Chevy Corvette -- Dreams Do Come True

Updated on February 1, 2018

I always had an appreciation for cars and perhaps for testing boundaries as well. When I was just a young girl, I'd take spins around the yard in our old Ford Ranger. I was too short to see over the steering wheel, so I sat on a bunch of stacked pillows. I was Master of the Universe for just a little while. Wheels gave me wings.

When I was around 13 years old, I loved the rock band, Motley Crue. While watching their aptly titled VHS, Uncensored, I saw Nikki Sixx--the object of my affection (obsession)--take off in a sleek black Corvette. It ROARED. For a moment, I was torn. I mean, Nikki was my man....but his car....THIS my attention and would hold it for the next twenty years (and counting).

I grew up, graduated college, and got a big-girl job. My dad called me, and in his "as few words as possible" way says, "Just because you graduated and got a job doesn't mean you should go buy a Corvette." How did he know I was thinking just that?, I wondered. His reasons, of course, were valid. There was more to owning a car than being able to afford a payment. He reminded me that I'd need insurance (and it would likely be high). Eventually, I'd need new tires and repairs (also quite expensive). I realized he was right and didn't crack my piggy bank that day.

I never stopped wanting a Corvette. I knew it would happen eventually, and a few years after my father's warning, I threw caution to the wind. By complete accident, I found what was to be my first Vette, a black C5 (after missing my turn and driving too far). He (I named "him" Nikki) was in front of a dealership but parked casually on the shoulder of the road. "Look at me," he crooned, "you know you want me." Oh, yes. Yes, I most certainly did.

I parked my nearly new Hyundai and walked into the building as if in a trance. I test drove it, and we ran some numbers. I called my boyfriend and told him what I was considering. Mark (who drove a Toyota Camry) told me it was completely impractical and threatened to break up with me if I signed the papers. Needless to say, I lost a boyfriend but gained the love of my life.

The next morning (as it was late when I drove Nikki home the night before), I woke up and believed it all to be a dream. Literally, I thought I had dreamed it. I tentatively walked to the window, my heart sinking with every step of pending realization, and peered outside. My heart nearly burst when I saw Nikki beaming at me. I swear he actually blinked with one of those god-awful pop-up headlights. It was the best feeling in the entire world. He may have had more than 40k miles on the odometer, but he was mine, and we had many miles still to travel.

A decade and a half later, the original Nikki is long gone, but I hope he's in the hands of another enthusiast--someone who has given him new life. Since trading in my black beauty, I've been the lucky owner of a bright yellow C6, a cyber gray C7, and my current wild child, a shark gray 2017 Stingray Z51 with 6.2 liters of ridiculous power and a 7-speed manual transmission--all named Nikki. To say I enjoy driving would be an understatement. Unless there's snow on the ground, I'm always ready to go.

I often think about getting something else....another Jeep or maybe a Rover....but there's something about the Corvette that I just can't shake. Some call it an addiction. If so, I'm not ready to be cured.


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