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Believe in Miracles- God Will Make a Way

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It was summertime by the Mediterranean sea. The sea glittered brightly under the sun with an azure blue shade along with a cyan-blue sky above. My Dad had urged all his girls to put on swimsuits because we were soon going to walk to the seaside.

My Embarrassment and What Followed

I was only 12 years old but being an Asian Muslim, putting on a swimsuit seemed to be the last thing I wanted at the moment. But Dad’s order had to be followed. We all wore swimsuits and loose frocks on top so that we could get them off easily by the seaside.

Finally, we reached the sea beach and many foreign families were gossiping or basking under the sun in swimsuits.

They said hello and became friendlier when our parents told them they would shortly go for a swim and teach us, the three girls, how to swim.

Soon Dad and Mom were near the shore while my other two younger sisters were walking to and fro from the shore in swimsuits.

I was stuck to where I sat. It seemed the most embarrassing thing to take off the frock and reveal my swimsuit.

But Dad finally noticed and glared at me. That did it. His anger and temper were always formidable and overpowering for me.

I took off my frock and walked smartly and gracefully to the shore with nobody suspecting anything.

Our joy and fun near the seashore multiplied as I dipped my feet in shallow seawater and jumped up as sea waves lashed against my feet. I felt the scare out of my life and so did my sisters, but gradually we got accustomed and sat down on the sand beneath and let the seawater surround us. We felt the mojo of life moment to moment right then.

Our Dad had brought in his camera and took photos of us in seawater while we were having the time of our life.

We stayed at the beach until it was lunchtime, and then we went off to our tiny home climbing up the stairs apart from the seashore.

Our Swimming Practices and Finally Swimming

We had one swimming ring to help us float in seawater by turns. We got the ring as one of our birthday gifts, and at that time, we never thought it would one day serve its great purpose.

Now during our swimming practices, Dad initially instructed us to try floating in water with the help of the ring and demonstrated to us one by one how we should do it. We carried out this practice for the first four days, and then I dared to float, watching my Dad at a little distance, without the ring.

And guess what! I floated. My body felt ever so light. I closed my eyes and switched my thoughts to the time when I was learning to roller skate on four wheels. It was a terrifying experience. I fell off so many times and had bruised scrapes on my hands, legs, and feet. By and by I learned to balance on the skates and moved freely throughout the floor space of our previous residence.

But now as I floated on seawater, it was much more relaxing. No scrapes on hands, legs, and feet. Swimming seemed safer to learn.

My sisters watched me from a distance, and they were astonished. They too tried to float on the shallow side of the seawater, and with a little practice and by trial and error, they were successful in their purpose.

After four days, we tried to use strokes by the hand to swim along with the ring by turns. Soon came the time when we tried to swim by hand strokes without the ring and move our body and legs beneath the water rhythmically.

I was the first one among us to achieve the goal. It didn't take long for my sisters to catch up with me and they too were able to swim like me.

We had conquered the sea. The three of us, the sisters all could swim at length. And our parents basked in pride and glory.

Pic1: My Younger Sister and I Learning to Swim

Pic1: My Younger Sister and I Learning to Swim

My Little Sister Making Attempts at Swimming

My Little Sister Making Attempts at Swimming


We had learned to roller skate the year before, and it seemed ages when we had many painful falls and body aches until we could finally master it, and it was a true miracle when we were able to skate throughout the vast expanse of the floor of our residence where we lived then.

The very next year we moved to live by the sea. And it was only natural to try learning to swim, the sea being so near and tempting. Having the mission completed yes, it was a complete miracle when we had full control over balancing out in seawater and carrying out swim strokes.

In conclusion, roller skating and swimming were both something we had to master and persevere in learning. When we achieved both successfully, they turned out to be great miracles, and it was also God's will that we would succeed jubilantly in sports endeavors.

It is said that if you learn roller skating and swimming only once in your life, they will stay ingrained in you, and you will never forget them and be able to carry out these sports activities any time in your life, which make them even more of a miracle, God’s blessings surely being showered upon us.

Our stay by the sea was very memorable, mixing with foreigners and participating in cultural activities, enjoying playing with their children, gardening in an innovative way, loving them and they loving us until finally, it was time to depart from them, journeying back to our home country and settling down.

If you are interested in knowing more about our detailed stay by the sea, which was full of fun, joy, and elation, click the link below:

A Picture Story of Memories Staying by the Sea

© 2020 Rosina S Khan

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