Dare to Be Hated!

Updated on January 12, 2018

Going against the grain. Dancing to the beat of a different drummer.....

Perhaps you were one of those people growing up who never fit in. Who never had a following. You were all alone.

I was one of those people.

One of my grade school classmates, followed me into high school, and then college. He had picked a different major than I did initially, but we wound up in the same pharmacy school hallway one day.

"John," I yelled, "what the H- are you doing here? You were the class clown!"

John explained to me he heard being a pharmacist was a good job and paid well. That's why he applied.

Twenty years later, I heard from his wife, whom I also attended grade school with, that "John" considered being a pharmacist little more than a paycheck. Unlike me, he had gone into the retail side of pharmacy at first. He eventually worked his way into hospital outpatient pharmacy in a little town in northwest Wisconsin, while I spent my time in the more southern parts of the state.

"John", had criticized me back in fifth grade. In fact, he stated I should belong on the '5th reject pile'. That's how bad I was socially.

That discourse was only the beginning, and it left a deep scar on my psyche.

If anyone wonders why hate does little to scar me nowadays, the seeds of that ability to detach started right here, and even at younger ages.

One year, when I was about seven, I remember a similar rejection occurring between me and the cousins on my mom's side of the family. There were only nine of us total, with three of those nine born after 1980. So, it was a tight-knit group, almost like we were all brothers and sisters, that just saw each other a few times a year.

I had a cousin six days younger than me, born on the same day as my grandmother with the Pisces moon. Her name was Tara. Tara's younger sister, Missy, also born in September, was the same age as my identical twin cousins Jenny and Jamie, who celebrate their 42nd birthdays tomorrow (as I write this).

Jenny, Jamie and I would always joke around when we were really young. Their dad, who was my uncle, owned a dairy farm. My mom would leave me for a week in the summer on Uncle Mark and Aunt Patty's farm, to help out with chores. Their older brother Jason, whom I was caught 'kissing' at a very young age, and their baby brother, Jeremy, would all be my friends non-stop, for an entire week.

Then came Missy. I don't feel I will ever get over her Libran popularity and charm. She swept away Jenny and Jamie (who had Libra moons) and I was never to be regarded the same again. By any of them.

I stopped to think just now. Maybe it's the fact God has always been with me. That I have that deep connection to God, after being rejected so many times.

In that moment, I realized a deep and true power. One that didn't need to bark orders, just BE. Be STILL in the moment.

And I started to lose interest in ever striving for something that wasn't meant to be mine anyways.

I belong to God. I always have been and always will be.

I will go wherever God directs me. If that be back to being a pharmacist, I will heed His voice. If that is directing me more toward my psychic career, I will heed His voice. If that is to learn to garden, I will heed His voice.

As a matter of fact, I am fortunate to have a neighbor next door who is the same age as my estranged father. She has a claim to fame as a master gardener. She is not doing too well physically at the moment. Spirit did tell me, however, that my caring would extend her life another three years. Spirit also informed me that this was my father's true soulmate, and that both he and she would meet each other someday. We shall see if that truly comes to pass!

Keep doing the right things, for the right reasons. Resist the temptation of peer pressure. There may be times to go with the flow. But there are more times to beat to the tune of your own drum.


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    • GARH608 profile image

      Pathways thru life 2 months ago from Mid West

      My obligation is to do ALWAYS do right, not win a popularity contest.