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A Life Not Yet Lived

This bench is easy to construct and is portable. It is an excellent spot to enjoy some cool breezes and hear the sounds of nature.

Sometimes I don't think it's possible that precious George is not on the planet. I often want to Skype him for help with some huge computer glitch I have that he would consider minor and would have taken care of in an instant.

Few walk this earth who are as unique and wonderful as George was. He had a way of making us feel special and important whenever we were with him. He focused his full attention on whatever it was we were doing or sharing with him.

I for one am so very blessed to have had the moments that I did with this most amazing young man.

We miss you every single day, George.

Harley and Ace ...his precious pups



What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.

— Albert Pike

Ace and Harley Today....Snuggled up on Their Momma's Bed

My nephew's pups love their Momma (my nephew's Mother) who they have lived with since his death.  They are sufficiently spoiled...Momma puts a bit of dry food on the bed in their dishes for a snack.

My nephew's pups love their Momma (my nephew's Mother) who they have lived with since his death. They are sufficiently spoiled...Momma puts a bit of dry food on the bed in their dishes for a snack.

Death comes. It comes to each family each person and is a part of the cycle. Isn’t it?

We expect it when our family members are old and infirm and have lived many decades.

We expect it when our loved one has been ill for a long time.

We know that one day our time will come.

From the day we come into the world kicking and screaming or quiet and unassuming, we are one step closer to the end. Some try to defy the end by having cryogenics performed and who knows what else. But the fact of the matter is when the bell tolls, it may be for us. It will inevitably be for us.

It takes much soul searching to accept it when death comes totally unexpectedly.

This memorial is written to celebrate a life not yet lived.

This is an amazing rendition of this song most of us know so well

Ace loved his Daddy


Harley is a Fluffy Love Bucket


Stole away my heart

A nephew who has been such an important part of my life since he was born died suddenly one weekend

. He was the son of my sister with whom I have had a close connection since I was old enough to hug and squeeze her. (I do love and adore my elder sister but we never really got to know each other till I was an adult as she was much older.)

I changed the diapers of this nephew . kissed his boo boos as a young child and wiped away his tears.

When he and my other nieces and nephews came to visit, we spent time playing and learning and discovering along the waters of Broad Creek in Deltaville, Virgina where my first eighteen years were spent.

He stole my heart away when he was first born and as the years passed he became more and more a part of my heart.

He was always unique and marched to that drum that only a very few can hear. Too soon he was gone, his life not yet lived.

A Montage of Photos of My Precious Nephew in Life

About the Video

The sound from the video is no longer present due to copyright issues.

The photos do allow anyone who views them to have a bit of a glance into the life of this most remarkable loving soul who walked among us for few too many years.

....Over the rainbow

And now this part is just to you sweet sweet nephew....

At last, sweet and gentle soul

you have flown over the rainbow and

your dreams are now coming true......all of your troubles have now melted away....

you are forever in our hearts

.....'On the Far Side of the Sky....Will Spread My Wings and Fly...'

Unanswered questions

Death is a topic that makes many of us uncomfortable. It brings us face to face with our own mortality. It causes us to stop and think about our views on what happens after death . It causes us to consider if we do in fact believe that when life leaves the body if that is all there is...The end. Finito.

Does the spirit live on after the body has ceased to give life??

Will we be reunited with my loved ones after death?

Will we in fact be able to communicate with them after my our body dies??

These are questions that have plagued mankind down through the ages.

And each of us addresses these questions and answers them according to our own beliefs.

Lives changed....forever

It is especially troubling when a loved one who is in the prime of ife dies suddenly no warning. Here in our arms, talking with us and holding us, joking with us, comforting us. And then without explanation they are gone.

And our lives are forever changed.

A whole series of events unfolds.

That is where I am right now. And while I have faced the death of loved ones before, `the death that I am grappling with this week has caused not only me but all of those who loved this young man to come to terms with this loss and to begin the grief process.

Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.

— Helen Keller

Recycling King

My recycling efforts had been fair I thought. However they did not even come close to those of my precious nephew. He recycled everything he possibly could. He would even cut boxes down to fit in the recycling bin so that they could be reused.

Plastic bottles and containers, bags, metal, whatever could be collected and recycled was done so by him. So now I cannot look at trash in the same way thinking that 'O, this is just a small piece of paper.'

I know he will be watching and reminding me to find a way to keep as many things out of the huge mountains of trash that are already trying to choke our planet.

Brilliant mind

My nephew had a way of seeing outside of the box long before that became a commonly used expression.

He would consider and formulate and come up with a plan, an idea, a viewpoint, or an explanation that would lead to a solution the rest of us may have come to at some point.... but probably not.

He was a brilliant mind.

Plain and simple. He had learned to access the far reaches of his brain that most of us leave untapped.

That did not make him in accessible however. He was perfectly able to communicate with us on our level but I do believe he was most comfortable lost in his thoughts considering and pondering the thoughts as the great thinkers who were on the planet before him had done.

This life not yet lived extinguished but ascended to a higher level of existence.

That's what heaven is. You get to make sense of your yesterdays

— Mitch Album

Computer issues anyone???

If any of us in the family (and many who were not) ever had an issue with our computers or had some mundane question about using the computer, he would stop and answer.

He would often use logmein to see what was awry in cyberland.

He worked from home to take care of whatever need those in the business world may have.

I do not use the following term in a cavalier manner. He was a some many ways on so many levels. And can I just say once again:

With his passing is a life not yet lived.

But he packed a whole lot of living into the years that he was among mortals.

Unselfishly giving

When I describe his nature some may think that I have enlarged him beyond reality after his death. Such is not the case.

He was a gentle spirit. A gentle soul who loved passionately and gave unselfishly of his time and himself (and in monetary ways when he was able).

He would go out of his way to help in any way he could…Even if it meant putting himself out for our needs. He would put our issues our needs before his.

He eagerly listened to our ramblings on any topic and made observations that let us know he had really been listening not just hearing our words.

He was a one-in-a-million kind of a young man...and he will be missed every minute of every day.


© 2013 Patricia Scott