Horseback Riding and a Possible Bigfoot Sighting

Updated on January 22, 2020
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I grew up in Brookville, Indiana. A small town about 40 miles northwest of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Brookville, Indiana

Photo taken from my brother's deck.
Photo taken from my brother's deck. | Source

Brookville, Indiana

I grew up in southeastern Indiana in the town of Brookville. Brookville is just about 40 miles northwest of Cincinnati, Ohio. We lived in Fairview, a small subdivision just across the Whitewater River from the town of Brookville.

A Town Nestled in the Southern Indiana Hills


Our Family Loved Horses and Ponies


Our little sister watches as my older brother, in the cowboy hat, drives the cart. I'm hanging on for dear life but enjoying it all.

Our Mom and her Pony

My Young Horse

My Horse and I See a Creature

In the early 1970s, I was a teenager. After a long wait, I finally got my horse. He was just over a year old. I carefully trained him, and after a few months, I was able to ride him outside of the large fenced pen at the barn. One of our first outings was a trip through the hills near our neighborhood. I rode to the Franklin County Fairgrounds just south of town. The hills were mostly covered in dense woods. There was a cleared hill between our neighborhood and the wooded hills that led to the Fairgrounds. This hill had only a few small trees and bushes, and the rest was grass.

After a nice ride, we were heading back to the barn. We entered a grassy area just before climbing the cleared hill next to our neighborhood. To our right and behind us, the hills were covered in woods. At the lower point in the valley, just before we started up that last hill, something to our right caught my eye. I turned my head and saw a large creature on two feet. The creature was about 100 feet from us. It was dark brown and was probably around six to eight feet tall. It walked upright on two feet from the clearing toward the woods. I saw it take a few steps; then almost immediately my horse saw it. He was spooked, and he jumped sideways to the left. He took off galloping at full speed.

I Nearly Fell From My Horse

I was not prepared, and when he jumped sideways I slipped halfway down his right side. My left leg was still over the saddle. I was gripping with my legs as hard as I could, so I wouldn't fall off. I was so afraid that if I fell off he would keep running, and I would not be able to find him. He did not know the area very well, and I didn't think he could find his way back to the barn.

After several hundred feet of that fast gallop, I was afraid that my legs were not going to be able to hold on for much longer. I finally managed to get him to slow and calm down some. I pulled myself upright onto his back, took some deep breaths, and then headed to our neighborhood and the barn. At that point, all I wanted to do was to get safely back to the barn. I wasn’t thinking about what we had seen, I was only relieved when we made it back to the barn and that we were okay.

Intense Fear

The odd thing is that I did not tell anyone about what I had seen. I didn’t tell my friends or my family, and I did not go back to that area to look for footprints. I did not think that anyone would have believed me. I had never heard of any bears or large animals, other than deer, being anywhere near our neighborhood or the surrounding hills of our little town. There was a lot of deer around, but what we saw was not a deer.

I don't remember thinking that I had seen a bear or a Bigfoot. I did not believe that Bigfoots were real. I just knew that both my horse and I saw something that we did not want to see again, and I remember the intense fear I felt that day.

I recently searched the internet and found that there have been bear sightings in southern Indiana since I lived there; however, when I grew up there, I had never seen a bear in that area, and I had not heard of any bear sightings where we lived or anywhere near us.

All I know for sure is that I saw a large creature walking upright on two feet towards the woods on that day. And I know that my horse saw something that immediately frightened him. I cannot be positive that what my horse and I saw was not a bear but what I saw was large, and it walked upright on two feet. I have never since then seen anything like it. To this day, nearly 50 years later, I don’t know what I saw, but I doubt that what I saw was a bear.

© 2020 Ron Grimes


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    • Ron Grimes profile imageAUTHOR

      Ron Grimes 

      5 months ago from Tennessee

      Thank you, John Hansen! Glad you enjoyed it.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      5 months ago from Queensland Australia

      A very interesting and, at the time I am sure, a scary experience, Ron. Thank you for sharing this true tale. I enjoyed the read.

    • Ron Grimes profile imageAUTHOR

      Ron Grimes 

      5 months ago from Tennessee

      Thank you very much, Liz Westwood! I appreciate your kind words.

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      5 months ago from UK

      This is a very well-written account of your experience. I appreciate the scene-setting background detail with the information and old photos.


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