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Days Long Gone

I enjoy writing about personal experiences with my family. I am interested in traveling, any culture, ancestry relationships and animals.

Autumn in Northern Ohio

Autumn in Northern Ohio

Near Lake Erie

Life was simple in most every way when I was young. My parents weren’t perfect but the three of us were loved. My sister is three and a half years younger and my brother is nine years younger than me.

As the oldest child I always had a lot of responsibility, and we each had our chores. We all got along in our neighborhood and spent a lot of time outdoors when the weather was fitting.We lived in a suburb of Cleveland close to Lake Erie. Our house was a nice little bungalow with three bedrooms, so my sister and I always shared a room. When my mother walked upstairs to the bedrooms she could see straight into our bedroom, so if there was junk on the floor she would see it every time. We kept in clean most of the time or we were in trouble. My mother liked a clean house.

It seemed like my mother cooked a roast every Sunday, which seemed to last for two or three days. I started learning to cook and bake at a young age. My father didn’t cook much, but he made the best grilled chicken I have ever had and he could make a good pot of chili. I was also taught to sew and by high school I was making most of my own clothes.

When I was about 10 years old I used to sneak a walnut from the ones my mother bought for cooking and feed it to a squirrel. By the end of the summer the squirrel would eat it right out of my hand. I thought I had accomplished something great.

Family Fun

My family went on a lot of picnics during the few months of summer weather. Often on Sunday afternoons my father would take us for a drive, and we would buy fruits and vegetables at the market out in the country. Sometimes we would go and park across from the airport so we could watch the airplanes take off and land. One of my favorite places was Cuyahoga Metropolitan Park, which was very close to us and it was beautiful. We would drive through there quite often, and it was one of the places for our picnics. It had a small river and gorgeous trees.

Northern Ohio

Northern Ohio

Fun With Friends

The kids in the neighborhood all played together with various games of tag, hide and go seek, red rover and hopscotch. One of my other best memories is swimming. There were two swimming pools, each about a mile from my house. My parents would get us a pass each summer, and we would go swimming every day that we were allowed. I would meet my best friend there and we would swim all afternoon. Then, we would get a candy bar.

My grandfather actually got me my first bike, and the only one I ever had. I loved that bike but I did share it with my sister. I remember that my mother was mad because her father never bought her a bike as he thought it was too dangerous at that time.

As I got a little older my best friend and I would go to each other's homes to dance. American Bandstand was a hit, and I would hurry home from school to watch it every day. I was also starting to pay attention to boys when I was in sixth grade and autograph books were popular. One boy wrote in mine:

Roses are red, violets and black
You’d look good with a knife in your back!

I was mad at him for “ruining my book”, but actually the boy liked me. He invited me to his boy scout part, but I said no.

American Bandstand 1960s

Teen Years Arrived

I think it was seventh grade when I along with my friends decided to wear bermuda shorts to school. All of us were sent home to change as we were supposed to wear skirts. I wasn’t rebellious too often, just now and then. Overall, I had a good childhood and these are just a few of my memories.

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