Air Conditioners Belong in the Window

Updated on December 29, 2017

Where do air conditioners belong? They belong in the frame of the window, yes? Well that’s not always where they end up.

I was ten years old and my sister was eight. It was a summer evening and I was in the backyard. I look up and I see my sister attempting to climb out the window.


“IM GOING TO CLIMB ONTO THE ROOF.” She hollered back.

“OH MY GOD WOW I WANNA DO THAT TOO.” So I ran upstairs to my room.

There was only one thing standing in my way: the air conditioner.

At that time, my ten year old brain didn’t think much of it. I cracked open the window, and that’s when everything came crashing down.


It fell out the window. In a split second I grabbed the air conditioner and held on for dear life. “HAHAHAHHA JULIA YOU’RE SO STUPID.” I could hear my sister laughing out of her window.

“Hey Rachel, could you maybe quit laughing and give me a hand here?” I responded.

She rushed over to my room grabbed on. We both struggled to pull the stupid thing in but our tiny arms were no match for an air conditioner.

After a few minutes, she gave up and left me hanging. Literally. I was half hanging out the window holding onto an air conditioner. My arms felt weak and I let go for half a second. It fell down to the lower roof. I watched as it slid down making a loud scraping noise. I grabbed the chord and held on. I began screaming my head off.

After about five minutes of that my dad came outside and yelled,”JULIA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He ran upstairs. When he got to my room he grabbed the chord and began pulling it in. I immediately let go and ran downstairs to avoid further yelling. Fortunately, the air conditioner was eventually pulled back in and placed back into the window.

Both my sister and I had some explaining to do. The first question was, “How did your air conditioner fall out the window?” When I gave the perfectly normal response which was, “I was trying to climb onto the roof because Rachel was trying to climb onto the roof”, it brought up a follow up question. That question was, “Why was Rachel trying to climb onto the roof.” And the answer was simply that she’d seen the neighbor doing it and wanted to do it herself. My parents explained to us why climbing on the roof is never a good idea. You’d think that would be common sense, but most ten and eight year old don’t possess that.

I learned one very important thing that day: air conditioners belong in window frames, and should stay there.

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