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A Psychic Experience

Hi,welcome to my Hubpages profile. I am Arun Kanti Chatterjee and live in Kolkata. My mission is to share experiences etched on my memory.

Acute Water Scarcity Then


Digging Deeper & Deeper Still No Water

“Sorry we have no water in the toilet. You need to pay for fetching water from another village as the only tube wall of this village has been lying out of order for many days.” this was the usual refrain in my rural branch where I was newly posted. The ex manager had to engage a person who would bring him water for taking bath and other routine jobs but I decided to do something to make water available to the Bank employees as well as the neighbouring people easily.

It was not the first time that I was posted in a rural area. But never before I had experienced such a bizarre situation of non availability of the essential commodity which covers nearly two third of our planet. I had no such prior caution from my colleagues regarding such an odd situation prevailing in that branch either. Other staff members seemed to be gradually used to going without much water and they would visit nearby wayside restaurants to drink water to quench thirst.

Being local residents they could do their daily chores back home but since I was an outsider having been recently transferred to this area I faced the toughest problem in my life, which began to torment me day in, day out. From my childhood days I always have a special inclination for potable water in my own house. Besides having all the space and bathrooms I need to myself I have arranged for sufficient water so that my family members or any visitor do not complain about scarcity or the quality of the essential thing in life. I thrill to the abundant sprinkling of water through modern shower devices which provide me the scope to regulate the volume and power of water jets. Further I was then looking for a rented accommodation for me in the village and such a peculiar situation was a cruel blow to me being accustomed to the basic city comforts.

One thing I understood much to my chagrin that I would have to settle the issue by any means and the staff members and the local people were so much habituated with the matter that they had clung to the belief ' what can not be cured must be endured'. Sensing that it was just the beginning of a monumental problem, I took the challenge knowing full well that nobody would be of much help to get over the inhuman situation. I started to discuss with the local senior persons and could gather that the area was arid and produced only the monsoon paddy and on digging for water one would only find stone and no one could guess how deep was the ground water level. So everybody would not easily go for digging for water wells or tube wells in view of such uncertainty.

Dogged Determination To Solve The Problem

I was in a dilemma but nevertheless my dogged determination did not show any sign of giving up so easily. I contacted the landlord of the branch premises and requested him to ensure proper water arrangement when he pleaded his inability in view of the aforesaid circumstances. However, he assured me that if the ground water level could be detected he would jolly well do the needed job provided of course the total expenditure did not cross the reasonable budget. I assured him all possible help but alas! The ground water availability!

While I was contemplating the idea of consulting a geologist to explore the ground water position near my branch premises one of my customers came to me like an angel and after listening to the problem and sensing my endeavour to solve it anyhow, he advised me to contact the nearest ashram. “You know the place in your vicinity where the spiritual leader is, as it were, our saviour. He has brought smiles to so many women of this area by curing their otherwise incurable diseases and bringing children in their laps. So my advice will be to plead with him to identify the actual location where the boring could be successfully done for getting the desired water.” After a gloomy period I seemed to have serendipitous moments. Delighted I decided to give the brilliant idea a try.

The Psychic Solution

Being manager of the Bank which catered to a huge area I was close to the ashram people and my request was properly heeded by the ascetic person who despite his old age and sickness advised us to collect some soil sample of the proposed location where we wished to install the tube wall and hand over the same to him. For the next two days he was cooped up in his room in search of the question which could bring endless joy and relief for us. I asked other ashramites to know what he did with the soil sample to perform such miracles as I only knew that it was the job of a soil chemist or a physicist to undertake various examinations of soil. “Look, he has some supernatural power acquired through extraordinary practices and divine blessing. His incantation has the magical effect to usher in an incredible energy solving the riddle as he receives a communication from the almighty replying to his prayer".they assured us. After a few days he sent us a rough sketch drawn by one of his aides showing the actual point where the digging should be effected. He resorted to measurements in terms of southeast or northwest directions clearly indicating the actual distance from the branch premises boundaries. He did not visit the branch but by dint of his psychic power he could visualize everything and had no problem to show us the true location. Although the landlord had doubts as money was involved in the boring job I decided to go ahead taking upon me the whole responsibility as I had already been convinced of his spiritual power.



Abundant Water Flow

We did not have to dig much to avail the desired water and the contractor had to admit that he had never experienced such a shallow water level before. Observing the stream of endless water from the tubewell the joy of the staff and the villagers knew no bounds. I can only add that the tube well solved the long time water problem of not only of my Bank but of the whole area as I arranged for 24 hour water supply through a pipeline and installation of an electric pump set and overhead reservoir. Further, while all other tube wells of the adjacent villages frequently remained out of order we almost enjoyed undisturbed abundant water supply much to the relief and comfort of the people of the entire area