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A letter to my Grandfather- Forever in my Heart

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Sara is a Civil Engineer and a creative writer who loves to write poetry, biographies, non-fiction stories to build strong relationships.

My Grandfather with my niece

My Grandfather with my niece

I was driving my car towards Jinnah Avenue, looking for House no, 82 B because I have to drop some papers there. To my surprise, I found the address without any search and it doesn't usually happen all the time, many times I got...No, I must say street numbers play tricks with me otherwise I'm not bad at finding addresses.

I took a U-turn and thought to move back to home but suddenly I stopped my car. Something I have never seen before. It was the month of July with hot boiling weather and the sun was shining at its peak. I came out of my was a big old tree with dense shadow, I sat under the tree, when I tried to look at the sky I didn't see the clear view. The thick trunk seemed mysterious as it may have hidden many secrets and the roots were coming out of the ground showed it was planted hundreds of years ago.

I sat under the tree and closed my eyes. I felt the cool breeze started blowing. The same feeling when I used to sit with my Dada Abu (my Grandfather) I felt immense love and kindness.

Letter- Pouring my Heart Out

I took out my pocket diary and started to articulate my feelings on a piece of paper.
It's been 8 years he left us, I thought. I put my head in my hands. I felt little droplets of my tears wet my hands. That loss, that void can never be filled ever.

My dearest Dada Abu (my Grandfather),

I know you are in peace in the heavens but the love you have given me has no boundaries.
You were the person who gave value to the moments and those moments became cherished and wonderful moments of my life.
You know Dada Abu; my life has changed a lot. I got married, having two lovely kids.

Yesterday, I showed your picture to my kids, I told them that he is my dada Abu and my daughter asked me, mama, "Where is Dada Abu and how can we meet him." ..........I remained silent for some time as I felt tons of burdens on my shoulders. Some questions are very difficult to answer.
Dada Abu you know, I composed myself and told her that he is in my heart and will always be my superhero and insha'Allah we'll meet him one day in the heavens.
I saw you Dada Abu (my grandfather) in my dream last night; you and me sitting on a white bench and there is greenery all around. I clearly remember you were dressed in white shalwar kameez. What a peaceful place that was.
I can still feel the warmth of your love when I touched your belongings, I can feel you.
8 years back the day when your soul flew to the heavens, I asked Allah Almighty to give me the strength to move on. But now when time passes, and life takes tests, I am missing you so badly and remember your advice in hard times. Your magical words in the times of tension relaxed me.
Dada Abu your presence in my home was a blessing for my parents and siblings.
I still have your phone number on my phone. Sometimes I thought to call you, but I felt my hands started shaking while dialing your number because I know I can't hear your voice anymore.
The last two nights I was silently crying...remembering you Dada Abu...You were really a great human being, a great personality, and a great mentor. Your presence was a blessing.
You are physically not with me, but your sweet memories will remain with me forever, and I know your love and prayers would be enough for me till the last breath of my life.

Your granddaughter,

I looked around and realized the sun disappeared below the horizon. I wiped off my tears, put my diary back and moved towards my car.

Sara Shahid.

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