakety Jack the back of their refrigerator.

Half eaten Easter Bunny

Half eaten Easter Bunny

Off with his head

When I returned to my aunt's house on Easter Sunday evening, I still could not bring myself to eat my chocolate bunny. I took him out of the fridge and admired his package that resembled a telephone booth. Children today have no memories of stepping into the glass cage and turning the old rotary dial to place a call. I put Yakety Jack in the back left side of the refrigerator and went on my way. On Wednesday evening I decided that I would have to eat the chocolate bunny before he went bad. I took him out of the box and got the shock of my life because his head and shoulders were missing. On this day I was disappointed but later, I would laugh and think of the Queen of Hearts in the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, when she screamed, "Off with her head." Someone had made off with Yakety Jack's head!

The end of Yakety Jack

When I got over my shock, I asked what had happened and my uncle James said that he ate my bunny because I left it sitting for so long. At that point, I gave him the rest of it. What else could I do? My aunt Gladys laughed about it for a long time, often referring to "Ol Yakety Jack." When I process it now I have conflicting emotions regarding what my uncle did. It was his house and refrigerator, but I don't believe he had the right to take what belonged to another. If I had left my bunny until the next Easter, it was my right. It was also a gift and for that reason, uncle James should have left my chocolate rabbit alone.

I would have preferred that he had asked me how long I was going to let the chocolate Easter bunny sit in the fridge, or if I intended to eat it. The idea of my uncle salivating each time he opened the refrigerator and imagining how delicious that rabbit would be is pretty funny. now. His decision to finally go for it and take a bite is a fond memory, now that uncle James has been dead since 1984. I relieve the saga of Yakety Jack's end practically every spring as Easter/Resurrection Sunday approaches.

The cross

The cross

Easter memories

I have a lot of Easter memories that were really fun and the saga of Yakety Jack is one of my favorites. I've learned a lot over the years and understand that the origin of Easter has pagan roots. I know that dying eggs and eating chocolate bunnies have nothing to do with the resurrection of Christ. Even so, it is my personal opinion that having fun during the holiday season is not wrong. I have Christ and his resurrection n my heart every day, so whether I eat dyed eggs or jelly beans is irrelevant.

Some Christians say we should shun all things Easter and have no part in it. Others indicate we should refer to the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox as Resurrection Day. However, I evolve, or not regarding my views on the issue there are two things I can say now. My Easter memories, including Yakety Jack will continue to be celebrated. and I will always believe in the virgin birth, crucifixion, resurrection and second coming. Dying eggs, having egg hunts and eating chocolate has not changed my views on faith yet and I doubt they ever will.


Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on April 20, 2019:

My beliefs are the same as yours, however, Yakety Jack s quite funny. Your uncle eating the head of Yakety Jack wen you waited so long to eat is funny. Memories are so precious as we age. I loved this article.

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