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Amusing Anecdotes That You Would Love

I have a keen interest in writing articles, essays, short stories, and fiction. And I love to share them here.

This article portrays entertaining anecdotes from the author’s life experiences that make her smile. Will they make you smile too? Why don’t you read on?

Hilarious Moments in Life That You Love

Hilarious Moments in Life That You Love

A Conversation with Guy Friends

I was abroad for higher education (MSc in Software Technology). I was conversing with two of my guy friends in their dorm. We had just finished lunch and were relaxing a bit.

Then, I started to talk about my dormmate, Helen, who had been a real friend so far in times of need. She showed me the bank, post office, groceries shop and even helped me buy a cheap computer. Helen, together with her husband, helped me to settle down.

“Therefore”, I concluded, “Helen is my best friend.”

Now the male friends I was talking to were Akash and Junaid. Akash was my former classmate in Dhaka, and Junaid was my current classmate.

Akash gave a glance at Junaid and remarked, "Look, Rosina, how sad and gloomy Junaid has become. You didn't say, 'Junaid is my best friend.'"

I was taken aback for a moment and then burst out laughing. Junaid was embarrassed. But both Junaid and Akash joined in my laughter, and it had become a funny memory for me.

Rats and Cockroaches

When I was in the US for a Ph.D., I visited my sister one day at her home. Her sister-in-law was also present. And together with my nephew and niece snuggling around us, we were having enjoyable chitchat. At one point, my sister's sister-in-law started mentioning that she didn't quite like her home back in our home country.

Her home was really old, and when at night, she went for sleep, rats and cockroaches went over her. But her sleep was more important. So, she covered her head and body with her bedsheet and slept on.

Hearing this, I remarked, “That’s awful. I can never imagine rats going all over me.”

My sister joined in, “Does that mean you can tolerate cockroaches going all over you?”

I started laughing, and so did my sister and her sister-in-law. It was a moment full of humor that still makes me smile.

Smiling About Funny Life Anecdotes

Smiling About Funny Life Anecdotes

My Partner Invigilator Once Upon a Time

When I was at the start of my working career, I remember that after a semester load of classes and labs, I had to invigilate exams as an assistant to the main invigilator.

I looked at the charts and found the room I had to invigilate. I reached there accordingly. I saw the main invigilator helping students with their student ids on desks and where they should sit.

When I approached nearer, he remarked, “What is your student id?”

I was surprised but composed myself and said, “I am a teacher and your assistant invigilator.”

My partner felt very embarrassed, and we both burst out laughing. It was an amusing moment to remember!

My Brother’s Shock

When I went to the US for a Ph.D., there was a lot of pressure of doing everything on your own: cooking, washing, shopping, laundry, and cleaning apart from the worry of studies and heaps of assignments, quizzes, and exams. All these criteria made me shed 10 kilos, and I had become very slim.

That year in the winter I went for a vacation to my home country. My brother was shocked to see me. He remarked, “You have gone half your original size. I hate to call you fatty now.”

Mom and I burst out laughing. We shared the joke with every relative we met during the vacation and had fresh rounds of laughter. These were comical moments that were truly indelible.

The Local Florist

I read this anecdote in Reader’s Digest, Asian Edition years ago. I will paraphrase it here. A man had arguments with his wife for not remembering her birthday on time. So, he decided to make a contract with the local florist to send a bouquet of roses to their home on his wife’s birthday every year.

That year, when his wife’s birthday approached, the florist was good on his word and sent her a bouquet of roses in the man’s name.

Then after a day’s work, the man came home. The wife was all romantic and had arranged a candlelit dinner.

“Wow!” remarked the man, watching the table. Then his eyes fell on the bouquet of roses now immersed in a decorative vase.

He exclaimed, “Where did you get those lovely burgundy roses?”

Oops! Everything was ruined for the couple that evening. And LOL!


These are a few of the anecdotes that come to mind now and then and make me smile. They are the humor of life in short. Did they make you smile? Let me know in the comments section.

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