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Bubba And The Hurricane


How Bubba Survived the Hurricane

Bubba was intrigued. His humans were running around, putting things in bags like they did when they left on a trip.

Bubba had NOT been informed of any upcoming trip plans by his personal humans and was beginning to raise an epic feline rage. But just then his Dad brought in Bubba's personal transport accommodation, which his humans insisted upon referring to as a "crate."

Although Bubba was not fond of the crate, it usually ended up in a nice place for Bubba to explore and relax. He damped down the boil on his rage. He assumed they would go to the cat-approved house in East Texas where they sometimes stayed on weekends.

The humans were chattering on about something called a hurricane. Bubba had heard that word before but usually it just meant a lot of rain for a day or two. Bubba did not approve of rain as it was entirely too wet!

Soon his humans packed the car, loaded Bubba in his carrier and headed out of Houston. The traffic was not too bad and the car had a nice, smooth ride, not bouncing, which caused Bubba to lose his dinner, so he was glad not to be upchucking. He found that to be very humiliating.

After only a couple of hours, Bubba was please to see that they were indeed at the cat-approved site, and he was let out of the carrier. He immediately set out to explore the house in case any unapproved changes had been made that he would have to complain about long and loudly to his servants.

That night, all were cozy, dry and warm in the small home. Bubba had settled into his normal routine for the weekend and purred his approval of the trip, even if there was not prior approval by Himself.

The following day was going well, until it started to rain. The rain came fast and hard, making Bubba very grumpy. He did not like rain at all under the best of circumstances and here it was, coming down in buckets. The rain kept up all day and all night.

As if that weren't bad enough, there were loud booms and bright flashes with the rain. Bubba really did not like that at all. He curled up on his dad's lap as much as he could, but Dad was uncooperatively not willing to stay in his chair all day long without getting up and dislodging Bubba.

This terrible rain continued with occasional episodes of flashing and rumbling all weekend and even into Monday, when he and his humans usually returned to his nice, comfy home.

Finally, on Tuesday the rain came less often and lighter, which made him feel much better, although missing all his comforts of home. He wanted to go home, but his dad-servant said something about the roads not being open. Bubba didn't know what to think about that. He had never seen a road that was not open. After all, that was how one drove on roads.

The roads finally opened on Wednesday and he and his attendants packed up and started home. His senses said he was headed in the right direction, so Bubba was happy. However, on the way back, his humans made many dismayed sounds and talked continuously about all the damage from the terrible storm. Bubba agreed it had been a very bad storm because he had been terribly frightened during parts of it.

At last the family arrived home and Bubba was carried up to their part of the building, back to all his comforts, toys and above all, food dishes. Bubba settled into the normal routine, although from his windows, he could see a lot of what appeared to be standing water where he knew there should not be any.

Dad and Mom continued to talk about the damages and flooding for days. They said many people were now homeless because of it. Bubba, however, was back in his snug home and didn't really care about anyone else, not even fellow cats. He was comfortable and that was all that mattered to him.

The End 9.21.17

© 2017 Judy Ward

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