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Dumb Things We Did In the 70's

Questionable Actions of the 70's

A recent conversation with my sister sparked the idea for this hub. She told me about a recent discussion she'd had with some friends about the seventies. They all roared in laughter remembering that decade of their childhood. Many of the things I had forgotten about but she reminded me of one particular child-rearing practice that is actually pretty shocking. (Keep reading to find out what it is!)

And remember, to paraphrase Oprah, we did not do better because we did not know better. I hope you enjoy the list!

By the way, this hub is part of my endeavour to create 30 hubs in 30 days this month. My first hub was also 70's related: Board Games From My Childhood in the 70's.

Eight Tracks

Remember these? For cleaning out the eight-track machines. Technology at its best!

Remember these? For cleaning out the eight-track machines. Technology at its best!

Top Twelve Dumb Things We Did in the 1970s

  1. We bought pet rocks. Yes, rocks that were pets. I'm serious. Apparently, they were an easy-care alternative to the traditional cat and dog. I actually remember getting my Dad one for Father's Day one year.
  2. We listened to eight tracks. Every time a new song came on, you heard an enormous click. Can you think of a more unpleasant listening experience than an eight-track?!
  3. We held our televisions in consoles. These "lovely" pieces of furniture took up a whole wall and must have weighed 400 pounds. I mean, how ugly were those things?
  4. We created our fridges, stoves and bathtubs in yellow, orange and green. And we thought it looked modern and trendy!
  5. We allowed green and gold shag rug in our homes. The colours are bad enough, but then add the shag part in and well, it's embarrassing!
  6. We used beads instead of doors. Remember those bead things that hung down in the doorway, making our living rooms look like mysterious harems?
  7. We allowed panelling on the walls. Is there anything more ugly? But back then, it was standard. I'm definitely glad that trend stayed in the seventies.
  8. We wore Brylcreem. Well, some of the guys did. Brylcreem, which is still around, apparently, is a white, thick hair product that men added to their hair to get that greased-back look.
  9. We used orange crates for car seats. I remember sitting in the back seat on our orange crate seats, given to us so we could see out the window (and fly out the front window!) On the same note, we used to move all around the car. My sister used to stand on the "hump" so that she could talk with my Mom and Dad. Anyone relate?
  10. We hitchhiked. Regularly. And picked up hitchhikers. With today's terrorism and crime rates, it's hard to believe I actually lived in a time when picking up a hitchhiker was a nice way to meet someone new!
  11. We fed our animals scraps regularly, with small bones. i grew up with animals and I don't remember my parents buying cat food. We just gave them whatever was leftover from our plates. And they ate it. I think the cats from the seventies were less fussy than today's breed of cats!
  12. We put coins in our birthday cakes! Okay, I have saved the best for the last. We put coins in our cakes. Birthday cakes. For small children. At parties. First of all, can you say choking hazard? Second of all, can you say filthy? Coins are the dirtiest thing on this planet. But yet I remember being at a birthday party, and literally yearning to find a quarter in my piece of cake. Hilarious! This last one is from my sister and this questionable practice was what sparked this hub.

Pet Rocks



Do You Have Dumb Things to Add to the List?

I hope you enjoyed this trip back to this strange and wonderful decade. It was written in good fun and not to judge or mock anyone. I actually kind of like those hanging beads, but they are weird, aren't they?

So, what do you think? Do you remember any of these practices? Are you shocked by any? Do you have any dumb things from the seventies to add to the list? If you add anything in the comments, I might add it to the list. Let's see if we can come up with anymore.

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