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A Reminiscence Of My School Life


Never thought that the place where I once entered with reluctance and a constantly whining face would now become a place which I miss so badly, that I want to relive those days again.

All my memories as a child is filled with the days I spent at school, the lessons I learnt from my teachers and the innumerable opportunities I had in discovering my self.

The campus:

My school was a paradise on earth filled with beautiful flowering trees and plants that were a pleasure to one’s eyes. From the mangoes that we all had an eye on to the Jackfruits that we never dared to touch, and the isolated pine tree that was decorated with garlands, bells and dolls on Christmas, all of them truly added to the aesthetic value of our beloved campus.

We had a giant open stage, in front of which we used to gather every morning for our prayer. We also had an indoor auditorium where programs on special occasions were held.

All the classrooms looked alike with a 'large blackboard' and 'display boards that held our creative work and art'. I still feel butterflies in my stomach when I recall how our hearts were filled with excitement to see our new classroom while shifting from one grade to another.

We had a small canteen where we enjoyed our snacks with relish.There is no place in the basketball court and the playground that has not witnessed our fall. Yet, we loved to glide around the campus like a free kite in our own imaginary world.


The lessons I have learnt:

From the very first day I entered my school to the day I finished my schooling, everyday there was something new and exciting to learn.

Some days I was attentive, while some other days I was dreaming... not understanding what was taught, highly anticipating the sound of the bell ringing signifying break. Those moments that we spent in classroom taught us a lot of things. Apart from academics, we learnt the value of friendship and what it means to live in an place where we need to mutually depend on each other. We had innumerable fights, healthy competition, and deep love that we shared among us as friends which remained untold .

The morning assemblies that we had, instilled in us a strong foundation of value system. It has formed the basis of our decisions and choices that we make in life. In other words, it has shaped our character and made us better human beings


Our teachers our guru:

My talents, values, skills and knowledge were first identified by teachers even before myself. Hence, they have played a vital role in my life, shaping me into the person I am today. Our teachers nurtured our talents by giving us innumerable opportunities to exhibit them onstage during assemblies and various other occasions. My first on-stage performance was the role of a lion cub on my first grade. It is still refreshing to recall how prudent and nervous I was on that day and how my teacher gave me the confidence to give my best.

Our teachers made every class interesting as they put their heart into teaching and always made sure we understood the concepts completely. Not to forget the life lessons given by our teachers in between classes! Those words have created a deep impact and has greatly influenced my perspective towards life. Teachers motivated us to strive towards excellence, and have taught us how a disciplined life forms the basis of a successful carrier.



In short, the portals of our school has instilled in us good values that we need to carry forward throughout our life. From 'the music classes' where we 'never' bothered to sing in rhythm, to 'the computer classes' to which we would run with barefoot where we felt elated to enter the air conditioned room and 'the library' where constant chattering makes our teacher to get on her nerves....all of these memories are almost impossible to forget in my life.

I have often wondered what I would give in return to my beloved school to which I am debted to. I am exceedingly proud of my alma mater and it will always occupy a special place in my heart.

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