Updated on January 4, 2018
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Danielle is a mother of two gorgeous kids & married to her best friend. She is a grieving mother trying her best to write through her pain.

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2017!

Dear Presley,

It’s the last day of 2017. You’ve been gone for 7 months, and I already feel like you have missed a lifetime of moments. The time without you doesn’t get any better, in fact I feel like as time goes on... it’s getting worse some days. It’s like reality has set in, and I’m feeling it more now than ever.

I spent more of 2017 without you than with you. Holidays were hard and birthdays didn’t seem fair. You would of been 4 this past July, and starting kindergarten in 2018. I keep thinking about how big of a social butterfly you would be in school and with other kids. You always managed to make friends wherever you went. We would be school shopping for you just like your big brother this summer. I’m positive you would pick some girlie extravagant book bag that I would love too.

Righley will be 9 next month! We have one more year before we are in the double digits. He’s excited that he is going to have another little sister. I’m sure you were dancing in heaven when you found out as well. He told me he didn’t like any of the names we picked out, because he wants her name to be Presley. I told him that’s your name, but that she can have Grace in her name as well just like her big sister. He’s starting to talk about you again a lot more. At first I think it was really hard for him and he wasn’t sure if it would hurt me talking about you. He’s been struggling the past month with losing you, even if he doesn’t tell me.... a mommy always knows!

I still keep praying for a sign or a dream of some sort to know your okay. I still wake up some mornings thinking your still here until reality sets in. This was going to be the year I was going to let you get your toes done with me. We never got to take you to see a movie in a movie theater, just the drive in and I just wonder how much bigger you would be now. I’m sure your hair would be so long, and hopefully still curly.

I know that Heaven must be amazing, but I really do wish they had visiting hours. I could use some I love you way mores, and snuggles from you. I miss you sweet girl. I’m not the only one who misses you, everyone does. Even people who don’t know you have grown to love you, but what’s not to love? I’m sure your shining bright in heaven, just like you did here on earth.

I love you way way more,


I love you way way more


Righley & His Presley Bear.

Presley Grace

Born July 20th, 2013. Presley Grace was my mini-me from day one. She was full of love, laughter, and could light up any room she went into. Everyone that knew her loved her, and even people who didn't know her still loved her.

On May 13th, 2017, Presley was in a tragic accident where she lost her life. We only had three years with our sweet girl. This blog is to help myself, and hopefully others who are grieving as well.

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I'm always happy to help you out with any questions you may have. I love reaching out to others, hearing others who have been through tragedies and being a listening ear when needed.

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    • profile image

      Jeannie 3 months ago

      Wow! Brought tears to my eyes, how inspiring!

    • profile image

      Helen 3 months ago

      This is so beautiful!

    • profile image

      Lucy 3 months ago

      Love the article!!!! What a sweet idea!

    • profile image

      GiGi 3 months ago

      You are so right!!! We all do miss her even though our moments with her were short lived. She was my little sassy pants! My favorite memory was of her 3rd birthday party at our swimming pool. We had such a great day. Her tiny little finger held my Hand and called me GiGi in that tiny little voice of hers. I loved her instantly!! Presley Grace

    • profile image

      Chloe Cline 3 months ago

      Danielle, I feel so sorry for you and hope that things will get easier once the new baby is born. My son was killed in a tragic accident 8 yrs. ago and the holidays are still difficult. I keep you in my prayers and that lovely little Presley.